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Mr. Anil Sharma | Founder | Mobulous Technologies
Mr. Anil Sharma | Founder | Mobulous Technologies

Considering how notebooks are being replaced with screens, how manual labour is being replaced by artificial intelligence, and how monotonous business processes are being automated through big data and machine learning, it is evident that technology has drastically enhanced our lifestyles and quality of living.

Among all, without a doubt, we spend a significant amount of our time on a smartphone. People even call it a different world. There’s virtually nothing that a smartphone can’t do. You can consult a doctor through a smartphone, thanks to telemedicine. You can take educational lessons through a smartphone. You can even go to the gym through a smartphone. Everything is possible through mobile apps.

Companies across the world are coming up with mobile apps with great potential to change the way we see and do things. In light of the same, this edition features companies that are striving to make a mark in the enterprise mobility sphere with their innovative products and solutions. One prime example of such companies is Mobulous Technologies.

Mobulous is an ISO Certified mobile app development company located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, offering software solutions and services across all over the world. The company started its journey in 2013 with the vision of providing state-of-the-art IT solutions using best-in-class and the latest technologies and tools.

Owing to the success and hard work since its inception, Mobulous has become the top mobile app development company that has featured on AppFutura, Clutch, and Good firms. The company has been working with Fortune 500 companies and has a wide range of mobility solutions that take its clients’ business to the next level. The leadership team at Mobulous believes that this is just the beginning of an exciting journey wherein the company professionals are gearing up for more opportunities that put them in the league of the IT industry giants.

Mobulous aims to develop mobile apps that can change the way of everyday work, with simple steps. The company’s mission is to cater to high-quality services and cost-effective solutions to its clients.

The vision of Mobulous is to offer a triumphant virtual presence with its development initiatives at an affordable cost. It aims to achieve global value as a renowned mobile app development company, by delivering agile applications and maintaining a long term business relationship with the clients, building a reputation by providing excellent mobile app development services for Android & iOS.

Mobulous’s business values and shared standards are built around creating an atmosphere of teamwork, security, integrity, dignity, and respect, benefiting not only Clients, Stakeholders, Employees & Peers but also influencing the business environment it operates in. The company firmly believes that these objectives can be achieved only through mutual respect and cooperation.

Exemplary Leadership

Mr. Anil Sharma is the Founder of the company and has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Mobulous since its inception. Before Mobulous, he served as a Senior Engineer with Brands like Wipro, IGEFI, Oracle, Sungard, and 3i Info Tech. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from JIIT (Jaypee University of Information Technology) University in 2007.

As the Founder and CEO of Mobulous, Anil’s role is to build client relations, enhance the Product design experiences, managing the company hierarchy of 100+ team members, helping start-ups and owners create a pitch, making the right culture in the organization, and a myriad of other essential responsibilities.

When asked about his views on the latest trends in the enterprise mobility solutions industry, Mr. Sharma expressed, “with the rapid growth in technology, the enterprise mobility market is growing super-fast in comparison to any other market in this world. According to the latest report, mobile investment is near to approximately more than $200 billion and subscriptions are more than 6 billion by the end of 2020.”

“As we all know, there are multiple latest enterprise mobility trends such as 5G Advancement, AI Incorporation, security-a priority, BYOD Insulation, and many more are supposed to take the whole market. No doubt that the implementation of these latest trends into the business sector going to do miracles. So, this year our company, Mobulous, India, is taking a bold approach with the latest trends in the Enterprise Mobility Solutions industry.”

Exhibiting Enterprise Excellence

Mobulous has a promising set of products and services to offer to its clients. There are clients from all around the globe, hiring developers from Mobulous for building their development projects. The company has contributed to the growth of brands in more than 20 diverse domains. With more than 2 million downloads on the apps developed by Mobulous, its dedication is reflected in the figures. The list of services that Mobulous proudly provides are:

  • Hire developers
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Mobile app development
  • Android app development
  • IOS app development
  • Add-On Services

Mobulous comprehends that fact that internet development has high market competency. Its dynamic nature being the primary factor and innumerable service providers diluting the market contributes to it. “We have always tried to create a unique experience for our clients as well as theirs,” says Mr. Sharma.

Mobulous has been able to bring all the elements of app and website development under the same umbrella and stands strong with seven years of experience. “Our highly-skilled and dedicated team, efficiency and commitment, and affordability of the services we provide set us apart from our competitors,” he adds.

To Learn more about Mobulous Technologies’ services and solutions, click here.

Beholding a Successful Future

“We are truly enjoying our journey and are blessed that a vast number of clients allowing us to meet their business challenges with our mobile app and website development service,” says Mr. Sharma. The team at Mobulous is looking forward to learning all the new skills and achieving the company’s overall goal.

The team is highly committed and dedicated to the profession and always delivering the best mobile app as well as website development solutions to the potential clients. “In the coming years, we would like to be recognized as an expert in terms of every new thing related to mobile apps and website development services,” concludes Mr. Sharma.

Upholding Trust and Quality

Trustworthy and fast, Mobulous delivered a functional site free of crashes or bugs of any kind. They smoothly integrated any desired changes and reliably implemented fixes by the next business day. Today BinBill is seed funded with a lot of new upcoming features. Top Mobile App Development Company. – Rohit Kumar, Founder of BinBill

They were quite competitive with price and sounded eager to please us with their work. Would love to hire them again for my next mobile app development project. – Derryn Balogh

Mobulous is one of the top reputed and top-rated Mobile App Development Company. We did a lot of research before hiring them. They worked perfectly, delivering the right solution for us. We are very happy with their services and will recommend them to any start-ups. – Kimberly L Attanasio, Founder of Jeep Wave

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