Bee Online: Go Digital!

Today, Digital Marketing is no longer an option for business, but a necessity. Digital marketing is often perceived as a value addition to the marketing plan whereas; it is the core of the marketing strategy. Now, in the social era, it has never been so easy to express an opinion. But in reality, the digital world is becoming a platform where your consumers and employees spend a major part of their time. People are always connected to it through their devices; accessing emails, connecting or interacting on social media, reading the news, or simply viewing viral videos.
With constant technological innovation, organizations face challenges in reaching out and engaging with their audiences. But Mumbai based Bee Online Company’s digital marketing services combine advanced technology, inbound marketing offerings, and innovative content strategies to help clients reach their target market and increase leads. They have a better understanding of audience and market compared to standalone digital marketing agencies.
Bee Online have combined traditional, digital & social techniques & helped more than 1200 brands to flourish online. Typically, they cater everything right from Search, Social, Affiliate to Website Development, Software Development, and Mobile Apps. In 2015, they aligned PR in their beehive too. Make their client’s sales a lot more profitable is their key feature. Bee Online does their job seriously while following strict development processes. Client’s satisfaction is their main motive as they don’t proceed further in the project until client is really satisfied with each step of development process.
The Artisan Behind
Drawn from deep expertise and leverage, Hiren Joshi, CEO & Co-founder of Bee Online established the company into a 360 degree digital activation company that integrates compelling content with the latest technology and emerging platforms to achieve better results. His vast experience of 7 years proves him to be a good enterpriser as he knows how to run effective and successful business. Till now Hiren has helped 500+ brands to create buzz online and to grow their business online. He has worked for brand’s like Philips, Baskin Robbins, Sahara India Pariwar, Faasos, Quikr, Starbucks to name a few. He has been a consultant for more than 200 clients. His core adjectives includes; a good planner, strategist, leader. Hiren is totally dedicated towards what he does and is passionate about his work too.
Being a modest personality, he takes care of everyone in the company on a personal level (even of the sweeper). Making people happy by doing little gestures & appreciating them for the work they do is the best thing about him. His day never ends until and unless he has made someone smile in that particular day. Although he isn’t available for most of the time in office due to his power-packed calendar but whenever he is there, he makes his presence felt.
Sharing his company’s unique thing that is served along with rest of the services is their PHD model to each client they cater with: Passionate (P) – Whether it’s about making a website or making a cake they do it with passion, Hardworking (H)- Always complete their tasks on deadline. Sometimes they try to deliver before the deadline and Dynamic (D)-You can expect a lot from their Project managers. He can even help you to make your smartphone run faster.
Depicting prudence of personal experience with young startup entrepreneurs, Hiren asserts diligently, “I would like to say that they should not have “preoccupied brains” and should always take decisions basis the situation as against what they had pre-decided and should have a “can do” attitude even at bad times which I feel is missing among the young entrepreneurs. Also, he/she must try to gauge the current levels of the company & basis that should be able to define future milestones of the company
Moreover, whether it’s Sunday or any holiday Bee Online is always there for their client when they need them. Also, treating their team as a family helps them in going towards next levels. As far as competitors are concerned, Bee Online believes they themselves are their biggest competitor as they keep challenging themselves to achieve the projected benchmarks.
Foreseeing the Future
Bee Online had a vision right from the start to support Mr. Narendra Modi’s “Digital India” mission. Being inspired with the mission they decided to make digital marketing accessible and affordable to all business segments. So the ideology is simple, “Bigger Results with small invoices”.
The future is a murky world. A good way to make sense of it and give structure your thinking towards planning for different eventualities is to think about different scenarios. To have one stop solution company where the client feels comfortable to outsource the complete AOR package with dedicated account manager is definitely a good idea. And the digital marketing industry has an unimaginable future as the graph of emerging startups and Digital India is going to be in the bullish phase in the coming years.

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