dotConverse: A Specialized Marketing Agency Reinforced by Strategy & Analytics

In today’s modern era, web-savvy smartphone junkies are generally spending more time online than reading magazines and watching TV. These radical changes in consumer behavior are affecting the marketing strategy, and ultimately bringing the ways about the convergence of direct marketing & mass marketing. At the same time, with diverse digital touch points digital marketing is gaining popularity across the customer base in a cost-effective way to improve customer connect.
With focused and strategic thought-process and camaraderie, dotConverse was founded in October 2012, in Delhi NCR. The company was started with with just one client, and a vision to provide outstanding services in social media & digital space and some desperation mixed with brimming confidence to do great work and grow large. It took them a little more than 2 years perhaps to grow to working with over 2 dozen clients, win an award and multiply their earnings by 15X.
dotConverse  services include End to end social media marketing, 360 degree Paid marketing through search, social, email and retargeting.
They are providing Content creation and propagation in various formats like Blog, Videos, Infographics, Slideshows, Cartoon Strips etc.
In addition, the company provides Online PR, Webinar marketing and creation, Online Reputation Management, Website, Landing Pages, eMailer designs, Mobile App Store optimization, Analytics & Audit, and UI design & implementation.
Saurabh Pandey, High-Flyer of dotConverse
Saurabh Pandey, Founder & CEO of dotConverse, has more than a decade of experience in Media, Technology and Telecom companies like Google, Bharti Airtel and Ibibo Group. Prior to starting dotConverse, he was working as a Chief Operating Officer at OLX India. Saurabh Pandey is also one of the top 5 writers in the world on Quora on the subject of Online Marketplaces and Classifieds.
dotConverse works like a global big 5 consulting agency, like KPMG.  The company focuses a lot on analytics and metrics, which differentiates them from their peers in the race of competition. The company offer end to end services- strategy to execution and management and results.
“Since we live in a real time world now, conversations over social and mobile platforms are the key to an effective marketing practice for any brand,” asserts Saurabh. dotConverse works like a bespoke agency – crafting a unique strategy for each brand that it works with so that the brand occupies a unique space on social and digital platforms.
Idea behind dotConverse
Saurabh was a passionate blogger, and he had started writing blogs on digital marketing in 2008. He posted his blogs to create engagement and impact in digital and social space. As a result, he received various queries from marketers seeking for valuable advice to their business. One of them, Namrata Dhar, former marketing head of Heidelberg heard about Saurabh that he was contemplating on starting a social media and digital agency, and she asked him to handle her company’s Indian account. Which became a turning point for Saurabh in his entrepreneurship journey with his venture dotConverse – a specialized social media and digital marketing agency reinforced by strategy and analytics.
Research and Thought Process
dotConverse believes that the research and thought process led strategy for a brand, which is very critical. The company devotes a lot of time in creating the right content and interaction strategy. Also, they are passionate about analytics and metrics.
dotConverse  has a dashboard that tells their clients not only how good are they doing in terms of reach and engagement, but also how are they benchmarked against the competition. They review their plans on a regular basis and work every quarter and transition to the next level of execution, which  helps their clients stay put on a leading position and helps dotConverse in winning their trust for long term business relationship.
dotConverse provides their clients with strategic consulting support for their product, also provide strategy and marketing supplemented with the best-in-class execution. The company is recognized as one of the very few agencies in India who have an expertise in Social & Branding as well as Performance Marketing. Their clients get a global class strategic support coupled with branding and performance execution. Most of the clients of dotConverse are engaged with them more than 2 years now.
dotConverse started as a pure-play social media agency, however, has graduated in doing cutting edge work in areas like Explainer Videos, Blog writing and management, Research & Presentations, Video Surveys & Testimonials, Paid Marketing.
dotConverse won an award by VIT Chennai and Think Media Inc. in 2014, for outstanding social media campaign of the year and got nominated as one of the Top 20 Digital agencies to watch for in 2015.
Today, dotConverse is delighted to work with top of the line clients in various categories like: Carl Zeiss, Heidelberg, Sehwag International School, Sehwag Cricket Academy, IIFL Realty, Resurgent India, MindBox, Tyrone Systems, just name a few.
The company has an opportunity to cross-sell their various products to each of these large clients as well as win other players in various verticals. The company visualizes themselves with a very fast-paced growth in the coming future.

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