Kreate Konnect: Making Online Selling Process Faster, Smoother and Better

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” With the same determined dream, Piyush Jaidev and Abhishek Jain started Kreate Konnect in June 2015 with a small office in New Delhi and a team of 4 people.  Today it has grown to 50+ clients and a team of 30 people sitting out of Delhi, Vadodara, and Bengaluru. Piyush and Abhishek met through a common friend and it was a casual conversation over coffee that led to the idea of Kreate Konnect. Over the next few months, they met frequently and continued to brainstorm on the concept. However, the idea to start didn’t pop up out of the blue but was being deliberated by both of them separately. Both Abhishek and Piyush had been running successful e-commerce businesses with Piyush’s expertise being the international e-tailing and Abhishek’s forte is in the domestic e-commerce market. Thus coming together and starting-up seemed like the most appropriate step.
As online sellers both of them had identified various gaps in the market and weren’t able to find any comprehensive solution that assisted the e-commerce sellers. Unlike the US which is primarily a DIY (do-it-yourself) market India is a ‘Do-it-for-me’ market and thus a solution that blends the technology with a certain of services was the need of an hour. The e-commerce market had started to pick up in India and the marketplaces were on-boarding sellers left, right and center but none of the sellers properly understood the nuances of online selling. This was when they knew they have a business model in their hands.
Fascinating Personalities of Kreate Konnect
Piyush Jaidev – Co-Founder & COO, comes from a diverse set of professional background spanning across ‘Legal Process Outsourcing’ and ‘social e-commerce/group buying’ industry. Having worked with various e-commerce startups such as Mydala, Taggle, etc. in their early days enables him to bring caution to the business and focus on unit economics and get the basics right. At Kreate Konnect, he is responsible for the holistic functioning of the processes within the company. He manages the client and marketplace communication and the technology in the company. Being a data analytics enthusiast, he is trying to develop multiple proprietary models at the company that would help the online sellers to efficiently manage their businesses.
Abhishek Jain – Co-Founder & CEO was a wealth manager at HSBC and DBS before he decided to venture out on his own. The E-commerce bug bit him in 2013 and stimulated him to start-up. Abhishek is the go-to guy and the problem solver at Kreate Konnect. He is also the aggressor and a very hard negotiator. At Kreate Konnect he dons multiple hats i.e. of CEO, chief marketer, and the brand guru.
Leveraging Innovative Services
Kreate Konnect is a ‘tech+services’ company that supports its clients in managing the entire process of an online business ranging from setting up of accounts on various marketplaces to getting the products delivered to the customer.
Kreate Konnect is an end-to-end e-commerce management company that helps sellers to sell their products on various e-commerce marketplaces across domestic and International markets. Company’s in-house cloud based solution integrates with various marketplaces, warehousing companies, logistics providers and provides sellers everything they need to run their online business from a single dashboard. They also take great pride in proprietary data analytics models relying heavily on predictive analytics.
At all times, Kreate Konnect is tracking around 35 data points pertaining to the seller side of the business. This allows them to help sellers with their supply chain management, sales forecasting, location based ad targeting, product pricing, etc.
As of today, Kreate Konnect is managing 50+ clients with a client retention rate of around 85% which is one of the highest in the industry. Since its establishment, they have given importance to quality over quantity and thus have also chosen their clients after a thorough due diligence. One of the key aims, why they have been able to uphold long term relationships with clients, is because of their understanding of the functionality of e-commerce business on various marketplaces.
Kreate Konnect’s work background as online sellers has aided them to continuously stay a step ahead of the competition. Imagine a scenario wherein you are learning on a daily basis and applying the same learnings to servicing your clients. The entire process is so dynamic and real-time that you continue to stay ahead of the curve.
Forwarding Future Goals
Kreate Konnect’s mantra has always been simple, which is to provide the level of service that you would expect yourself. They have made a conscious effort to have no office hierarchy and have weekly meetings, where to take inputs from each other and regularly apply them in their work. Though, Kreate Konnect very sincerely believes that “We have a long way to go yet but their success till date can be attributed to their very strong value system that relies heavily on transparency, integrity and a desire to bring about a change. When you intend to disrupt an industry you have to keep a very long term view. At Kreate Konnect, they change the way online sellers manage their business. They intend to create multiple successful internet entrepreneurs and ensure that a single person company has the same degree of efficient processes as a multi team business.”
Kreate Konnect’s greatest strength has been their ability to stay focused on the long term goal. They have never focused on the short term benefits even when they had investors knocking at their doors. Kreate Konnect recognized that, they are here for the long term and need to get their processes in place if they have to scale the business. They have spent the last 2 years doing exactly what they aimed for and today they can proudly say that they are in the truest sense of the word an end-to-end e-commerce management company that has established various successful online businesses spanning across various markets.
Source :-The 30 innovators Who Changed the Startup World

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