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Streetgains| Santhosh Kumar V
Santhosh Kumar V | Founder | Streetgains

Registered at Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Streetgains is an equity and commodity advisory (Research) firm that Indian retail traders vouch for. After some initial teething problems, the trading firm learnt the nitty gritty of the stock market in a jiffy and has a huge loyal clientele that is only growing by the day Santhosh Kumar V, Founder of Streetgains shares the journey and future plans of the firm.

The inception

It was in 2015, I felt that the majority of Indian traders were facing an issue of advisory (Research) services, especially day traders. If there are companies that provide research services to the large category of traders, lack of trust among clients has been a major issue. Also, the service model was entirely different, whereas it depends on time like monthly, quarterly, or annually. This has led me to think about all new service processes called” Pay for Successful Trades” in the year 2016.

Services and Solutions

We focus both on equities and commodities. We have all services categorized based on the need of the trader. Call it as intraday, short term, swing, positions, value, or growth. We have all services including futures and options. The best is, “Pay for Successful Trades”, in this case, the services are dependent on the number of profitable research recommendations that we provide to every individual. Let say, a trader opts for 50 Trades plan, and during the service, there are Profits and Losses, in that case, the Service of 50 Trades is full of Profit trades. The loss trades, means the recommendations are not calculated in the service plan. In conclusion, it solves many of the issues like paying on monthly basis to pay for profitable recommendations only.

The Man and the Motivation

I am an Agriculture graduate. During my MBA-Finance, I came across the term called Stock Market. Until then I was aware only about agricultural markets. My family is of farming background. The thought process was very simple as I was born and brought up in the farm fields. That has allowed me to think about multiple cropping patterns. I was very keen on understanding graphs, basically price charts. I was very much impressed with Technical Analysis. Google as well as my post-graduation faculty helped to get deeper into the subject. Finally landed in financial markets with my interest. I keep reading a lot about the world economy and financial markets. Hopefully, through Streetgains I will bring all my thoughts into reality to help new and retail traders.

The Philosophy of Investment

Investing is not life, but it certainly gives a lifestyle. The world is on the edge of investments, name any asset class, we speak about it. Always invest with hard-earned money, especially after a considerable amount of savings. I like one of the best quotes I read – “If you don’t bet, you can’t win, if you lose all your chips, you can’t bet”- by Larry Hite, Market Wizards. Always keep investment simple and follow the discipline.

Awards and Recognition

  • Have been interviewed on Bloomberg TV (Indian), then named BTVi on multiple occasions about Markets and Technicals.
  • Active columnist – Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, Traders Magazine. Santhosh Kumar V Founder

Challenges in Sustaining Clientele

The main thing is funds to scale up. Could not get finances as many start-up companies do. The risk factor is the business deals with riskier assets called equities. And I never approached any banks on borrowing. The second, technology. Since I do not have a technical background, initially I felt it difficult to bring the latest technology to the extent required.

Surviving in the Digital Age

We are constantly working towards the trends in the market. The platforms that I am focusing on is of the kind for the next generation. It may not be an AI (Artificial Intelligence), but certainly a much-needed one for Indian investors. We would like to leverage on the new entrants into the investment field, focusing more on the younger generation. We would like to partner with financial media for the same.

Investing in Current Times

There is no right time than the situation right now that the entire world is into. I see growing numbers of new people entering into stock markets. It is the younger ones, who are constantly looking for either fulltime or a second source of income. This is a welcome change that has happened during COVID-19 economic difficulties.

Upgrading in Future

The focus will be on technology that brings lesser process to act upon any particular trade recommendations, call it as mobile devices, or on any other platforms. The trades must be quick and easy to place into the respective trading accounts.

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