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There are a lot people who have ideas, but few have the audacity to convert ideas into opportunities.   A true entrepreneur is doer not dreamer.  Renil Komitla is one such entrepreneur, who believed in giving wings to his long-cherished aspirations. Hard work spotlights the character of an entrepreneur. With consistence hard work towards a goal, one can achieve anything. “There is no shortcut to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure”, says Renil.
After completing a bachelor degree in computer science from Bengaluru University, Renil went to the US for completing MS. In the US, the entrepreneurial bug motivated him to set up his company called Paxterra Software Solutions which later merged with software Solutions Company called Terralogic.  Headquartered in Bengaluru, it is a leading technology services and IT company with a diversified workforce in multiple locations—with offices San Jose, California and Richardson, Texas, in the US, and Vietnam and Australia operated and managed by seasoned industry veterans.
A Thoughtful Socialpreneur
While everyone is moving to big cities for employment, there are few people who are dreaming of bringing jobs to India.  Renil also shares similar dreams.  “I always wanted to live for a cause and my cause was to create employment.  I wanted to start something on my own and create something which would create employment”, Says Renil
Renil grew up with an intention to be an entrepreneur right from childhoodRenil’s grandfather is his key source of inspiration in life. Talking about his grandfather Renil says, “My grandfather has been my inspiration who was an entrepreneur in Nellore.” “I will work till my last breath with a feeling that my Grandfather is watching my back when I am out fighting my battles and he will feel happy when I create more and more employment”, adds Renil.
An Insight to Terralogic
Terralogic is dedicated to providing best in class services in diverse sectors including telecommunications, manufacturing, semiconductors, transportation, insurance, retail, oil and gas, sports, travel and tourism, hospitality, banking, and entertainment industries.
Terralogic operates in the three different business segments: Software Services, Strategy and IT, Digital Transformation.
Software Services- Terralogic is dedicated to providing end to end software services to clients. It offers services from design, development to automation. The company is providing best in class services in hardware and software to its clients. The company’s software services consist of Product development, product sustenance, IT Engineering spectrum, embedded engineering, product test, and verification etc.
Strategy and IT services – Terralogic helps its client to decide the right IT strategy for their work.  The company is implementing those strategies in the health network operations center, the Security Operations Center along with building cloud strategy.  The company is offering Professional Consulting, IT Managed Services to its clients.
Digital transformation -There are various businesses whose core business is not technology and those companies operate in the non-technology area. Terralogic helps such companies to transform digitally. It helps its clients by coming up with the right strategy and transform their physical network. The company also helps its client to transform their software digitally. The company services consist of UI/UX, AI Machine learning, mobile app development, website development, data science, cloud infra cost optimization, app performance optimization etc.
Rough Water Makes Skilled Sailors
There was a time when Renil had no money in the bank and all of his credit cards were exhausted.  His savings, retirement fund was all running out. “That was the time of saying, ‘Now or never’. It was the time to decide whether to continue or give up, goes back and takes up a job to pay off the loan”, says Renil.
“I will always cherish the memory of signing the first customer for the company which is the result of several months of hard work”, says Renil.  “For long time I didn’t have any money and that time that customer was willing to pay $3,000 back in 2009”, adds Renil.
Challenges often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. Overcoming challenges provides an opportunity of the growth. “We are working in areas which offer a challenge in day-to-day lives. We are daily facing challenges of winning the customer, giving them right solution and convincing them to buy products”, says Renil. “No matter it is a day or night I am dedicated to solve any problems related to employees, customers”, adds Renil. His mantra that has cascaded to every employee under his realm is Precision and Perseverance.
Mantra for Success
Renil advices to budding entrepreneurs, “With the patience, faith, and belief one can overcome all the challenges of the life. Always have patience in every situation. Patience and faithfulness is exactly what you need to make complete turnaround”.
Future Roadmap
Progressing forward with positive approach, the company aims to be the top 10 player in country to create employment and bring value to customer.  The company sees itself as trusted advisor and will continue to bring the change agents in way of operations of its clients.
Source :-The 30 Young and Dynamic Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2019

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