Ittisa: Future Ruler of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing today, has become a vast arena which continues to expand rapidly. Your company needs to formulate its digital marketing strategy carefully before jumping onto the next big trend that becomes hot. Digital Marketing is all about driving the right audience to your website. In the digital era, if you don’t think of your online brand image, you are at huge loss. Digital marketing done with right strategy and tools can help increase your online reach at great pace.
Digital marketing plans do not work by fluke. A marketer under that impression might get a few lifts here and there. A digital marketing strategy needs to be a practical, actionable design that has the potential to take your brand to the next level. Ittisa is one such growing Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore that focuses on Design, Digital & Analytics along with Technology.
Ittisa is the first ever ‘all girls’ Digital Media agency. Founded in June of 2014, Ittisa aims to rule the creative world with its highly creative and passionate team. It provides a platform for women to pursue their ambitions while getting an equal opportunity in workspace. At Ittisa, there is a unique captivating mix of innovative ideas, diligence and the right sprinkle of creativity!
Ittisa’s objective is to make clients create a mark in the digital space with crisp strategy, excellent designs & great content. They utilize the advertising space to help businesses ease into the list of the most easily recognizable brands. All their projects are creatively inspired and technically & analytically empowered.
Debonista behind this girl’s gang of digital media agency is Sneh Sharma, Founder & CEO at Ittisa. Sneh jumped in the digital arena young, at 19 she got an opportunity to work for a web product start-up in Bangalore. This marked the beginning of her professional journey. From then onwards she has worked with a number of digital marketing start-ups and multinationals, developing a strong understanding about the industry and what works and what doesn’t in the space of Digital Media Marketing.
When Sneh was 23, she co- founded a digital marketing firm, building it as a nextGen Media Agency with a perfect blend of Creativity, Technology and Analytics. Sneh is known for her creativity, objectivity and relentless pursuit of perfection. She has envisioned and implemented numerous successful campaigns and helped devise Promotional and ORM-focused Digital Media strategies for clients worldwide. Her burning desire to be the best and a ‘never take no for an answer’ approach have earned her the respect of her clients and her team alike.
Her passion for the Social Media started early from her college days. Having worked her way through college, she developed a strong understanding about the digital space and along with that, a keen sense of what works and what doesn’t in the space of Digital Media Marketing.
Now, two years later, here she is, after setting-up her own team of first ever ‘girls only’ Digital Media Agency. Sneh and Ittisa, within a very short span of 2 years, have grown to be better known as the ‘Avengers of Brand Management’. They are truly fortunate to have on-board some of the major names in the industry such as such as ITC, Vijaya Bank, Airtel, Hyatt hotels, Emami, the biggest African conglomerate Mara Mentor to name one from their growing list of clientèle. Sneh has handled clients such as, Schneider Electric, ICICI Fellows, Tuborg, Tata Building India, Bajaj etc.
Recently, Ittisa partnered with and is looking forward to change the trajectory of women workers and create a better world for everyone. Ittisa doesn’t on-board clients but it onboard partners. It never works like an agency instead works like an extended marketing team of its clients. Ittisa’s this approach helps it to build deeper and stronger relationships with clients.
Additionally, Ittisa is always mindful about the client’s end goal and that’s where it adds value to the entire business. Ittisa is doubling in its size year on year; clients love Ittisa for the work it delivers. And it’s all because of its team members, who are continuously working for their company’s growth. Future is also exciting as this Indian chain Ittisa is expanding outside India and is going beyond digital in its offerings.
As the Industry is also certain to grow by leaps & bounds in the coming years, Ittisa too will experience the same. Since, the journey has been highly eventful so far, it expects nothing less for the future and Sneh & her team handle anything thrown at them head on. Ittisa wants to make sure that it stays on its path of doing some amazing work while keeping it edgy and creative.
“We love the work we do here because we adore the Digital world and we know that our ideas & strategies make a difference”

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