Kallows Engineering India: A Superior Platform Changing the Game of Healthcare Industry

Kallows Engineering India

It all started back in 2007 when two young, dynamic and vigorous entrepreneurs vision to start something of their own. Soon a mobile health based medical device company; Kallows Engineering India came into existence as one of the early software services clients National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) at Goa. It was required for both of them to have a company in order to pay the consulting fees and very soon they developed interest to manufacture Medical Devices and focused on Cardiology. In 2012, they both decided to be in India and develop the entire product from Ideation to Growth phase. And since 2013, their first sale till date has been a great learning curve. The company is now in the growth phase and will be surely well established in the next couple of years.
The inspiration to start the company was; The Cardiology focus stemmed from the growing need for better cardiac care and technology solutions to assist Cardiologists, Hospitals, doctors in remote and urban areas, healthcare service providers, etc.
The Vigorous Leaders of Kallows
Kallows was founded by Kevin Scott Kreger and Gajanan Satish Nagarsekar as both met while working for GE Healthcare in Milwaukee, WI, USA. They bonded well as friends to embark on a journey which would change their lives forever.
Gajanan S. Nagarsekar is the Co-founder and managing Director with more than 8 years of experience in product and research – working with some prestigious names such as Wipro GE Medical Systems, University of California at San Diego, and University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. He oversees the Administration, Sales and Marketing form his main core of day to day activities. He also participates in the new product development and upgrades of mobile applications for the ECG monitoring devices. Further he also assesses customer feedback and suggests modifications to the technical team.
Kevin Scott Kreger is the Co-Founder and Technical Director with an extensive 25+ years of experience working in the field of Digital Signal Processing applied to Electronic hardware, Firmware, Software and Server – development, installations, maintenance, etc. He handles the technology, R&D, product development, and other related areas. He has worked with some prestigious names in USA such as GE Medical Systems, Allen Bradley (now Rockwell Automation), and has mentored and consulted for several advanced engineering projects.
He has also been part of 5 granted patents.
Delivering User Friendly and Quality Products
“Quality of the product is the best way to put it. Once a customer has used our product and has had none or non-significant glitches, there is no reason for them to change or opt for other choices,” asserts Kallows.
Mobmon®12.0 is a tele-ecg solution by Kallows, which caters to the ECG machine market but also provides reporting services. Due to the flexibility the products offers, the company caters to a large group of users. Kallows have even customized software for clients if required.
From the very beginning, Kallows have delivered a very robust, user friendly and quality consistent product, which helped them to be the market leaders in this segment.
Mounting the Competition
In the growth stage, Kallows is observing a lot of competition as there are several companies in the market, which are copying their business models or even technology to enter the space. And Kallows have even identified a few even infringing on their patents.
Kallows’ mantra for success is Quality of the product, Transparency with Customers, Passion for our product, Persistence to resolve customer issues if any at the earliest.
The Strengths of Kallows
“Indigenous design and manufacturing is our core strength. We also have an internal software and quality team, managing the products and making sure only the best is given to the customers. Due to these core strengths we are now offering a gamut of solutions and services to cover the entire space in Cardiology. By end of 2018, we should be covering at least 5 verticals in Cardiology if not more.”
The Hall of Fame
Journey has been very intensive for Mr. Nagarsekar and Mr. Kreger as founders and they enjoy the learning that the experience has offered them.
Kallows have been awarded the following awards.
2015: Won 2nd place – Goa Chief Minister’s Technology award
2014: Won 2nd place at the India Innovation Growth Program conducted by D.S.T., Govt. of India
& Lockheed Martin Corp., USA
2013: Tech Sparks 30 – selection in top 30 innovative companies in India, event hosted by Sequoia India venture capital firm.
2011: 2nd Place in the Information Technology category at the Wisconsin Governors Business Plan Competition (participated as a Graduate student of UW Milwaukee, WI, USA)
Source :-The 30 innovators Who Changed the Startup World

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