BookingJini: Redefining Hotel Technology Solutions

BookingJini is Technology Company offering complete spectrum of technology solutions to the hotel industry. The company was formed in May 2016 by group of young entrepreneurs and innovators who were constantly thinking out of the box to enable hotels to increase their productivity and thereby increase sales. They provide SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) solutions to hotels and offer products like iBooking Engine, Channel manager, Digital marketing services, Analytic tools, Mobile App under one roof which resolve major pain points for hoteliers and streamlines processes.
BookingJini believes analytics and guest tracking is a key factor in today’s competition. Their analytics and revenue manager worked together to ensure the website lookers are converted into bookers. With real-time offers and real-time hand holding, the team will increase the conversion rate and enhances the bottom-line of the hotel.
Sibasish Mishra, CEO & Founder has tremendous Sales acumen and deep understanding of customer culture.Having experience in sales and development for 15 years across financial and technology products he came up with the idea to ease the way hotels productivity is and ultimately aiding them to increase their Online Revenue. Being always clear in vision, direction and strategy, he knew how to sew all these factors together to have successful and growing company.
In past, his team has successfully implemented E-Governance solution with one of the State Tourism Dept. and seen the revenue increase by 300%. This strong proof of concept paved way for BookingJini.
Sibasish believes in growth of all his associates. He has tremendous knowledge of handling people & maintaining productive relationship with them. He is a man of wisdom. Humility and Pro-active drive are his key qualities.
The way company’s culture being set and Sibasish gets work done with his team, everyone is profoundly attached to the company and he has created great place so that people can give their best at that place which is commendable. Team-building is another thing which he always considers.
Turn Lookers into Bookers
Currently, the company offers four products:
Booking Engine– Enables hoteliers to get bookings through their hotel website. Some key product highlights are – highly customizable, great user experience and has an integrated payment gateway which overall helps hotels increase their site traffic and increase revenue.
Channel Manager– Automates inventory and rate management with all online travel agents
Sales Analytic Tools– Helps hoteliers learn more about hotel website visitors and prospective customers.
Mobile App-An App which helps customers coordinate with hotel staff and request services, etc.
Industry Scenario with BookingJini Perspective
Information Technology has virtually transformed the hospitality domain in the past few years and hotel industry has experienced the power of Digitization. BookingJini products are affordable and efficient for hotels which help them reach larger customer base and increase their revenue.
Digitization helps hotels increase their revenue because you can be in greater control of the prices and the rooms that you sell. On the other hand, it helps hotels use social media platforms and online advertisements, so that they can attract potential customers based on the different patterns of booking in a region or among people of a certain taste.
Online Hotel Business in India is approx. $ 1.8 billion and is likely to grow to $ 3.5 billion in next 4 years. Demonetization plays a catalyst to surge in online hotel business. According to Sibasish, “While 63% of hotel buyers do research online, only 29% book rooms online. This is likely to grow to 45% in next 3 years”
Plans going Forward
Moving ahead, BookingJini has set realistic goals in the operational context of evolving market conditions and technologies. Within 6 months into market, the company has already 250 hotel clients using its products and has successfully partnered with OTAs.
In coming days, the company’s main aim is to increase the number of hotels to 1500 by Dec 2017. Besides making sure that their customers and partners succeed through their engagement, they also try to provide high class customer services and helping them to increase their revenue by many folds.
Sibaish on ‘How to Boost Entrepreneurial Spirit? Entrepreneurship is staying with the problem for longer time and focus on solving that problem.
What hotels can do to improve guest experience? Hotels need to keep in mind is Let the design do the talking; engaging and a visually appealing design is helpful in making website visitors stay and complete the reservation. Invest in a good photo shoot; every visitor will want to check the images of your hotel before they complete the reservation. Avoid showing the customer that you are using too many 3rd party software. Running Guest Loyalty Programs and Special offers helps keeping existing customers as well as attracting new customers.
As of today, 85% of hotels still don’t have online booking technology, which is a key factor to growth. Hotels should get a Good responsive and parallax website in place with the integration of Booking Engine in the website. This will boost your conversions and it will also increase customer satisfaction which will Build trust in your Booker.

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