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Rajesh Gupta | Founder & Managing Director | RecycleKaro

Being sustainable is not just the in-thing today, but the need of the hour. Managing waste needs to be a part of our daily life and the least we can do at individual level is recycling. Everyday, every household and office generates waste in several forms like paper, vegetable peel, bottles, and paper cups. It is then our responsibility towards ourselves, our neighborood, society, country and mother nature to treat this waste in rightful manner. Evergreen RecycleKaro India Pvt Ltd (ERPL) lets people do that in an efficient and hassle-free manner.

Evergreen RecycleKaro is a social enterprise, established in 2010 and based out of Navi Mumbai. It provides integrated waste management solutions in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) and selected cities such as Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai etc. It offers waste management services for papers, electronics, batteries, metals, furniture, industrial waste etc. At the moment, ERPL services are offered to more than 1200+ touch points, comprising a mix of corporate clients, schools and colleges, residential areas located across MMR and Pune.

Handling Trash

RecycleKaro started off as a collector & segregator of waste with annual recycling rate of 22 metric tonne. It then transformed itself into a recycling unit as well in 2013 by establishing one at Wada, Mumbai with annual recycling rate of more than 300 MT. In the last year, its annual recycling rate was more than 2000 MT.

Today, RecycleKaro facilitates collection, segregation, shredding, bailing and recycling of waste. RecycleKaro is one of the few organizations in Maharashtra authorized by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) to operate E-waste facility. Being ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 certified organization, ERPL ensures good quality service and environmentally responsible operations. It also provides Training and awareness for organized stakeholder groups.


RecycleKaro’s Founder and Managing Director, Rajesh Gupta gave up a lucrative family business in early 2000, to follow his dream. He combined his love for the planet and respect for humanity, into an award-winning organisation with a triple bottomline approach–People, Planet and Profits.

His trash-to-riches initiative has helped several large organisations to effectively eliminate waste from the source. His indigenous electronic and metal recycling unit in Wada helps companies recover and convert waste into re-usable raw materials. A self motivated, disciplined and focused person, Rajesh has spent nine  glorious years at RecycleKaro visualizing his dream come alive. He belives that he has achieved just one milestone and that there are many more to come as he takes RecycleKaro towards its vision to make the world a cleaner and a better place to live.

Responsible Recycling

RecycleKaro adopts scientific methods and processes for recycling that are approved by the Pollution Control Board. It has got the Responsible recyclers certificate and is in the process of being ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 certified by the Government. The company understands the importance of operating in an environmental friendly manner. It makes sure that all manufacturers it deals with have a certification by the pollution control board. It also makes sure that they operate using the most eco-friendly practices. The annual capacity for recycling of e-waste at its current Wada facility is 2400 MT, with a recycling rate of 99%. RecycleKaro is soon going to setup Recycling facility for Aluminium, Copper and Plastics in Feb 2020 with a total capacity of 5400 MT/A. The facility will harbour state-of-the-art furnaces and it will be a fully mechanical process with machinery installation already in progress.

RecycleKaro is soon going to operate India’s first Lithium battery recycling facility in WADA, Mumbai with an annual capacity of 2000 MT. It will be a hydro-metallurgy plant that facilitates lithium battery packaging and recovering very precious metals like Lithium, cadmium etc. This plant is going to be operational in few days. Doing this on a very large scale, the company has set an extensive collection network across the country with more than 1200+ touch points, comprising of a mix of more than 250 corporate clients (Infosys, RBDI, Bark, GAIL and other MNCs), schools & colleges, Government institutions and residential areas, where it is procuring e-Waste online (Evergreen RecycleKaro app) & offline.

It is also looking forward to operating a Refurbishing center at Rabale MIDC.

Awareness – Key to Recycling

RecycleKaro strives to reduce the carbon footprint of its services to minimize the negative impacts and enhance the positive impact on the environment. To manage the same, it undertakes Waste management audits of its facilities. The company also understands the importance of awareness regarding environmental issues and takes a proactive role in spreading the awareness through various activities.For social commitments, RecycleKaro spreads awareness through its campaigning such as ‘electronic for environment’, ‘Green Ganesha’ and ‘Clean Up’ campaigns and a number of awareness sessions for schools, colleges, offices and citizen groups.

The company also provides training and digital insights to consumers about the importanceof recycling. It helps to enhance stakeholders’ participation in solid waste management system with our services for training, audit, paperless office software etc. RecycleKaro organised the E4e campaign to promote e-waste recycling under which 40 schools were covered with a collection of 3 MT e-waste and donation of INR 35,000 towards conservation of endangered vultures.

Mission Ahead

RecycleKaro envisages cleaner and greener world through participation of individuals and organizations. It was formed to instill a sense of responsibility among each of us with a tagline “Recycle Karo, Jimmedar Bano”. Focussing on the management of dry, recyclable waste streams, RecycleKaro dreams of setting world’s largest recycling facility to be named as the great Indian Recycling Hub. It also plans of starting automobile recycling in upcoming few years and setting a hydrometallurgy factory for the extraction of rare earth metals. Speaking more about the future plans, Rajesh adds, “We dream of Recycling 50 times we recycled in 2019-20 in the upcoming 5 years. Evergreen RecycleKaro aspires of becoming a Rs.1000 crore company in the next five years.”

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