Amura: Transforming the Digital Marketing landscape in India with a Marketing Engineered approach

In today’s digital age, it is imperative to possess an online presence aside from the sort and size of one’s business. Those businesses that are not keeping pace with the changing times are probably missing out many potential customers.
Amura Marketing Technologies is a trailblazer in digital marketing which was founded in 2010 by a team of exceptionally talented entrepreneurs. Vikram Kotnis, a serial entrepreneur, introduced Ketan Sabnis, Vinayak Katkar, Pratik Rokade and Kiran Narasareddy, who were working for Fortune 500 companies, to entrepreneurship. Together, these College of Engineering, Pune, graduates founded this fastest growing digital marketing firm.
Key Values to Overcome Roadblocks
Educating clients about the benefits of digital medium was one of the early challenges for Amura. Limited use of technology in real estate industry didn’t help them either and meant like they had very limited marketing budgets. With no visibility into the client’s sales analytics meant they always faced a pushback saying digital doesn’t work. However, this led Amura to build a comprehensive sales and marketing automation platform ‘Sell.Do’, thereby connecting Sales & Marketing functions. Their keen and deep understanding of technology coupled with their talented team helped them to overcome these roadblocks.
Strategy behind Amura
Amura’s business strategies are technology driven marketing approach which was not seen in India, like engineering solutions to marketing problems and in-house technology solutions for marketing, sales and advertising automation. They also work on developing solutions for industries and never worked like an agency purely on campaigns. They have strong processes and internal collaboration platform for creative, technology and marketing teams to work with. On the whole, Amura is the only marketing company with a team of over 200+ having backgrounds including tech, analytics, marketing, creativity, graphics, content, app development etc.
Services Amura Proffers
Amura offers end to end digital marketing solutions to all their clients. They build technology solutions to help companies manage their presence across digital platforms, using algorithm based-approach to buy digital media ad space and analyses as well as optimize marketing campaigns in real time. Amura calls its approach ‘Marketing Engineered’, which is about finding engineering (technology) solutions to marketing problems.
Service to Showcase
Amura offers product ‘Sell.Do’ – a sales & marketing automation platform which helps companies/ marketers track a customer journey right from first ad impression to purchase – tracking the ad interactions (which communications were shown to a user, etc.), website interactions (browsing pattern, history, enquiry, etc.), sales interactions (calls, chats, emails, brochures), offline interactions (store visits, etc.) until the final purchase. Additionally, Sell.Do is a platform to collate sales and marketing data and run analytics, predictive analytics and draw insightful reports. It ensures a 100% lead capture (with no lead loss), automated tracking of enquiries across online and offline campaigns, channel partners, affiliate portals, etc. With lead segmentation and marketing automation; Sell.Do  customers can easily automate most of the lead nurturing activities; allowing sales teams to focus on closing qualified deals. With built-in cloud telephony, chat, email & SMS integrations; it’s easier for their customers to improve their lead response times.
With Amura’s advertising cloud offering (currently in Real Estate Beta), SMEs just define their product offering while the system analyses past campaign data to define the possible media (Google, FB, DoubleClick, Taboola), understand the target geographies, set up multiple versions of ad communications, run A/B tests on ad & web communication, automate all the tracking and reporting. It goes further and understands your campaign goal (lead generation, outreach, optimized for higher velocity of end closures); to drive the right traffic and optimize your spends. With the advertising cloud, companies can leverage full power of their marketing and sales data; without getting deep understanding of all the ad technologies.
Future Outlook
Having fairly established themselves as the market leaders in Real Estate sector, they are looking to expand their foothold in the other sectors, with focus areas being pharma, BFSI, education, e-commerce etc. They are also building an advertising cloud offering that aims to add business intelligence and automation to reduce the time to go live for digital campaigns. Also, they are building the platform on top of Google, FB and other content marketing platforms; which means they are leveraging their algorithms and improving on the campaign setup, creative optimization, and better analytics to optimize ads, media and landing pages. Also SMEs are a big focus area for them.

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