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Entrepreneurship is all about giving wings to your dreams. The aspiration to disrupt an existing model and innovate something ‘extraordinary’ from the shack is what this exciting journey is all about! Techaroha – a Blockchain and AI Partner is one of the best-suited entities that is synonymous to innovation and implementing new-age technologies to develop customized services and solutions.
Shailendra Bramhvanshi, Umesh Mahadik, and Sagar Salunkhe are the team of technocrats who aspired to cross the horizons and embark an entrepreneurial journey. Quitting their lucrative jobs, the trio took the first step to convert their dreams into reality. The Missing Floor was the first venture that worked majorly for the offshore clients and later in 2014; the entity got a new face as Techaroha Solutions Private Ltd.
Simultaneously, with unified efforts of Shailendra, Umesh and Sagar, the company expanded the business and started development in PHP-based web applications and mobile app development. Acknowledging that Crypto-currency, Mining, AI and Blockchain are the creators for a better tomorrow, they started focusing in these areas and exploring it to the core! By taking a deeper dive into tech-enabled innovations, they created a niche in these sectors and are on their way to revolutionize the world of AI and Blockchain Services.
Quest to Learn | Optimistic | Tech Enthusiastic
Apart from being the Co-founders of Techaroha, Shailendra, Umesh and Sagar also have a good freelance base from different countries with expertise in SugarCRM. They also got recognition amongst the Top 10 Worldwide Contributors in SugarCRM forum. The biographies of Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, and a book ‘Rich Dad and Poor Dad’ written by Robert Kiyosaki motivated them to stay in business rather than doing jobs.
Along with being business partners and a core team, Shailendra, Umesh and Sagar have been each other’s support system for more than seven years. They are zealous in embracing technology and helping people in finding business solutions. “We love trying new ideas and the challenge of staying at the forefront of a changing industry allows us to get more learning opportunities,” says Shailendra.
About Techaroha
Brainchild of the trio, Techaroha Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is providing services related to Blockchain and AI Applications. It is a software development company providing IT services and solutions towards application development, product development, Mobile Application Development, Maintenance & Support, SugarCRM, PHP Development, and Sales Process Automation. Techaroha’s technical team consists of full-stack developers with expertise on NodeJs, Angular, Solidity, Go Lang, Blockchain, AI, Hyperledger and Ethereum Smart Contract.
Based in Mumbai, the company works with a vision to reach to the peak of ‘Technological Excellency’ in the field of Information and Technology. With ‘Customer Satisfaction’ as a primary objective, Techaroha rolls out solutions which successfully quench client’s need by embracing innovative methodologies and value-for-money technologies. Today, with the trio’s committed focus on new-age technologies, the company has become a frontrunner in providing comprehensive solutions in the areas of internet applications, customer relationship management, and legacy systems.
Since inception, Shailendra, Umesh and Sagar are on a mission to empower customers in achieving their business goals. Under their aegis, Techaroha was listed amongst Top 5 Finalists of Chhattisgarh Govt – Blockchain for e-Governance Grand Challenge in 2018. It also listed amongst the Top 10 Finalists of ICICI Bank Mobile App Development Challenge for improving mobile banking experience of users.
In a small stint of five years, Team Techaroha has implemented CRM solutions for various giant corporates and around forty-five small organizations. The team also ensures that the clientele has a profitable ROI.
The Curated Set of Services
Under the guidance of the core team, Techaroha offers a diversified range for services in Blockchain and Related Technologies including:

  • New Cryptocurrency Development
  • ICO Development
  • Web and Desktop Wallet Development
  • Mining Pool Setup
  • Mining Farm Setup
  • Hyperledger Development
  • Web Application
  • Angular and NodeJs Application

Surpassing Challenges
SugarCRM – Most of the organizations using SugarCRM were big corporates and getting to them with an appeal to use their services was a major challenge for the co-founders. To handle this, they successfully used their contacts and forums. They asked their developers to offer free-of-cost solutions to the customers having SugarCRM queries. As a result, the company’s image in SugarCRM forums successfully improved and there was no looking back! Today, whenever giant corporates look out for queries, Techaroha pops in.
Blockchain- During 2017, customers hardly new the significance of Blockchain development. So, it was impossible for the trio to approach clients with their company’s Blockchain services. As such, under their assistance, Techaroha started extensive online marketing – wrote blogs and posted answers in forums on its website. In a short span of two weeks, the company was at the top of the Google results for Blockchain services.
An Advisory Note
Patience and Focus are the key strengths of any entrepreneur. From management’s perspective, look into all aspects especially Finance Management – consult an expert if required. Maintain a good CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Limited) score for a longer run. Distributing the work in an effective manner can help the young to overcome hurdles like never before.
Pioneer of Future
Leading Techaroha, the co-founders aim to be a pioneer in Blockchain and AI Services. They believe that these new-age technologies are the future of IT. In Blockchain, the company is working on solutions to eliminate the needs of giving photocopies and sending the same documents like salary slips, rent agreement and more for the same purpose. The core team is also working on Blockchain CV and KYC which would have secured verified documents and can be accessed easily with the owner’s permission. As per AI is concerned, Shailendra, Umesh and Sagar are working on real life problems in India and creating a team of trained developers who would be ready to execute AI related tasks at ease.
Source :-The 30 Young and Dynamic Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2019

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