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“Faith and perseverance are big in business and one must have both virtues to survive and grow. If you don’t change as per the market, you don’t grow. The essence has been constant improvement and change. Continually learn and deliver”
This is the mantra which drives one ahead and makes one a successful leader. A true leader is always ready to face the challenges which life throws at every stepOne man who abides by this mantra is Rajiv Sharma, CEO at Virgosys Software Pvt. Ltd. Rajiv is a persuaded visionary who believes that everything is achievable through sincerity and hard work.
Rajiv has always been passionate about delivering high-quality software at the price that doesn’t burn a hole in customer’s pocket. Entering into the IT arena was all about his passion’s call. He is a problem solver who loves to manage hurdles, people, and whatever gets thrown at his way. By understanding the customer software market, Virgosys has been pioneers in custom development and solutions. Rajiv loves interacting with people, curious about understanding others problems, has an active mind to find the solutions which give him an edge over the other players.
Offering Innovative Solutions
Virgosys Software Pvt. Ltd has its offshore development center, custom software development firm in Bangalore. Established in 1994, the company has been serving clients globally. The company provides creative solutions to cater to clients according to current as well as future needs. The global delivery model being its forte, Virgosys ranks amongst the best of breed solution Partners. Being the driving force behind Virgosys, the company’s highly talented engineers competently understand the clients’ long-term requirements. The company provides services in the field of custom software development and information technology consulting.
At Virgosys the foremost priority is to make IT work wonders for the company and allows focusing on core business. The company offers bespoke services on Web, Web applications, Mobile Apps – Android and IOS, And SAP. The company also has products such as Institution management, E-Learning, Inventory, POS etc. Custom Software / Bespoke software made just for an organization or individual business that performs tasks specific to their business needs and processes are called custom software.
Talking about Virgosys Rajiv says, “Your success is reflected in the Virgosys success story! The firm has faith that the offered solutions give you the defined return on investment is based on complete commitment and concentrated efforts”
The success Saga
Be it Fortune 50 clients or small SMEs, the company worked with all types of clients across the globe. Since inception, the companies haven’t failed to deliver any solution or challenge.  The company has a loyal base of the clients across the globe. Virgosys has been a career-catapulting organization and many of its employees have settled in the US with green cards. “We have built products, delivered services, integrated hardware solutions and waiting for the next big challenge, bring it on!” says Rajiv
Recalling his most memorable memories Rajiv Says, “We are really elated when the clients are satisfied with our solutions and tell us your solutions have really saved efforts and losses as well as money. Managing our business now without the software looks like a Herculean task. Success to us is Happy Clients”
Overcoming the Hurdles
At the end of the day, success comes to people who take risks. The company’s clients have called them regarding other solutions not working and also asked to rescue it. Virgosys have seen risks in handling 3rd party code and a lot of unwanted fluff. The company also had risks in projects with respect to payments; still, the company stood by gut feel and delivered novel solutions.
“Technically some were challenging but perseverance pays off when you make a firm proposition of delivering to the customer, a major part of it is the team and has ably supported me”, says Rajiv
A Piece of Advice to Young Entrepreneurs
Rajiv truly believes that to be the successful entrepreneur one must have to be clear and focused on the vision. At the same time, it is vital to stay in touch with reality, manage finances along with building the best team.
“One man can’t do everything. Evaluate the outcomes and please do form a proper team with a similar vision to achieve your goals in life and business”, Adds Rajiv.
Future Ahead
Progressing forward with a positive approach, Virgosys Software will continue to grow in terms of expansion in other countries, partner for product sales. The company will continue to add value to the existing customer by providing best-in-class solutions. The company will be focused on expanding its global footprint in different countries and invite partners to come and grow with the company
Source :-The 30 Young and Dynamic Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2019

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