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People often relate Virtual Reality (VR) to gaming and headsets. However, VR is a technology that has a real business value as well. Today, more and more businesses are coming with newer and innovative techniques to incorporate VR into their routine business processes and are trying to make their operations more productive and efficient. SmartVizX is one such Virtual Reality Solutions Company that is disrupting traditional passive and static design visualization methodologies by creating high quality Virtual Reality based across platform solutions that are immersive, interactive and engaging.
SmartVizX Overview
Founded in February 2015, SmartVizX helps businesses achieve greater customer engagement by harnessing the potential of gamification for everyday decision making. The VR solutions of the company helps buyers buy better, sellers sell better & businesses conduct business better. Application of the company’s solutions focuses firmly on the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry (AEC).
SmartVizX has expanded across geographies in the last couple of years and have delivered VR solutions in US, Dubai and South Africa. Beyond the VR Services, SmartVizX is working on a first-of-its-kind virtual reality-based design platform for the AEC ecosystem.
How it Started
The founders of SmartVizX, Gautam and Tithi Tewari are both architects and have held senior leadership positions in some of the largest design firms in the world prior to founding SmartVizX. In their respective professional journeys of nearly 20 years each, one of the consistent sources of struggle for both of them was the state of technology in the profession especially in terms of design visualization and collaboration. The amount of waste – time, cost and effort – that their industry generated was the problem they wished to solve. They were confident that if there was a technology that could help the process of design visualization become interactive, immersive and engaging; many problems could be solved. Virtual Reality offered hope and they started building prototypes using it. Once the founders took the early prototypes to the market for early feedback, the excitement generated was immense. Every connection who tested these prototypes wanted a solution for them. This is how the SmartVizX journey started.
The Creative Duo
Gautam Tewari, Founder & Director of SmartVizX is an architect with a Master’s Degree in Construction Management from UNSW. Gautam adds exceptional project implementation knowledge to the SmartVizX team. Having successfully led multiple teams on projects of varying scale and complexities, Gautam was one of pioneers in Design and Build method of project delivery in India. Focusing and specialising in delivering workplace projects over sixteen years, he has worked with international and local clients putting together best in class facilities in the right time and cost.
Gautam has also been associated with developing new tech, strategies and initiatives for improving the process of Design and Build to help maximize value for clients. His constant pursuit of excellence, the ability to challenge status quo, helps him to consistently meet and even exceed the set objectives for any business.
Tithi Tewari, Founder & MD of SmartVizX is responsible for successfully setting up and leading multiple businesses in the field of architecture and design. A graduate in architecture from CEPT, Ahmedabad; Tithi set up her own design practice which she managed successfully. Tithi has also been responsible for leading two immensely successful international design practices. In addition to her architectural degree, Tithi also has successfully completed highly reputed certification programs from Harvard Business School and INSEAD in Managing Professional Service Firms in India and Leadership Excellence through Achievement and Practice respectively.
Tithi has successfully led the services business at SmartVizX. The leadership and sales skills that Tithi brings to the team makes them confident of their product reaching out to a number of customers they aim for.
Maintaining Long-term Relationship with Clients
SmartVizX combines design visualisation with gaming technologies to create cross-platform tools that enables users to immerse themselves in the environment they wish to engage with and eventually own. They say, “We are truly blessed to have some of the best thinkers and thought leaders of the fraternity as our customers. Most of our customers tend to immediately see the value our solutions bring to their existing processes. Beyond the delivery of solutions, we constantly educate the clients on the new developments in VR through one on one meetings and through digital and social media-based campaigns which have proved very effective.”
Focusing on Internal Training and Development Plans
According to SmartVizX, the key challenge remains around educating the potential buyers on VR and its benefits. Once the user understands the real value of VR, the sales process and cycles become easier and shorter.
Quality resources are the next big challenge. At SmartVizX, their audience is global and quality of delivery is of paramount importance, which is a key alignment required from production teams. Focused Internal training and development plans have helped the company in educating and retaining their current talent pool and also attract new talent.
Making a Meaningful Journey
The credibility that Gautam and Tithi have been able to build for themselves being in the profession of 20 years respectively helped SmartVizX grow. Innovation, attention to detail, and customer focus combined with passion and integrity has significantly contributed in making the SmartVizX’s journey a meaningful one.
Further, Virtual Reality is definitely a great technology for the AEC industry. It makes the whole process of visualisation interactive, immersive and engaging especially in the case of projects under development. As the devices become cheaper and the quality has improved, it now makes a lot of sense to show around a property or a design in VR to a potential customer. It is convenient and highly accurate representation of a property. Given the photo realistic nature of SmartVizX product and its high level of interactivity with gaming techniques, SmartVizX can make customers feel as if they are inside an actual property. This has huge ramifications for the industry. It can help in creating high quality analytical tools to predict customer behavior, it can re-define property search just like property websites do and can help create a lot more transparency between the buyer and the seller.
The Exceptional Strength of SmartVizX
Without doubt, the exceptional strength of SmartVizX has been the founders’ experience, reputation and industry connects. Their experiences have helped the founders solve a problem that resonates with all the potential buyers of their solutions. The connects and credibility enables customers access to the productized services that most new companies tend to get after 2 to 3 years of being in the market.

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