Vaidam Health: An Online One-Stop Platform for Medical Travellers

The current worth of Indian health industry is 100 billion dollars and will predict a massive growth in the next 2 years. Also, there is a possibility of humongous statistical growth which has materialized due to technological advancement in the infrastructure of hospitals along with the superior expertise of doctors who can provide any medical treatment at costs that comfortably falls under ones budget. Thus, India has emerged as a preferred destination for medical travellers. But on looking closely, the industry of medical value travel in the country lies fragmented with no proper structure. Vaidam Health is a Delhi/ NCR based service, connecting travellers to accredited hospitals, specialists and doctors across India.
The Journey of Vaidam Health
Starting from the scratch on January 2016 by Manish Chandra and Pankaj Chandna, Vaidam Health is a medical travel assistant company, researching and connecting International patients with doctors and hospitals in India for treatment at affordable prices. Along with that the company also offers concierge to travelling patients and companion. At present, Vaidam Health is maintaining an intricate network of about 100 hospitals well accredited by NABH, NABL and JCI, across all the metropolitan cities of Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Ahmedabad including Delhi NCR where it is headquartered and have extended its assistance to patients from over 45 countries across the world which includes African countries, CIS countries, countries of the middle east and far flung island countries like Fiji, Samoa Islands, Comoros Islands and others.
The Leaders of Vaidam Health
Possessing the impetus to venture on a new journey, alumni of IIM, Manish Chandra and Pankaj Chandna, CoFounders of Vaidam Health opted out of the rat race. With over 15 years of experience on Internet platforms, Manish Chandra oversees product, technology and digital marketing. Prior to starting Vaidam, he was Assistant Vice-president, Product Management, at, one of India’s largest e-commerce companies.
On the other hand, Pankaj Chandna looks after Business Development, Patient, Hospital and Doctors Relations. He was the Vice-president of Sales for India’s leading doctor-connect platform, Lybrate. Having helped hospitals in the US to increase their patient care facility, Pankaj has also worked with private and government health institutions in several countries including India, Singapore, Thailand, US, Chile and the South Africa.
Providing a Clearer Picture to the Medical Travellers
The significance of medical travel facilitators in the industry lies in providing extensive guidance to patients travelling from one country to other. A limited knowledge regarding healthcare facilities and about the country in general makes a way for confusion and helplessness. It has to be understood that when a patient travels outside one’s country, he or she is looking for fast, affordable and quality treatment. The highly economic prices along with the absence of waiting lists compel medical tourists to throng in the country. Therefore, the functionality of Vaidam lies in sweeping the clouds away to provide a clearer picture to the medical travellers.
The online platform goes beyond the expected functional criteria of finding suitable doctors and hospitals based on their ailment sand strives to cater to other nuances of visa, accommodation, treatment plan and cost from the time patients reach out to them. Receiving more than 20,000 queries on treatment and travel information, Vaidam has managed cases for orthopedic and joint replacement, cardiac surgeries, spine, neurology, cancer, transplants, general surgery, and IVF to cosmetic treatments.
Furnishing Right Guidance to Find Right Treatment
Vaidam Health carefully selects all of the hospitals and doctors. They talk, visit, and collect pictures, stories and descriptions that will be useful to the patients. They also provide the medical travellers with 5 star services, whether they are providing them with treatment, an opinion from one of the doctors on their panel or simply with relevant information.
“We started to scuttle and explore the industry with an aim to provide a platform to international patients where they can be guided thoroughly to find the right treatment. So, instead of testimonies from close acquaintances, patients can now go through and rely on relevant information and data regarding the healthcare centers, doctors and the treatments they seek in India from a single source”, asserted Manish.
“Along with a comprehensive cost calculator of treatments installed in the website, detailed profiles of doctors and hospitals, we also have a patient relationship network team that ensures consultations, travel plans and all other requirements till the patient flies back to his or her own country”, asserts Pankaj.
The Future of Vaidam Health
Flexing its wings wide, Vaidam is striving to gain the global prominence concentrating on enriching their online so as to make it suitable for all readers and visitors comfortable in various languages. At the moment, Russian, Arabic and French have been installed as one of the UI features in the website.
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