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The industry is going through a big transition and everything is in a state of flux. Traditional marketers are trying to come to terms with technology, while technology folks are trying to learn about branding & marketing. But very few are getting it right. Everyone today wants to get into digital marketing, but most are going in blind. One has to have mastery over all fields- business, strategy, marketing, consumer insights and technology.
One such innovator prominently connecting every dot of the market is Avinash Chandra. He is a branding, integrated and digital marketing consultant having holistic experience in helping companies to generate more revenue through digital marketing.
Avinash is a seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully led business and marketing operations of several large and small American, European, Chinese and Indian brands and startups. In his nineteen years of professional career, he has worked with over hundred brands with a proven track record of building sustainable and profitable businesses. Avinash has effectively stirred diverse brands including Bausch & Lomb, Hanes, Lycra, Coolmax, Phillips and Opple.
In 2015, his passion to motivated him to put together a team of Branding, Technology and Design to start BrandLoom Consulting, a digital branding and marketing company.
About BrandLoom
Headquartered in Gurgaon, with offices in Delhi and Pune, BrandLoom is a full-service digital agency associating with clients to drive their business outcomes with business strategy, branding & design, media planning & distribution, influencer marketing and much more. At BrandLoom, employees are the greatest asset. “We’re writers, designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, photographers, and data junkies,” asserts Avinash. Under his aegis, the company offers a variety of services like SEO, content creation and marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, ecommerce designing, website development, digital strategy consulting and so on. In short, BrandLoom is a one-stop solution to all the digital marketing and branding needs.
The company has worked with many Indian and international brands like Valvoline, Medicover, Tata Group, Hero Cycles, Jubilant and many others. With transparent and ethical methods, the company has delivered proven results to its clientele. These methods are backed by market insights and careful study of customer behavior. BrandLoom understands that brand building is a long-term process and takes care in building clients’ brand reputation steadily. It ensures that a brand is positioned uniquely and stays relevant with the changing times.
Meet the Zealous Entrepreneur
Establishing a business from scratch was a major challenge for Avinash. However, in a short time, he managed to make a mark and worked with some of the best-known brands across diverse industries. Avinash is an entrepreneur at heart – adaptable and principled. Person who likes to change the game and challenge the status quo is what describes him the best. Coming across multiple influencers in life such as Dr.Ratan Tata, Prasoon, Suhail and many more, he still believes that his father and his books have been his best friends since childhood. Being an avid reader, Avinash have amassed a wealth of 1000+ titles by various experts. He adds “My father always encouraged me to follow my dreams, and taught me to take thoughtful risks early on in life,”.
“I think I took more risks than others in my field because I changed industries. Many people stick to one particular sector, but I worked with diverse industries,” he added further. Cherishing every role, quick learning, and adapting to changes is what made him overcome challenges and achieve milestones.
Avinash believes that the best part of his job is learning something new every day. Visibility of results of his work is what drives and motivates him to go beyond. Marketing is his passion and establishing his own business has been inspired by it. To be precise, Avinash is on a mission to expand his wings and quench every need of the customer.
Reminiscing the Memorable Times
Working with Phillips was one of the most memorable times for Avinash, where he transformed a loss-making portfolio into a profitable one. Addressing several issues – right from new product development to designing a new marketing campaign and creating a new Go-To-Market approach, he ended up revolutionizing the entire category. Further he added that “Establishing BrandLoom has been the high point of my journey. And I hope there are many more such moments to come.”
Guiding the Pathseekers
Everyone has a dream, but without proper implementation, they cannot be turned to reality. Also remember, there are no shortcuts to success. Avinash advices the budding entrepreneurs to develop sustainable business propositions – select ideas carefully! “Humans need help with one of these- money, love, attention, less stress, less anxiety, less debt & finally easier ways to do things. Consider these areas when looking for ideas.” Adds Avinash.
Treading an Extra Mile
The future is going to be very different for marketers. Different media platforms will co-exist, but for customers, they will cease to make a difference. For customers, it has to be a seamless experience and so, the companies must harmoniously utilize all platforms if they want to succeed. So those who are still stuck with “conventional” and “digital” labels for marketing operations, they have to start adapting to the new trends by accepting that they are seamless.
Avinash aims to explore international markets and create a niche for BrandLoom, overseas. Unable to receive the help when he was a student, he is a strong believer of giving away what he can to the Greenhorn Entrepreneur Community. Avinash says, “I continually give away free advice, life changing books and even digital marketing services packages worth 2-5 Lacs absolutely free, to deserving business ideas, to help them on their way.” Meanwhile on the business front, he is empowering BrandLoom establish a strong presence in branding and consulting space, and deliver positive results to its clients with proficiency.
Source :-The 30 Young and Dynamic Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2019

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