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VK Arora | Founder and Managing Director | Ventech Systems

Industrial Revolution is said to be a milestone in human development. It brought with it technology, new methods of manufacturing, amazing machines and more. However, it also brought along with it a menace, Industrial Pollution. On one hand, it made our life easier, however, at the same time, it made life difficult due to pollution. Initially, these industries, albeit factories were small and far-off which did not make much difference. But as the factories turned into giant units, the level of pollution they generated became a cause of worry. Today, the air we breathe is basically unbreathable. The persistent smog in Delhi NCR region is just a glimpse of what lies ahead if we don’t take action now.

Controlling industrial air pollution is crucial today. Going by the proverb, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, the need or problem encourages creative efforts to meet the need or solve the problem. Perhaps this philosophy is what inspired Mr VK Arora, as he realised early in his career that Industrial Air Pollution control is pervasive across all industries which prompted him to venture into the business and gradually penetrate the market. His realization resulted into action as he established Ventech Systems Pvt. Ltd., a pioneer in Air Engineering Systems namely: Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Air Pollution Control Systems.

Customized Air Handling Solutions

Ventech Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company started in 1997 with the sole purpose to cater to the precise needs of a wide array of Industrial Situations. It renders complete Engineering design, Technical & Customer Support services in the field of Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Air Pollution Control. The in-house Design, Consultancy & Marketing set-ups are duly backed-up with fully equipped State of the Art manufacturing facilities. It has a branch office at Kaushambi, Ghaziabad and representative Offices in Lucknow, Raipur, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad & Karnal and overseas representatives in Canada, South Africa & Singapore. It provides cost-effective enterprise solutions & turnkey services tailored to specific projects and typical requirements.

Ventech is one of the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Air Handling Systems. Its wide range of Air Handling Systems is designed in compliance with the defined quality standards. All of these products have passed through various quality inspections conducted by our professionals to ensure their quality standards and have successfully passed stringent inspection procedures of various reputed third party inspection agencies. The range includes Normal and Fire-rated Axial Flow Fans like Supply and Exhaust Fans, Roof Extractors, Industrial Man coolers, Bifurcated Fans, Green house Fans, Mine Ventilation Fans, Centrifugal Blowers viz. Forward and Backward Curved, Kitchen Scrubbers, Cabinet Fans, Air Cooling Units viz. Single Skin and Double Skin, Dust Collectors viz. Cyclone Separators, Bag Filters and Scrubbers, Rotary Air Feeders, Air Handling System Accessories like Pre-Filters, Fine-filters, Ducting, Auto – Viscous Air Filters, Air Distribution Products like Grilles, Diffusers, Dampers, Eliminators, etc.

The company also designs and manufactures, on a turn-key basis, Pressurization and Ventilation Systems, Evaporative Air Cooling Systems, Dust Extraction and Collection Systems, Fume Extraction and Scrubbing Systems, General Supply and Exhaust System without Scrubbing, Kitchen Ventilation System, Motor Cooling and Mill Hood Exhaust Systems, Forced Ventilation Systems, Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Humidification Systems, Central Air Conditioning Plants and Equipments, All types of spares for Ventilation and Dust/Fume extraction system equipments, Retrofitting of Energy efficient Cellulose Fill Pad Type in existing Spray type Air Cooling Systems is also done. Ventech also undertakes retrofit projects for ageing installations.

Quality and Service – Key to success

Ventech’s commitment to quality and service has given the company satisfied customers over the years who are now patronizing it with repeat assignments. Quality is the company’s Obsession and Service, its Passion. Ventech never compromises on quality when supplying products & executing the jobs with the best available resources in the market and render the fullest satisfaction to the end-users. To achieve this, Ventech operates following relevant International standards, which certifies its technical and organizational competence and efficiency. It has received Certification like:

  • Certification of the quality system per ISO 9001:2015 standards certified by ISO-accredited bodies.
  • Company certification in Conformity with CE Regulation.
  • AMCA Certified fans for air and sound performance per AMCA Standards 210 AND 300.

All of Ventech’s installations are backed by prompt after-sales service during and even after the guarantee period. It has a team of qualified service engineers and technicians to attend to any breakdown. It offers quick services with an accurate and prompt response as the job demands.

Responsible Leaders – Towards Industry and Environment

Mr VK Arora, Founder and Managing Director, is a technocrat in every sense of the word. An Engineering graduate from the prestigious Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala Punjab, took the entrepreneurial journey in 1997 after having successfully worked at top management levels with multinational companies of repute in the field of Air Engineering Business. Blessed with positive traits like getting along-with people, excellent communication skills, empathetic and positive attitude and great aptitude had helped Mr Arora to nurture VENTECH from fledgling set up to a company of repute. He has the knack of taking up challenging projects on Air Pollution Control and successful completion of various projects across spectra of industries on turnkey basis bears testimony to it.

Mr VK Arora is ably supported in his endeavour by his son Mr Rishabh Arora, a young engineer with MBA degree and professional in the field of design, marketing, finance, manufacturing and project management. He has worked adeptly and tirelessly to take the company to top-notch level. Our customers’ feedback and an unending list of successful installations is a testimony to the fact.

The father-son duo believes, “To have clean and pollution-free environment is not just a legislative compulsion but is a necessity in providing a conducive working environment for enhanced productivity and also for maintaining high-quality standards in any industry.”

Utilizing Technology for Good

It is a foregone conclusion that technology is advancing daily and Advances in Industrial Air Pollution Control Technology are desperately needed and are being tackled, whether it be through predictive analysis or iterations based on feedback received from the end-users. The Ventech management opines that with so much emphasis on Indoor Air Quality due to increasing awareness amongst users, there is a large business potential involved. It foresees new products, and improvements in existing technology by investing in state-of-the-art machines, CAD / CAM software which will not only make life easy for people working for Ventech but also ensure the superior quality product reaches the doorstep of the customer.

Ventech’s engineering team has already started working on the prototypes of Dust collectors and Fume extraction devices which are more efficient, sturdier and easy on the pockets and shall be soon rolled out in the markets for users to reap benefits. “Breakthroughs continue to happen every day in the technology world and our team is so strong due to the fact, we ruminate the needs of the customer and tailor-make them to suit their requirement.” states the management.

For a Cleaner Air, Today and Tomorrow

In the coming five years, Ventech Systems aspires to become one of the most revered companies not only in Delhi / NCR but on pan India basis in the avenue of the Air Engineering business. The company has already successfully ventured into HVAC field and plans to add new products to its repertoire like customized fans for anti-smog towers, Electrostatic Precipitators for pollution abatement and portable dust and fume collectors to match the quality of imported products.

Besides, Ventech would be executing projects on turnkey basis from Supply to Commissioning for special process industries where pollution is causing a menace to very large extents, by partnering with great think tanks of the country in the field of Science & Technology. One of the primary goals will be to penetrate the markets further and at the same time enhance the profitability of the company.

Core Values & Beliefs

Value-Driven Integrating strong organizational values with all business activities

Excellence always doing what we say we will

Networking meeting, communicating, collaborating, and partnering

Teamwork encouraging innovation, creativity and experimentation

Expertise creating technologically superior and Custom-Engineered products

Customer-oriented Delighting customers

Honesty maintaining the highest integrity at all times

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