Briskinfosec: Protecting Data and Information Infrastructure in the Cyberspace

Arulselvar Thomas | Founder & Director | Brisk Infosec Technology

The most prominent enterprise security solution companies utilize various strategies, techniques, and processes for protecting information and IT assets against unauthorized access, data breaches, and other related risks which may threat the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of these systems.

One such leading company which is revolutionizing the enterprise security solutions space is none other than Briskinfosec. Incorporated in February 2015 as LLP and later formed as PVT LTD in 2017 it is a global information security organization focused in developing innovative security and compliance solutions and in offering high performance security solutions.

The company’s excellence in carrying out various security assessments has garnered success and appreciation from all its valuable clients, from wide array of sectors. It has established a reputation of providing top-notch information security service to industry leaders, both in the Asia-Pacific region as well in the other parts of globe.
• We have Identified as One Among Top 10 Most Promising Cyber Security providers by CIO Review Magazine.
• The most Powerful security solutions provider by “The Leader’s Globe” Magazine.
• We reported 8000 vulnerabilities within 4 hours and have registered our name in “The India Book of Records” for this greatest achievement.
• We have been certified with ISO/IEC 27001, its commitment to information security management of its credentials as a managed service provider.
• Our cyber security initiatives are affiliated by the National Cyber Defence Research Centre (NCDRC).
• CSA (Cloud security alliance) honoured us with the award for “Award of Excellence in cybersecurity”.

Taking Enterprise Security Solutions to the Next Level
Briskinfosec provides various types of cyber security assessment services and solutions to its valuable customers namely Virtual CISO/ Virtual Security Team/ Third Eye Security Review assessment/Work from Home Security assessment/ CXO review assessment/ GRC Assessment/ Source code review assessments/ /Corporate workshops/ VA/PT assessment in respective all IT asserts such as Web, Mobile, API, IOT, SCADA, RF and Wireless technologies etc., for both MSMEs and corporate sectors plus government bodies including public institutions. Also, Briskinfosec also offers solutions like managed security solution provider /soc /red team assessment as a service, incident response, and so on.
In addition to the above, to fulfill the regulatory compliances for the manufacturing /service-oriented organization and also financial sectors including healthcare industries, Briskinfosec offers services on ISO 27001 /PCI DSS /HIPPA /CCPA /EU GDPR, and much more.

The Erudite Founder and Director
The person leading Briskinfosec from the front is none other than Mr. Arulselvar Thomas, the Founder and Director of the company. He is a veteran in information security focused on building innovative security solutions and responsible for the technical vision.

Mr. Arulselvar leads the company in all the verticals. He leads the company in technology deliverables, research initiatives, and operations. Mr. Arulselvar is also the technical head of research at National Cyber Defence Research Centre for developing and executing technology strategy and setting technology plans.

Facing the Challenges Efficiently
In the current scenario, especially during this unexpected COVID 19 pandemic, the last one and half years have been difficult for most of the organizations including government/ semi government/ corporate sectors. Each segment is facing tremendous challenges with internal/ external stakeholders. Our special Work from Home security audit service helped lot of our trusted partners and customers to see more value during these unrealistic situations.

Accordingly, the company has tasked a corporate strategy team with analyzing information about its company’s objectives, challenges, and opportunities, while the enterprise strategy team seeks top-line growth through an acquisition-centric strategy or through potential joint ventures.

Since the work is always challenging, the company conducted an internal discussion with its teams to understand some of the biggest challenges confronting enterprise strategy teams today, which include:
a. Lack of internal resources with sound exposure on security related matters
b. Meeting the deadlines / aggressive timelines, as stipulated by the customers
c. Continuous learning and to keep on updating the latest technologies, mainly to blend digital tools and hybrid teams; also, the organization requires the capacity to constantly restructure enterprise assets and talent
d. Mindset: The company believes that the sole strategy is about change, and driving change requires individuals and organizations to have a ‘change mindset’.

Making its Own Impression
In order to establish itself as a unique company, Briskinfosec follows various practices, which gives it an edge over the others. These have been mentioned below:
• BINT Labs is the official R&D Research Centre of Briksinfosec.
• A total of 100+ Cybersecurity Tech Blogs have been published on the website.
• 150+ open-source tools and objectives have been confirmed through detailed evaluation, and full demonstrations have been posted on our official YouTube channel.
• Five cybersecurity tools were created and made available for free on GitHub.
• BINT Labs has Developed and published two cybersecurity frameworks: NCDRC MAST and Zero Trust Frameworks.
• Every month, our monthly magazine Threatsploit Adversary reports are given to the community in order to identify large attacks with serious effects. (Edition 34)
• As of now, there have been 100+ Cyber Monday Awareness Quotes published.
• A total of ten Wake Up CXO awareness articles have been published.
• 4 White Papers on Cybersecurity have been released.
• 15 Case Studies have been published

Embracing Technological Advancements
In this digital transformation era, technology plays an essential role for startup business companies like Briskinfosec. The company believes that it may be able to compete with MNC companies without anyone realizing how small/ medium/ big the company is with full security protection and controls in place.
As per team Briskinfosec, technological advancements and its advantages are:
• It increases the efficiency and productivity
• At par with the competitor
• Improve the flexibility
• Enhanced the marketing strategy
• Better customer service engagement
• Technology keeps safe with all security built in controls are in place

The Road Ahead
Team Briskinfosec believes that the need for cyber security has been increasing steadily. Organizations have started focusing on protecting their information assets critically. Work-from-home inducted by the pandemic has made information assets much more vulnerable. “This is an ideal market for any company’s expansion. We are no exception”, states the management.

Precious Advice
The company states that for the young entrepreneurs (YE), there are a lot of options available in this enterprise security solutions market, because of the huge demand in this vertical industry. Team Briskinfosec has the following advice for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow:
a. YE should be open-minded, and they should enrich sound knowledge in this cyber security domain, before making up their mind and he/ she should have sound network, in the respective industry cyber space.
b. They should know the market scenario and should take survey/ stock about market demand
c. They should focus on trustworthy partnership
d. Minimum capital funds required
e. They should emphasize on good mentorship
f. Need to maintain transparency with the Stakeholders
g. Planning and implementation, also contingency plan required
h. They should understand that good sales and marketing team are their strengths
I. Identified and Technical Manpower resources

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