Fruitbowl Digital: The Perfectly Fresh Detox for Your Brand

In today’s rapidly changing digital world, every company wants to be better. As digital media is dynamic in nature, we need to stay updated with the ever-changing platforms and everything that comes our way.
Stressing on the motto ‘Survival of the Freshest’, Fruitbowl Digital was established in 2010, and has worked with over 300 clients including some of the most reputed brands of the country. The company continually strives to provide the best digital marketing solutions.
Fruitbowl Digital is a full service Advertising Media Agency with a digital first approach and provides services like – Branding & Communication, Research & Strategy, Social Media, Production & Design, Digital Media Planning, Integrated Marketing, Mobile Apps, Online Reputation Management, CRM and Email Marketing, Web Interface Development.
Fruitbowl Digital boasts of a team of 100+ people spread across 6 locations, this talented team full of creators, doers, organizers and overall spirits of pure enthusiasm, represents Fruitbowl Digital among 1200+ agencies to the top 10 in a span of 6 years. The company feels lucky to create something beautiful and unique almost every other day, build brands and design websites for talented people from all around the world.
Faisal Amin, Co-founder of Fruitbowl carved his way as a Young Turk in an industry full of veterans. Realizing the fact that decision-making processes in big places had been often a tedious process, Faisal aimed to find ways to do cutting-edge work even in the face of such scenarios. Cutting out unwarranted time on discussions and meetings, he focused more on getting result oriented decisions with low time slack, which resulted in Fruitbowl Digital, putting out the freshest campaigns, media strategies and solutions. Faisal has been featured in the list of Top 50 Digital Marketing Professionals in India, including the many other recognition and awards won by Fruitbowl and the team.
Dedeepya Reddy, Co-founder of Fruitbowl, pursued her integrated MBA in e-commerce, she envisioned a future in an e-commerce ecosystem when people were not even aware about it. A dynamic leader, she was quick in finding her calling and rose to be her own boss. With the desire to create something beautiful, Dedeepya(DeeDee) along with Co-founder Faisal Amin setup Fruitbowl, formed to create fruitful and engaging experiences for brands to bring them closer to their audiences.
At Fruitbowl Digital, DeeDee acts as an anchor and guide to her employees. She actively initiates and engages the talent pool in brainstorming sessions and discussions, often becoming the source of inspiration for great ideas. As Head of Strategy & Media, DeeDee is responsible for devising the most foolproof plans and blueprints in order to provide clients services that are worth their buck.
Compelling ideas come from those visionaries, who make their brand unique from all others. Dilip Jain, Group Account director; Rajdeep Patil & Marcos Wylde, Creative Heads; Brijesh Solanki, Marketing Head; are the most responsible persons for fetching success to Fruitbowl.
Fruitbowl Digital, Unified Business Solution Provider
Fruitbowl Digital is growing each year. The basic idea is to partner with clients as a unified business solution provider because they believe when an agency is not associated with their clients, they may lose interest in the future and hence they may not be able to perform their best but they have retained the central idea for about 7 years now.
Fruitbowl’s dexterity to understand what is good, tenacity to strive for better and their perseverance to settle only for the best, sets them apart from the squash of digital agencies. They are in a constant pursuit of acquiring the better perception in order to shape the most unique experiences for their brands and their customers. Fruitbowl’s brand management theory postulates establishing strong interpersonal relations with clients, to acquire a substantial understanding of what they want, so as to give them what they need.
In Sync with Creativity and Strategic Thinking
The company is not money driven, but gives priority to their clients and for that they have passionate teams, who are zealous towards their work.
“We believe in providing a multitude of creative strategies that are beneficial to the client after an extensive research & systematic work process,”says Faisal.
Fruitbowl help to increase their clients reach with kickass communication, help them with branding and product awareness, provide a better and fresher outlook and help in strengthening their ROI.
Fruitbowl Digital has had the privilege to work with some of the most sought after brands of the country like – TATA Group, BMW, Mahindra, Reliance Group, Zodiac, Jain Irrigation, Vadilal, etc. and expecting to grow in other countries such as Dubai. The company helps startups like Utopian Media to grow and nurture with their set of skills that they can use for them, along with helping non-marketing startups to expand their portfolio. Setting up their own startups for B2C is also their agenda.
Fruitbowl’s young, talented and passionate workforce pushes towards realizing objectives in a creatively infused, free flowing environment – where ideas spawn and bounce from every direction. The synchronization between the various creative and strategic departments of Fruitbowl Digital plays a major role in the still formulating success story of the company.
Top Management:
Dedeepya Reddy & Faisal Amin Co-founders
Dilip Jain, Group Account director
Rajdeep Patil & Marcos Wylde, Creative Heads
Brijesh Solanki, Marketing Head

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