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Technical skills are important for various reasons. These skills help in work efficiency, boosting confidence, and for a leader, they aid in adding more values to the employees. Leaders with technical skills are often more confident when leading different industries that who do not. They can even mentor the employees under them, which can be beneficial in multitasking in a variety of challenging and complex role. Moreover, by using sufficient technical ability, they will be able to speak to colleagues and clients with more confidence.
One such technical yet friendly and caring leader in the realm of IT is Mahesh Garg. He has over fourteen years of Software Development, Management, and Business Analysis experience in the Manufacturing, Infrastructural, Retail, Financial and Telecom sectors specializing in real-time Web Services, Winforms, GUI, Multithreading, Algorithmic Trading, Business process management, InterProcess Communications, and MS Office automation .Furthermore, he has experience in bespoke software development as well as website development and E-commerce.
Leaving a good high pay job and starting his own business has always been the biggest risk that Mahesh ever took. He received support and inspiration at various stages of life. In the early stages, his parents and family guided him, taking good care of him every time. Afterward, when starting his career, he was lucky to get good managers that inspired him with their dedication. As a result, today, he is self-motivated and involves himself in meditation, which empowers him with great depth and understanding. Even today, when he meets various people from different organizations, he gets inspiration from them and does not hesitate to support them.
Industry oriented Mindset                             
Mahesh treats every single day as unique and no two days are same at work for him. He keeps his keen eyes constantly on the industry and its changes, clients and, customer perceptions keep him on his toes. He has a unique vision for the latest technology and innovative trends and keeps abreast with them at regular times. His mission is to empower people with technology so as to every single person in the world can use technology to their advantage. To add more, he wants to take his company FLYONIT at par with the international standards and compete with the global companies.
About the Company
Mahesh is the CEO of FLYONIT, an Australian owned and operated firm with its head offices in Melbourne, Victoria. It is recognized as an industry leader in the development and delivery of specialized IT solutions. It is a one-stop-shop solution for the IT-related infrastructure needs.
FLYONIT offers a wide-range of IT services and provides excellent technology solutions that cover web design, mobile applications, network services, cloud computing, cloud-based or on-premise bespoke enterprise solutions, corporate branding, mobile developments, IT infrastructure solutions, business consultancy, and many more. Its goal as an organization is to provide complete, customized solutions and satisfactory project implementation in the most cost-effective ways and in the best time possible.
Team FLYONIT comprises technical personnel, having the right expertise and several years of experience in the IT field. This ensures that the client needs are dealt with in the best possible way. It handles projects for individual clients, councils and government, educational institutes, Australian universities, and other private sectors. It has completed a long history of satisfactory projects.
Some of FLYONIT’s esteemed customers are:

  • Murdoch Children Research Institute
  • Consulate General of India
  • South Australia Tourism Corporation
  • Bureau of Metrology Australia

Customer-oriented Approach
FLYONIT stands on the three robust pillars of honesty, transparency and adding value. It believes that client’s success is their way of success. It always makes sure to put a smile on the faces of its clients. Mahesh states, “We always look forward to working on new projects as we strive to maintain long-term relationships. We believe that there is always an amazing amount to be learned by working alongside people in a “real-world”. He further adds, “No matter how small or big our client’s enterprise is, we believe in working with you. We will see you through from the beginning until implementation, and we will share the same camaraderie and attention to your needs”.
Splashing Success Colors on the World
FLYONIT has been in operation for more than eight years. It started as a home-based business and today it is spread across Australia and India. It has a customer based in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Taiwan, and South Africa. It started with web development services and now provides various services across different areas of technology. Consequently, the company has been nominated for several local business awards because of its innovative solutions. It has received the following:

  • Leaders in Website Design Solutions 2018 – Global Business Insight Awards 2018
  • Finalist for the UP 2014 – CLOUD AWARDS
  • SI – start-up of the year 2014 – Mobile E-commerce
  • Finalist 2013, 2012 and 2011 Wyndham Business Awards

Future Prospects
IT industry is very dynamic and it changes with every passing second. The industry is going through massive transformation and decentralization of information. Under Mahesh’s leadership, the company will continue to strengthen its IT solutions and its delivery of the utmost international standard services. In addition, Mahesh advises budding entrepreneurs, “Budding entrepreneurs must go towards for their passion and have fun in what they do”. He is further looking to open the company’s, Sydney and USA offices in the forthcoming years. Mahesh and his company both are evolving every day and are seeking to enter the enterprise market in the near future.
Source :-The 30 Young and Dynamic Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2019

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