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Pritkumar Kalavadia| Multibagger Stock Advisors
Pritkumar Kalavadia | Founder | CEO | Multibagger Stock Advisors

It is said in the world of stocks that what is comfortable, is rarely profitable. Most folks tend to think so and break their heads with books, newspapers, charts, and tables. They still go broke because the right advice never comes on time. However, this pain can be dodged effectively with the expert advice and consultation from Multibagger Stock Advisors.

It all began with Pritkumar Kalavadia, Founder and CEO. With a family dealing in financial products, stocks, markets, broking and matters monetary came naturally to him. That said, it was anything but easy, given that stocks and money-making come with their own share of hard-work, study, patience and perseverance, qualities which Pritkumar also wants his clients to have, if they are to make money on the markets.

Compounding, according to Albert Einstein, is the 8 wonder of the world. Seeing the power ULIPs held in his father’s business, Pritkumar got hooked to growth and compounding, which remain central to stocks and equities. Despite an intense liking, he had to do his share of intense study of the stock-market from every angle, be it product portfolios, financial statement, likely future trends, management’s reputation and attitude, and even their outlook towards the environment. Initially, it was all downhill before it dawned to him that there remains no alternative to intensive study, and today, that remains his main USP.

It was while he struggled to hone his skills at predicting stockmarket movements that he realized the worth of his study and what it meant to those who had the money to invest, the appetite to take risks and knowledge of profitable investment avenues. People, he realized have barely enough time to do any sort of fruitful study of the stock-markets, company financials, economic indicators, and related developments. Summing up his resources and a team, he decided to introduce his brand of services which would have the following USPs:

  • Intense study of stocks from every angle: Studying financials is a sound way to predict stock-market movements but not the only way. Prevailing economic situation versus company’s chances of survival, Management’s attitude and policies, Product-mix, and capacity to innovate and produce, attitude towards new tech development etc too matter.
  • Critical analysis of investor’s risk-versus-returns appetite: Investors invariably fall within two extremes. One with the money and very limited knowledge, and the other with all the knowledge but little resources. Pritkumar obviously prefers the former and gets them to recognize his worth early with solid and sustained financial results.
  • The “why” factor in investing: Experience has taught Pritkumar to look for reasons behind investments which he uses to provide the right services to his clients across their types and needs. According to him, investments typically are for the following reasons:
  • Value: Buy low-priced, wait, and sell when prices are right! Most folks try doing that. Only a few like Pritkumar have perfected it to get it right- EACH TIME. For that, he has a battery of sources to get critical information at the opportune time!
  • Fundamental: Buy stocks with strong fundamentals for the long run. He tells you where to look!
  • Growth: Buy stocks of companies whose products or services hold potential to generate strong earnings and higher stock prices in the future.
  • Sociallyresponsible: Buy stocks of companies whose values mirror that of the investor on issues like society, equality, environment etc.
  • Technical: Buy stocks solely on past data to uncover patterns in trading activity to base buying and selling decisions.
  • Not in it for the short-term: Pritkumar and Multibaggers are not in it for the short-term. With close to 2 decades of experience in the field, they have seen it all and in the interim, grown to be who they are today- a testimony to their ability to work hard and stick on thru thick and thin.

Pritkumar does have his share of grouses. Stocks as a field is not like Engineering or Medicines where qualifications get you an entry. And therein lies the problem. Anyone can enter it – though SEBI, the governing body has started to put its foot down.

Another area of concern according to Pritkumar is that of the digital platforms that try to replicate stockbrokers like him. With money hard to come by, he advices caution, discretion, and some research both of stocks and of those who appear as help. “Go with known entities BUT do your research all the same,” he says.

The current pandemic does seem to have taken the breath out of investing. The ever-positive stock-broker in Pritkumar begs to differ. According to him, an investor ought to:

  • Cut the noise and panic: Concentrate on sounds from the right sources only.
  • Focus on your financial goals: Pretty much be like your fingerprint, they ought to be customized exclusively to one’s choice and circumstances.
  • Review asset allocation: Financial assets differ in their responses to market situations. Constant review and allocation across class and investment style helps protect from significant ups and downs.
  • Ensure optimal diversification: With correct asset allocation comes the issue of optimal diversification across geographical regions and countries to reduce risks and improve the potential to clock optimal returns.
  • Review and rebalance portfolio: The performance of one’s overall investment portfolio weighs on the investment avenues held. In times like the present, a comprehensive portfolio review and rebalancing is a must.

“We want to become financial advisors with Registered Portfolio management service who want to deal mainly with the financial Independency of our clients”. A firm statement from Pritkumar sure sets the tone for their future engagement. With their path so clearly defined, you can expect a lot from Multibaggers in the future who plan to start an “SME Multibagger Stock advisory” services. Another area they plan to get into is relisting of healthy delisted scripts which trade at good premiums.

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