Arcserve: The Ultimate Data Protection Solution

Today organizations are spending a lot of money, time and efforts on Data Protection. It is crucially important for companies to meet customer expectations maintain high level of productivity, refrain from financial loss, as well as comply regulatory requirements. There are solutions in the market that are easy to use, cost-efficient and allow businesses to achieve enterprise-grade protection without the complexity associated with enterprise solutions, such as Arcserve.
Arcserve is the largest global “start-up” in the data protection market, with double-digit growth across all the regions. Arcserve offers an enterprise-grade data protection solution suite that can be deployed as software, appliances or the cloud. Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) is a data backup and recovery solution that leverages multiple technologies and can protect physical and virtual environments alike.
Arcserve, Unified Architecture
Underneath its simplicity of design and ease-of-use, Arcserve UDP is enriched with high-performance data availability technologies that make managing complex data truly effortless. Its agnostic architecture allows you to protect to and from any target, with instant VM recovery and virtual standby, enterprise storage array snapshot support, variable block, source-side deduplication and instant bare metal restore—to name a few.
Unified Architecture offered by Arcserve keeps no room to purchase siloed products, which enables users to have a ‘future-proof’ backup and recovery requirements. UDP is easy to use and managed from a single pane of glass. Some of the important features they are having are- Unified management console for all data protection needs, Easy to use, True global deduplication, Very flexible yet powerful data protection and availability plans, Agentless backup for VMware & Hyper-V (Windows & Linux VMs), Support for physical systems (Windows & Linux), Built-in replication & high availability, Support for Instant VM and Virtual Standby, Migration of disk images to tape, with granular restore from disk or tape and On-premise, off-premise or in the cloud.
Arcserve appliance runs the UDP software and is fully interoperable with any other instance of UDP, whether an appliance, an instance in the cloud or a server. With built-in replication and global source-side deduplication, customers can easily deploy the appliance solution through set up wizards and essentially a one-stop shopping experience since the appliance comes pre-configured with the storage, compute, software, licenses, network cards, etc. This results in operational efficiencies and great time-saving to value.
Arcserve’s host-Based/Agentless Backup Proxy is an architectural element based upon technology enables a single-pass backup of all Windows and Non-Windows VMs, without the need to install software agents on each VM.
For Microsoft Hyper-V environments, UDP introduces a new changed block tracking mechanism that tracks changes to the VM’s virtual disks. With changed block tracking, only the changed or used blocks of each virtual disk are actually read, which improves performance significantly, as well as reducing overall storage requirements. In addition, Arcserve UDP leverages VSS snapshot technology to help ensure file system and application consistent backups. The resulting backup session format is identical to UDP client backups and host-based backup of VMware VMs.
Migrations often introduces operational challenges and complexity in execution. By the virtue of what we do, we can literally migrate systems and their associated data across hypervisors or from physical to virtual. Arcserve can also recover system to dissimilar hardware. The main benefits go far beyond just migration of data and systems, it’s really about being able to deliver data protection service levels across the organization. With Arcserve UDP and its high availability and hypervisor support capabilities, many permutations are available whether you are conducting migrations in house or as a service provider.
Nikhil Korgaonkar, Regional Sales Director, India & SAARC, Arcserve
Nikhil Korgaonkar, Regional Sales Director India & SAARC, Arcserve is an Instrumentation Engineer & MBA Marketing, has more than 16 years’ experience working with Global MNCs like DHL, Dell India, Symantec & Veritas. A tenured leader, Nikhil has extensively worked with customers in entrepreneurial roles & partner ecosystem on national level. Having worked in Information Management space in earlier assignments, he is geared up to take Arcserve to its full potential in India & SAARC region.
While explaining about the future plans of the company, Nikhil  says, “Arcserve has launched UDP appliances and a DRaaS service in some markets globally and we are working hard to bring them to India. There a number of adjacent technologies we are actively working on and you can expect to see us adding capabilities combined with simplicity on a regular basis as we increase our market penetration.”
With a technology that is clearly a tremendous source of differentiation, Arcserve’s architecture proved to be the most modern in the market today. “All the credit of Arcserve’s great success goes to our team”, adds Nikhil. “It is the team that brings it together: we have a great set of experienced leaders and very savvy employees across the organization.”

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