CNB: Building Business with Efficient Shipping Logistics

Technology provider in the Real Time Information space CNB is a pioneer in the business of tracking containers movement at container freight stations and inland container depots. It has developed a unique and cost effective solution, HAWK, to manage and plan a container yard in real time using their Internet of Things (IoT) platform. It provides smart, reliable and sustainable quality of products world-wide. CNB is a Bengaluru-based hardware-software product company focusing on container shipping logistics industry. It aims to be the catalyst to solve the problems in the port and shipping industry using real-time information to make it more efficient, visible and safe.
Pioneers Leading the Way
Rajesh Kumar and Nitin Sirohi are the co-founders and students hailed from IIT Kanpur bringing together the wealth of experience in varied areas ranging from hardware and software product development to software services and consulting. Rajesh Kumar is a recognized expert in RFID services and solutions. He is responsible for organization’s channels, alliance initiatives, market positioning, product marketing, strategic partnerships, product management and branding client relationships. Nitin Sirohi is in control for product development and new technology initiatives at CNB. His sharp business acumen and several years of experience in designing reliable, secure solutions and architecting complex solutions have ensured unmatched service experience to CNB customers. They believe that it is the company’s strategic position in the value chain, extensive technology, innovative power and understanding of domain and processes that differentiate CNB from the other market participants in the industry. CNB is involved in providing products and solutions that enable real-time management of assets, objects, and resources.
Unique Services
The product “Hawk” provides real-time container management and planning solution for Ports and Yards using CNB’s IOT infrastructure. It helps customers to make their yards pedestrian-free otherwise about 40-50 people would be moving around the yard for different activities. It has served some major brands such as Ameya, CMA-CGM, APM Terminals, Adani, Gateway Rail, Transworld, Balmer Lawrie, Hind Terminals and many more. CNB is a focused company dedicated to transform the complete shipping logistic domain using the real time automated information.
The Hawk makes it Easy to Track
The hardware-software company came up with an idea to develop an IoT based solution so that all the operational information is captured error-free and without any manual intervention. To use that data and to plan the complete yard to make it efficient- Hawk was introduced. It changed the way the logistics work in ports and shipping yards and provided real-time visibility to every action that happens inside the yard. It is used for managing the complete yard by recording all the activities happening inside a container yard in a fully automatic manner. There are no manual interventions in recording these data and this is why it is error free. Real-Time Management of the resources at a location and in the transit helps in increasing the visibility of enterprise resources resulting in significant increase in revenue, efficiency, and productivity. Real-Time Tracking Systems are primarily based on Global Positioning System, networks of some industrial sensors and Radio Frequency Identifications technologies where each technology component brings a significant aspect to locate an asset, object or resource in a four- dimensional space-time coordinate
The firm puts an RFID tag in the container with its details, and readers or sensors on the container handling equipment, like reach stackers, RTG, RMG, Side lifters etc.. This helps people handling the container depot track to the exact location of the container. The data on the exact container location is traced by the readers through software with the use of Wi-Fi or GPRS-based telecom networks. These containers usually stay in a yard for 10-15 days, while some stay for months. During a container’s life in the yard, it requires multiple movements and manual interventions.
Overcoming Hurdles
CNB had been conceptualized to deliver innovative IoT based solution for Port and Containerized shipping industry. In the initial days when the company was developing real-time automation solution for various industries, it came as surprise to learn how such a complicated domain like shipping industry works on rudimentary technologies. There are so much of inefficiencies inbuilt for the lack of technologies and real-time information. To avoid and overcome these insufficiencies, development of an IoT based product was the remedy. Through this way, the operational information is captured error-free and without any manual intervention and uses that data to plan the complete yard to make it efficient. As the initial days were quite full of struggles from both technology stabilization front as well as adoption front, the organization achieved the success slowly when people started believing on the strength of the solution and adoption started happening.
The greatest strength of CNB is the urge to innovate further and further. It is the trust that the organization has earned which poised them to bring great changes in the industry. It also keeps adding a barrier to the competition.
Achievement and Future Plans
Globally, the best efficiency achieved with which container is identified in the stack without any manual intervention is 95%. CNB’s solution identifies container with 100% efficiency, in the stack, without any manual intervention at 1/4th of the global pricing. The company covers about 15% of total container volume imported and exported in India and it has plans to venture into other emerging markets like China, Africa, and South America. Essentially CNB wants to be present at the initial leg of Import cycle and the last leg of the Export cycle to push efficiency in the complete supply chain logistic of any country.
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