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Anjali S Associate Vice President KnackForge | Ambitious women in tech | Business magazine in India

Gone are the days, when women were considered fit only for managing the household activities. The new generation women across the world have overcome all negative notions and proved themselves in all spheres of life including the most intricate world of business. India is blessed with its own pool of ambitious women who are making splashes in the business world.
Anjali S is one such business women who bring in years of acumen and professionalism in the business. With around fifteen years of experience, Anjali is the Associate Vice President of KnackForge spearheading operations of the company. Her expertise is in HR, organizational development and people management.
 The Professional Highlights
Anjali completed her Master’s Degree in Human Resources from one of the premier (Tier II) B-school situated in India. Later, she started working at Bengaluru with a Recruitment Consultancy firm in recruitment space. She grew from recruiting employee to managing entire administration of the company; Anjali has successfully worked on challenging assignment with extreme dedication and people skill.
She is certified in data analytics, Certified Learning & development professional who understands process & technology to the core. She is dedicated to bring in the best work environment for KnackForge.
About KnackForge
KnackForge is growing Information Technology Company developing software and applications for its clients. Through its unique blend of top talent, the company provides true partnership for application development. One of the core differentiations that set KnackForge different from other Companies is its ‘People Centric’ base. And in the technology space where Angular and PHP are core development platforms. It has AWS Cloud-based application development and maintenance.
The company has an open culture and open seating arrangement. This helps KnackForgians to reach out to different teams and understand every individual. By embracing technology, valuing people, and creating innovative processes, Anjali handles all the operation at ease.
“We welcome new members who have the passion to write software and build new applications. We work as a team and help our members enjoy what they do”, Says Anjali. The company stands out in the business world on account of its approach towards employees and clients. “If we take care of our employees, they will take care of our clients; hence we keep building our members professional and technical skills”, Adds Anjali.
Some Valuable Insights from Anjali’s Desk
Anjali believes in continues learning throughout life. Whether it is working with the CEO, President, Anjali has come a long way in exploring the business world. She believes that the greatest impact of anyone’s success is one’s relationship with the people. She also believes that integrity is one most important ingredients of trust which have helped Anjali to achieve success.  Anjali Says, “Attaining trust wasn’t easy and quick. It came with a simple formula: Results + Integrity + Concern = Level of Trust which I kept being conscious about”
Anjali has been mainly involved in setting up the new office infrastructure at the IT Park. Change in organization structure, reach out to professionals, retain employee, building trust, and creating intentional leaders for tomorrow are some of the challenges that she takes up as opportunities.
Anjali is backed by great professional leaders who helped her to grow as a successful leader and that has shaped her management skills.  Her people skills are highly appreciating.  “My principles at work have been very simple and straight forward. Treat people the way they want to be treated and help people to grow. Give respect to people and always be conscious of my behavior keep it easy and powerful. The emphasis has been on how soon the work is done and what quality results are there” says Anjali.
Words of Wisdom
Transparency, clear communication, and focus are three strong pillars that helped her to grow in life. Anjali advises the budding entrepreneurs, whether it’s professional or personal life, always stay updated with current trends. “Grow your skills and have certification in numerous fields as it will definitely help you to grow in your career. Do what is right, Develop intentional leaders, celebrate and care for people, are some of the key mantras that will drive you ahead”, says Anjali.
Holding a responsibility by being grounded, managing different people, having the ability to tolerate criticism, and keeping a watchful eye are some of the things that always motivate her to opt for the best.
“My motivational tool is taking the ownership and having the full access to drive the show Transparency and clear communication with my President and CEO is my success”, Says Anjali.
Future Ahead
Anjali sees KnackForge as a top technology listed company with a strong focus on AWS platform to support clients. Progressing forward with a positive approach, Anjali along with her team will surely build strong technical leaders alongside creating a learning environment for the betterment of the masses.

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