Jazzap Digital: Anything and Everything Online

With the evolution of modern technology, digital media is constantly in an ebb and flow of change. The things that were relevant to us a year ago are now considered obsolete. And in such a fluctuating market, marketers should keep up with these changes and stay on the cusp of the next “big” shift in digital media. Evolution is a natural part of any thriving industry, but even in the digital era, few can rival the speed at which marketing has continued to change — adding new capabilities, platforms and best practices. Mentioning the achiever following these practices, Jazzap Digital, is a 360 degree online marketing agency based in Mumbai that provides online/digital marketing services all over.
The team at Jazzap Digital is fanatically crazy for what they do and is known for the passion for their work. They are a fast growing team of young digital marketing professionals, ready to swiftly take on every challenge brought to them. Jazzap Digital constitutes to be an innovation obsessed group of people that crafts wonders for their clients. If you don’t believe them, come join them in a weekly Wednesday session discussing about the new trends and ideas in digital industry. And this is one of the various activities that they do to keep their culture and growth going. The team at Jazzap Digital can be only defined with the term “Digital Enthusiast”. Whilst they’re at work, they’re keenly, passionately, insanely, frantically and crazily in love with everything they do as “Work is Worship” for them.
Pioneers Behind Jazzap
Under the leadership of visionary Co-founders, Ali Shaikh and Zohair Shaikh, Jazzap was established. Born and brought up in a business background (renowned heritage footwear manufacturers) Ali always had the flare of business from childhood. The penchant for technology brought him into digital marketing and now he has an experience of 5 years. Zohair belongs to a working background. He started working with the digital marketing agency in the first year of college and since then he has hung on to it. Having an experience more than of 7 years in digital marketing he has worked with one of the biggest names in the country.
While explaining this in one statement, Jazzap’s motto is “Anything and Everything Online”. But in detail, they do Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Logo Design, PR & Online Reputation Management, Web Development, Mobile Application Development, UI/UX, Software Development, Graphic Designing, Lead Generation, Launch Activations, Influencers Meet up, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Video Creation and Marketing and many more. Jazzap Digital enjoys working with fun brands and is extremely proud and exceptional to have worked with Mahindra Insurance Brokers, Urban Ladder, Oster India, Majestic MRSS, MRSS INDIA, AtoZ Home Furnishing, Minawala Jewellers, Dubai Festival In Mumbai, Neptune Builders and Developers, 3M Car Care Mulund, Juicy Jelly, Nargis Dutt Foundation, Cuff and Button, Balzo, SJ Promaan, Parcel Express, Queens Emporium, smart and many more.
Jazzap’s Strategy
Jazzap believes in maintaining transparency in business with clients at all levels and it’s their culture to push their limits to the last extent to provide solutions for the clients. They have created a niche brand for them and at times, Jazzap selects the clients they want to work with and ensure to build a lifelong relationship with those clients. Everybody likes a little bit of extra and they are an agency who believes in giving that ‘extra’ to clients. In short, their culture is what defines them.
Digital marketing industry is obviously growing at a very fast pace globally. Evolution is that bug that doesn’t allow you sleep whole night till you come up with an answer to beat it; and that is how they are growing and finding their way out of every situation. The nice thing is that Jazzap Digital that they believe in consulting ideas and issues with each and every member of the team, even the clerks. They also believe in educating the clients who are not aware of certain things in digital marketing.
Industry as Jazzap Foresee
Things are growing and newer technologies are coming ahead. With newer technologies new platforms for marketing will appear. Jazzap believes this to be the onset of digital era. The possibilities of evolving digital marketing technologies are immense and that’s what excites them. Jazzap will get to learn more and offer more to clients. Five years from now, Jazzap will set up its base in two different countries at least and the idea of serving clients from various cultures and geography makes Jazzap look forward to future.

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