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Nitilesh Pawaskar| Stock Market Advisory
Nitilesh Pawaskar | Founder | Tanisha Share Market Academy

When Nitilesh Pawaskar started Tanisha Share Market Academy in 2014, he found it very difficult to work because people were afraid of the stock market. He recalls, “People here were looking at the stock market as just a gamble. The biggest challenge we faced was how to make people aware of the stock market. As a solution to this, we started holding free workshops on the stock market in which participants understood that it is not a gamble but a business.

Simplifying the market for the common man proved to be beneficial for Nitilesh and his academy. Soon, they succeeded in creating awareness among people about the stock market and since then his team has never looked back.

Stock Market Advisory Services

Nitilesh is a Technical Analyst who completed his MBA in Finance. He chose to work in the stock market as he believes that the stock market is the only field where all your dreams can come true if you study and work hard. ‘Study the chart and buy or sell shares based on it’. This is the message he always gives to the clients and students.

Nitilesh Pawaskar Stock Market Advisory is SEBI Registered and apart from creating awareness about the stock market, the team also provides advisory service for traders working in the stock market. They also provide intraday, positional plus investment calls and special calls in Nifty and bank Nifty. Nitilesh was recently awarded ‘Best Analyst and Advisor Award’ by Advisory Mandi and Trade and Gain Company. His investment philosophy reads “Invest more when everyone is scared and book profit when everyone is in greed.”

Overcoming Limitations

Investments and the trade market are always subject to risk. The field is directly related to profit and loss so Nitilesh and his team always knew that it was going to be a little difficult to get customers. Even in tough times, they did not resort to calling or messaging prospective clients to indirectly mount pressure on them to take their service. Instead, they let their work speak for them. “We knew that if we worked properly, our old customers would bring us new customers, so we focused on how to provide better and better service, and today we have customers,” adds Nitilesh.

Looking at the current market scenario, Nitilesh advises new investors not to invest all the money in the market, at the same time and in the same stock. He feels one should always work with risk management in the stock market. One should always have backup capital and use it when the market goes down.

Being there for More Clients

Nitilesh is already utilizing social media platforms to spread awareness and reach out to new clients as well as support the current and old ones. In the coming year, Tanisha Academy is planning to create a trading hub with maximum focus on training and advisory where all the traders will earn wealth together and 10% of the profit will be given to some needy people. At the same time, they also plan to conduct the classes online or offline all over the country so that all people can take advantage of it.

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