How are the hospitality services evolving with increasing Consumer Demand

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The ongoing Covid 19 situation has not only brought a drastic change in the lifestyle of the people but has also adversely affected the hospitality industry, which is now facing an even more difficult challenge to live up to the increased customer expectations from the brands in providing them with a more personalized and convenient guest experience while strictly adhering to the suggested safety norms. This adds on to their ongoing financial crisis and the already difficult task of getting these customers to subscribe to their products and increasing their engagement with the brand.

These challenges, however, also create new opportunities for these businesses to experiment with their products and bring innovation in their services to create better and more desirable consumer experiences. For this the business owners need to ensure that they have the right technology to support their marketing plans and strategies to deal with the current situation, ensure business survival in the long run and thrive in the competitive market.

RanceLab FusionERP brings digital transformation to one’s business that automates their entire operations and synchronizes all its processes thereby reducing human intervention and eliminating manual errors. Its advanced tools like built in artificial intelligence and machine learning improve their decision making process by analyzing customer trends, preferences and behaviour over the time and help sending them targeted and personalized messages that further creates customer delight and enhances the quality of their service.

Some of the recent developments brought by the hospitality industry to cope up with the rising customer demands are listed below :

Contactless Delivery

As the cautious consumer now chooses to avoid contact with outside sources as much as possible, the restaurant industry is promoting contactless transactions and including restaurant pickups with no-contact precautions in place and encouraging users to use digital payment options as opposed to cash to ensure minimal contact.

Online Ordering

The current situation has urged businesses to now shift their focus on online delivery models, providing their customers with the convincing experience of mobile ordering and thus reaching out to a wider audience. They are leveraging technology to make the entire experience of ordering food seamless and more personalized. It also helps in increasing customer engagement with the brand through options like food modifications, guest notes, customer ratings and reviews that helps in building trust amongst customers.

QR Code Based Ordering

The menu is one of the thousand touch points that a customer goes through right from the time they enter a restaurant, so one of the major areas of evolution lies in the adoption of advanced technology that facilitates ordering directly through phones while dining at a restaurant. The customer can scan the qr code at their tables and place their order by browsing through the digital menu that now appears on their mobile screen without having to browse through the pages of a physical menu. This order then gets directly routed to the kitchen after being accepted by a smart pos at these restaurants.

Regular Sanitation checks

Apart from integrating advanced technology to align their services with current market demands, the hospitality industry is also implementing rules and regulations to ensure that safety and hygiene standards are maintained at each step right from food preparation to its delivery which includes strict sanitization practices, mandatory usage of gloves and masks, safe packaging of food items, cleansing at regular intervals etc.

The survival and success of the hospitality industry depends on its ability to consistently fulfill consumer needs and always create a demand for their products and services. To accomplish this business owners are constantly making wise investments into technology that helps them adapt to the changing customer needs and their rising demands now and in the future.

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