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Blockchain is an intriguing technology. It is often seen as the next big thing with varied applications. Bitcoin and Ethereum have already made a mark in the market and people want to know and explore more about the technology and how it can be applied in business.
Ajisree Pillai, Associate Director, Global Blockchain Foundation is one of those who are at the forefront of facilitating this emerging technology’s application in business. She started her career with an International Internship in Oman in 2014. She later pursued MBA from Symbiosis International University and was placed in the Global Blockchain Foundation as a research analyst. Thus began her association with blockchain. She was later promoted to Manager International Business and then on to the post of Associate Director, a position she currently holds.
Mission: Blockchain Community
Global Blockchain Foundation (GBF) is an international Non-Profit social enterprise. Its global vision is to build a sustainable blockchain community through international cooperation. The key initiatives of the Global Blockchain Foundation are:

  • iCognitive Global: To provide transparent business to uplift rural economy using emerging technologies.
  • Blockchain Investors Summit World Tour 2019
  • GBF Global Skill Initiative Program
  • GBF Global Industry Academia Connect Program
  • GBF Entrepreneurial Support Initiative

GBF’s core vision is to build a thriving blockchain community. It is a research-driven organization which ensures to give a platform to blockchain enthusiasts who are just as passionate about the future of the industry. This has translated into blockchain summits experiencing a boom over the past few years. What makes GBF different as an organization is a fact that it focuses on bringing the quality of people on board and helping startups come to the forefront with their ideas and innovations.
Growing with the Technology
Ajisree currently also works with iCognitive Global, the world’s first blockchain & AI based Agri e-market Place, as a Senior Research Analyst.  She deems her journey towards blockchain as a memorable one allowing her to meet some of the thoughtful industry leaders, Government Delegates and Blockchain Enthusiast around the globe. She has had a front row seat to some of the most remarkable real-time use-cases and practical demonstrations of Blockchain in the corporate world. Her new role has her excited to see both herself and the company explore new solutions for blockchain applications.
For Ajisree, work ethics is nothing but Integrity, discipline & time management, and that it should permeate every aspect of one’s job. Success is what motivates her to do a good job.  She says, “Knowing the fact that my hard work and perseverance will help me achieve greater professional success is what keeps me going. Mr Pankajj P Ghode and Mr Praneet Kumar play a huge role in my success since they taught me the true meaning of leadership and professionalism.”
The Indian Aspect
Ajisree believes that for India, blockchain technology offers numerous opportunities across many sectors. She points out to the fact that a few states have joined hands with blockchain startups established abroad to study the implementation of the technology in various sectors. There needs to be massive awareness about this technology but currently, there is a severe lack of talent to build relevant solutions that address real-world problems. She also shares a few use cases in India where blockchain has a huge potential in the near future:

  • Banking and Finance
  • AgriTech
  • Telecom
  • Voting
  • Healthcare etc

Ajisree also adds that the central government and central banks want to promote blockchain projects but not crypto-currencies and initial coin offerings. She says, “As the saying goes ‘It’s hard to love blockchain and hate crypto’, I hope things change for the better soon. Our leaders should soon realize the immense financial and operational implications that Blockchain brings to the table.”
For the young who are keen on building a career in blockchain, Ajisree cautions that it is not an easy path. Because, the adoption and integration of the technology are still in the primary stages, demand for people with blockchain skills is more than the supply. She advises them saying, “I believe if you spend the right amount of time online and learn from the relevant resources, you can get a better understanding of the technology & its use cases in several ecosystems. If you are looking to nurture a blockchain career as an entrepreneur, you need to focus on the real time problems and needs of the blockchain community.”
Achieving Milestones – Together!
Ever since she joined GBF, it has been a steep learning curve for her. Through hard work, right kind of support and her aptitude to take on challenges, she has quickly marched her way forward to managing Investor relations and International Business from a research analyst. She has been a part of the immense growth in the past 2 years.  With iCognitve Global the landscape has grown even wider. The focus is now transforming the roots of global rural economy by integrating the entire Agri- value chain through the digital co-operative platform by harnessing emerging technologies. She looks forward to being a crucial ingredient that helps GBF achieve its vision of establishing a global community.

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