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Capstone Life

“Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security.” – Russell Sage, American Financier and Politician

The technology advancements are a boost to the mankind. It is taking the world on a ride towards civilization. The rapid urbanization, foreign investment, and increase in disposable income are fueling the growth of real estate sector at its best. The industry players are making prominent moves in transforming the Builders and Developers space for better. They are developing solutions that are going beyond the traditional horizons of demand, supply, and security high grounds. The large as well as small scale companies are rolling out exceptional products and services in order to successfully quench the clientele needs.

Capstone Life has a strong track record having completed over twenty projects and built more than one million square feet of space. The strength of company lies in its capabilities. The core team members were corporates before entering into this business. The founding team of the company is from some of the most reputed educational Institutions like NIT and IIM. They have proved their mettle in larger corporates like Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, Future Group stirring top management positions and further, they founded Smart Retail and

Outstanding Services Taking Capstone Life to the Next Level
At Capstone Life, they create boutique living spaces that are a source of undiluted joy for their discerning customers. Each of its homes is thoughtfully crafted, intelligently designed for optimal use of space. The use of exquisite materials and professional landscaping give homes an inherent quality and outward aesthetic appeal.
In addition to these, it makes use of the most modern technology to offer futuristic homes. The company promises to its discerning customers, the homes that are aesthetically designed; where they can spend quality time with their dear ones, enjoying life in all its beauty, serenity and glory.

The Inspiration of Capstone Life
Prasanna S. K is the CEO of the company. He is the driving force for growth and the entire business operations of Capstone Life. With a graduation in Civil Engineering, he has close to thirty years of leadership and management experience in multiple functions.
With a committed team of professionals, the company is creating boutique living spaces. “Our aim is to be known as one of the leaders in creating homes which are exquisitely designed and should serve as an aspirational statement for the people who want to inhabit them”—says Prasanna S. K.
Decoding Life Design
Here are the UNIQUE Interpretations of Capstone Life that helped it to overcome the challenges.

  • Design that stun– The company is leading the charge on world design by , inspiring entry experience, contemporary facades, and unique landscapes
  • Designs that work– It is outshining in thoughtful space design
  • Buzzy communities– It imagine and cultivate communities

Awards and Accolades
The phrase “Nothing succeeds like Success” might be a cliché, but when it comes to demonstrating the success nothing quite succeeds like growth. It is the growth in revenues and profitability that validates the correctness of a business strategy or a robust business model. The bigger and successful companies are always the ones that are talked of more and corner the bigger share of attention. After all, their growth into biggies has already confirmed their success.
The company has received various renowned awards such as Best Luxury Housing Developer Award in the year 2017, Aspira Best Residential Project Award in the year 2017 and Estrella Terraces-Best Luxury Apartment Project Award in the year 2018.

Bundles of Benefits to its Clients
Capstone Life is committed to serve the customers by providing best quality and optimal boutique living spaces endowed with essential elements of living a dream through highest compliance to the regulatory authorities, highest standards of integrity, and ethics in all the dealings with customers, vendors and even its business partners. Team Capstone Life reinforces the company’s overall commitment to ethical business practices and behavior, at every level of the company.
Plus Points of Capstone Life 

  • Strong understanding of Bangalore market
  • Project delivery ahead of Schedule
  • 500+ customers
  • Network of 100+ vendors
  • 1Million Sq. ft. of Built up Space
  • Professional Expertise and Transparent Business

Vision to Action
The company believes in creative thinking and later applies it in action for the better performance. Here are some the company’s vision, and taking action on it to perform better.
Lead the Charge on best Design: The company constantly pursues the best ideas in the world. Also, it always deals and recruits the best designers who will raise the bar.
Excel in Thoughtful Space Design: The company stands out for the desirable design and explore new vistas that make life easier.
Imagine and Cultivate Buzziest Communities: The company implements ever-best concepts in community-living. It has built an upward spiral of competence and flame design in excellence. Also, it exposes the beauty in small, intact and happy communities ignited by passion.

Raise Bar on Quality and Signature Elements: It creates the quality makers beyond the physical that can be attractive to customers. In other words- the company offers quality-living.
Drive Margins; Focus on both Price and Costs: It always focuses on the right-pricing and project management.

What the Customers say?
“We were basically looking to invest in some apartment. We visited 3-4 projects, but we were impressed with the location of the Estralla Terraces by Capstone Life. Amenities are really very good here, also the area left around the apartment in nice, like jogging track and all. One can freely walk around and evenings are very nice to spend.”

Mrs. Anusha
“I am Jayaganesh. I have purchased flat in Estrella Terraces. Since it was on the main road; I was very interested in the project. And, also it was taking-up a very good shape, and thus decided to invest in the project. Facilities provided are really good and the one thing which impressed me is ‘Terrace’. One main thing about the capstone life is that their quality of construction is really very good. The documentation part; it hardly took 30mins to get register, and that is one best thing I liked the most. It is very nice to stay here; and I feel proud because of the provided amenities.”-Mr. Jayaganesh

Future Advancements
The company has been changing the governance in the real estate industry since its inception and has maintained the track record of delivering projects ahead of schedule in the tough market environment. It draw upon a national and international pool of professional associates, employ modern construction technology in aesthetic designs, and work in a professional environment supported by the best practices and good HR management. This will go the last mile to do things right and seek excellence in all of the offerings. The company is positively looking ahead to create a position for itself and have committed to become one among the top players in its market. It constantly thrives to bring innovate products with the help of technology and bring quality product in the market. The company is evolving at every stage and developing the best quality product. Also, upgrading and improving the technology to support the same.

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