Pentation Analytics: A One Stop Analytical Platform for Motor, Health, P&C, and Life insurance

Pentation Analytics

With an aim to develop Industry-sweep, predictive analytics applications using data from existing transaction systems, processes & practices for the enterprise, Pentation Analytics is a one stop analytical platform for Motor, Health, P & C, and Life Insurance.
Pentation Analytics Pvt. Ltd. was founded in August 2015, by seasoned financial services & technology entrepreneurs & is based out of Mumbai. In the successful journey of Analytics, Pentation witnessed a specified need of quick turnaround solutions, which could add value to the organization. This is the point where analytics had a stronger marriage with domain specialization, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Hence, Pentation Analytics was created and also marked the first time, i.e, the analytics company unbundled its offerings and focused heavily on domain knowledge assets. With the network of Product distribution Partnerships, Pentation is currently operating out of Asia and North America and has also target footprints for a global presence in the next two years.
Remaining True to its Vision
Being true to its vision of “Analytics for All”, Pentation Analytics has launched a ready to deploy product which democratizes “Analytics.” Pentation Analytics is in the Top 11 InsurTechs at Hartford InsurTech Hub for its coveted InsurTech Accelerator Program, wherein around 4000 companies from 96 countries had applied. Pentation Analytics was one of the two companies selected from India at Hartford, which is known as the Insurance Capital of US and now, the Insurtech Capital as well.
Pentation Analytics is the Big Data Analytics partner, servicing National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), an umbrella organization for all retail payments in India with the guidance and support of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Indian Banks Association (IBA) on an ongoing basis, leading to a successful synergy between the both. NPCI has 700 member banks associated with it, Central Bank and the Government of India, all have been a part in gaining advantages by this Big Data platform. Advanced analytical capabilities built for 20+ billion records and creating an ecosystem, which is Big Data.
The Exceptional Services and Solutions
The fintech revolution, which began with start-ups, has disrupted the banking sector since a decade. “Insurtech” has now arrived with a bang. Technology led, data-led, intelligence-led processes and organisations specific to Insurance. Hence, Pentation Analytics chose to dig deep into this phenomenon to come up with quick turnaround solutions through quick big data solutions and analytical products.
They say, “The inspiration behind this was more domain people from business domain in analytics to understand the client needs. The Insurance Analytics Suite from Pentation Analytics is an innovative predictive analytics product which integrates into the core business function of retention. The launch of Pentation Analytics is dramatically different because it is just not grounded in deploying human capital but it is about making greater number of mass product implementations with quick turnaround solutions, which could add value to the organisation, rather than just allocating human resources.”
The Skillful Management Team of Pentation Analytics
The management of Pentation team is an eclectic mix of business, data sciences and technology. Anirban Roy, Founder, Director & CEO, a management graduate from IIM, Lucknow, has over 20 years of experience, majorly in Retail Insurance.
Kamal Kishore Das, Founder, Director & COO, is an alumnus of IIM, Calcutta and IIT, Kharagpur with over 18 years of experience across analytics, financial services and supply chain. Dr. Pameet Singh heads the Data Sciences team and holds a Ph.D. from University of Maryland, Washington DC and is an IIT Kharagpur graduate. And Mr. Pradeep Kumar Shah, Founder and Director has 30+ years of experience across various kinds of insurance.
Expert Offerings of Pentation Analytics
The professional offerings of Pentation Analytics are as follows:

  • Insurance Analytics Suite-Customer, Retention, Cross Sell & Claims o Big Data Platform Implementation as a service linked/ as a precursor to product roll out. It is an Analytics Suite®, a one-stop analytical platform for Motor, Health, P&C, and Life insurance. It uses predictive modeling for identifying trends from client data, risk assessment of non-renewal and determining the profitability of these policies on an individual level.
  • The product is modular and ready to deploy.
  • Incorporates machine learning based product using Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Business Intelligence and optimization of tools.
  • Enhancement of customer information.
  • Big Data Analytics as a service linked/ as a precursor to product roll out. Work undertaken for the same is as follows:
  • Implementation of High-end Big Data platform for reporting and analytical use-cases.
  • Automated data ingestion and Data sanity checks.
  • Disaster Recovery setup for ensuring business continuity
  • Operations efficiency increase, Cost reduction of maintaining proprietary systems and internal business processes, and enabling of advanced use cases on Big Data for faster response time
  • Also, Advanced Analytics using machine learning and artificial intelligence on both sets of structured as well as unstructured data

Mastering the Client Needs
Pentation Analytics’ domain expertise helps them in understanding the client needs, which becomes an automatic enabler for a long term relationship with their customers. They not only provide analytics solutions, but also walk through the output along with its clients. Hence, the company’s clients are able to reap the business benefits defined out of their insights providing a 360 degree value proposition for the clients.
A Value Driver for Enterprise Level Solutions
Absorption of Analytics and Big Data Implementation into the industry itself is evolving. Pentation Analytics has faced similar challenges that every forefront runner in an evolutionary ecosystem would face. They believe that there are traditional mindsets in intraditional industries and the disruptive thought had to be inculcated.
The eclectic mix of domain knowledge, technology and analytics enables a tremendous cutting value driver for the enterprise level solutions. Pentation Analytics’ thought leadership is about providing quick turnaround solutions. This is also the point, where analytics had a stronger marriage with domain specialisation, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Sticking at the Foreground of Advancements
Pentation Analytics also tries to remain at the forefront of the advancements taking place around the world. Hence, their products are comparable with the latest trends happening across the world. This has led to Pentation Analytics recently making it to the Top 11 InsurTechs at Hartford InsurTech Hub for its coveted InsurTech Accelerator Program, wherein around 4000 companies from 96 countries had applied. Also, the company has a network of Product distribution Partnerships with expansion in Asia & US.
Pentation Analytics is able to intelligently look at the business needs and able to yield  solutions through analytics and technology and also at very quick pace.
Source :-The 30 innovators Who Changed the Startup World

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