MIT School of Distance Education: Bridging the Ever-evolving Skills Gap through MIT Holistic Technology-enabled Learning Architecture

MIT School of Distance Education
Dr. Suhrud Neurgaonkar | Director | MIT School of Distance Education

For any e-learning institute, the imitability of the courses offered, and the services availed by the customers is the key pain point. Apart from this, the similarity in the marketing strategy and the communication to the same target audience causes clutter in the minds of consumers. The support services extended to the students also appear similar.

With a vision to be a distinctive global ‘learning’ Ed-Tech organization that is continuously striving for excellence in its deliverables and value offered to all its stakeholders through innovation, creativity and technology, MIT School of Distance Education (MITSDE) was formed.

MITSDE is in the constant pursuit of mobilizing innovative solutions, using technology, sharpening skills, developing personalities, thereby evolving a new future for the Next Generation. It is striving to overcome these pain areas by providing LinkedIn Learning subscription to the students as a part of supplementary resume building aid, continuous engagement through webinars and doubt solving sessions, providing global experts as mentors through Mentor Links for guidance, in-house digital marketing team and content development to formulate unique strategies.

Being Vigilant When Opting

According to MITSDE, the students need to be vigilant when opting for any online course. Many parameters are to be considered when looking out to pursue distance learning courses; some are internal while others are external.

Internal factors include – time availability with the aspirant, financial viability, perseverance and ultimate objective. External factors are – name and ranking of the institute, course content, duration, fees structure, the credibility and experience of the lecturer, certifications bestowed upon the completion of the course, placement support, after-sale support.

The course which matches most of the external and internal parameters of the student should be opted by the candidate.

Value-based Courses for Working Professionals

MITSDE offers value-based courses targeted towards working professionals. The courses are all postgraduate courses which include Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), Post Graduate Diploma in Management Executive (PGDM Executive) for professionals with over five years of experience, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA), Post Graduate Certificate in Management (PGCM). The courses offered are all approved by the AICTE. Not only does the institute offers 31 specializations under the courses mentioned above, these courses are in tune with the industry skills requirements needed to fill the gap identified in the industry. The courses are updated according to the changing industry environment to make the student industry ready.

Besides this, MITSDE also organizes webinars delivered by industry experts to give the students real industry insights and help them better understand the skill gap in the industry and the skill requirements to fulfill that gap. MITSDE is soon coming up with Dalham Learning and Harappa to provide supplementary learning material and make the courses more practical.

Advanced Features

Having its vision at the core, MITSDE has brought to its students unique features –

LinkedIn Learning – Providing LinkedIn Learning access to all its students at a highly discounted price, MITSDE is the first-ever institute in India to partner with LinkedIn. Mentor Links – Mentor Links is a panel of global experts guiding the students with their career planning, practical problems and giving valuable industry insights and is a highlighted feature of MISDE’s product offerings.

Buddy Programme – With the ideal of having a friend or a buddy to guide, aid and assist students in their academic journey with a view of creating a positive impression about the overall course and institute experience. For this purpose, MITSDE offers a dedicated support team to resolve any academic query, organize student engagement activities, and enhance their learning experience called the Buddy Programme.

Continuous engagement through webinars and doubt solving sessions

Besides, MITSDE has Wiley publication as its content partner ensuring maintenance of the quality of the curriculum. It has AICTE recognized courses. MITSDE nurtures an Open-Door policy for employees as well as students. It conducts various student engagement activities such as newsletter, pop-quiz, etc. It being a technology-driven institute continuously upgrades its technology solutions. The institute also has a strong alumni network and a healthy association with working professionals and subject matter experts.

Ensuring Optimum Learning

The MITSDE teaching pedagogy comprises online lectures, which are pre-recorded and are delivered by the subject matter experts, PowerPoint presentations, the concept of the chapter and its terms are explained with the help of a presentation.

Students have all the course content available on the Learning Management System (LMS), which can be accessed by them anytime from any device. Besides, the student is also given access to the E-Library, containing several reference books. Not just this, they are also provided with mock exams to prepare for the semester-end examination. The students are required to submit two assignments per subject and clear those to appear for the semester-end exams. The exams are conducted in online mode either in a centre or in proctored mode.

Providing Experiential Learning

The Subject Matter Experts at MITSDE offer experiential learning to its students. The learner experience is enhanced by futuristic and engaging learning pedagogy or immersive learning. Its platform for Mentor Links connects a panel of global experts to students for their holistic development through the Mentor Links ALERT initiative –

A – Ask the Expert

L – Learn about the global trends

E – Engage with the expert face-to-face

R – Read the articles by experts

T – Training customized with experts

A Brand Elevating the Status of Student

MITSDE is a brand, and an association with the brand elevates the status of the student in the industry. The institution strives to give value to its students through its courses or other student engagement activities. It has a dedicated team for academic, administrative and career support. It is always trying its level best to provide placement assistance to its students.

MITSDE has a dedicated placement support team and a well-defined placement support program. It has successfully assisted a student to land an internship and post-internship placement offer in Fresh Paprika with an annual package of Rs 6 lakhs.

A Roadmap Ahead

MITSDE is always striving to carve a niche for itself and become a global institute. With this goal in sight, the institute is planning to enter in collaboration with foreign universities and develop and implement futuristic and nonconventional learning methods such as situational case studies, live sessions, panel discussions, cases and live projects. It is planning to organize events and sessions on professional development for students. It is also planning to tie-up with MNCs and corporates for employee skill development programs. It is planning to have an internationally benchmarked assessment scheme for student evaluation and secure a very high world institutional ranking.

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