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An entrepreneur with a clear vision Founder of Prathigna, Srinivas Varahagiri can be best described as ambitious and prone to risk-taking person. From his childhood, he always imagined himself to be the proud founder and owner of a company which will offer critical services to people in need. And, as always, the law of attraction worked for Srinivas also and as he grew older, he found himself specialising in managerial positions in various sectors of the industry. It was a very awful moment when he saw his dreams taking shape in the form of a start-up that would one day offer hiring and sourcing services to professionals and fresh graduates alike.
“It is an amazing, empowering feeling to be able to provide employment to qualified professionals from all fields of interest, humbling and life-affirming at the same time,” says Srinivas.
Dreaming so big of opening a company from childhood, when other children dream for a secured and good job for themselves. This is what it marks the difference between an ordinary worker drone and the entrepreneur with a vision.
The Attitude of Gratitude!
As a working professional himself, Srinivas began envisioning his career as he worked in various private companies over the years; learning and picking up practical experience in technical knowledge and human interpersonal communication from everyone whom he met along the way. “Every single person has contributed directly or indirectly to my experience and knowledge; my gratitude towards them”—says Srinivas.
In this journey of his career, he found support from various sources. He had been blessed with the friends in his professional and personal life, who encouraged him to take this massive leap. He proudly mentioned that it was his life partner Sowjanya who played a vital role in the event filled path of his career. With the entry of his co-pilot, his flight to success saw the fixing of a target, the building of boundaries and the setting down of the foundation of the strong professional work culture.
A start of Prathigna with Infectious Interaction
Eventually, every infectious interaction led Srinivas to start a – a HR solutions company that specializes in hiring and sourcing, with the additional focus on building a reliable, established brand name in online job portals – called Hullo Jobs. To briefly introduce Established in Bangalore in November 2015, it is a one-stop solution that caters to both job seekers and recruiters with hiring requirements. The reasons for selecting a competitive and upcoming sector of the hiring industry included the foresight of anticipating a boom in job creation, a void that needed to be addressed, in the form of building the bridge between job seekers and recruiters/hiring managers. It is the mother of two ventures: Hullo Jobs – an online job portal where job seekers can search and apply for job postings in various disciplines, and XYZ Jobs – fulfilling sourcing and hiring needs for companies and clients. The motto of the company is simply and strongly expressed thus “To be the bridge between a Jobseeker and the Recruiter and playing a key role in the Recruitment Industry.” 
While talking about the motivating factor in his journey so far he said –“I found inspiration in the videos of our most esteemed political figure and former Honourable PM Shri A.B. Vajapayee, who was not only known for his excellent diplomacy but great oratory and poetic skills. From those wisdom and values he found a great wealth of learning, high thinking, and create a personal code of ethics devoted to service of others. This is what directly assisted the decisionmaking process in the creation of”
More to Do!
Since its inception, the company has achieved various key milestones, which include the ISO 9001:2015 Certification. Thus, the company was soon on the way to becoming a force in the online job search and sourcing sectors of the increasingly busy and vibrant corporate scenario of Bangalore. Starting with and expanding the teams of professionals from one to many, and establishing a flourishing sourcing department count amongst the other noteworthy events since being formed in 2015. It is expected the company will achieve its break even in 2019. has weathered many a storm, bouncing back every time with the renewed vigour and enthusiasm to conquer the ever competitive market of hiring and online job search portals. It is one of the fast-moving industries, with several new entrants in this market which only motivate to move faster and smarter. The company anticipates expanding operations to eight major cities across India.
Sharing Advice
To the youthful entrepreneur, Srinivas has a very simple maxim to share: regular work and improve on communication and language skills. To be able to share a goal with others, one need to be able to improve upon ideas and need to present them fluently and simultaneously hone their orientation and focus. To know what it is they want from professional life, to be able to see their goal and future in concrete and tenable form – to put it simply – “Know what you want, and how to work to get it.”
Always keep in mind that ‘employees’ are the key players in achieving the company’s overall success. As an employee, the individual must be aware of the common goals they share with other employees of the start-up firm, learn to adopt the object of the firm, adhering fastidiously to the same, and moving as a unit towards achieving this target.
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