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It was not until the 1950s and 1960s; the business consultant term came into existence. There were very few functions at the period performed by the consultants, like that of legal and finance. As the time went by the demand of business consultants grew bigger and bigger along with the list of the functions. So here we are at the brink of the 21st century, where the need of business consultants has become absolute. Their functions evolved with the changing times, from obtaining specific expertise to play a role of catalyst to drive businesses towards success, to name a few.
Connvero Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd is a dynamic consulting and market research firm which is glorifying the business consultancy sector by extracting the full market potential from the brands of the world’s leading companies. They are commercially focused and socially conscious group which combines the evidence-research with deep clinical, commercial and brand expertise to help their client’s access market opportunities, prioritize product development and portfolio activities and differentiate their products to drive brand success. They strive for excellence and aim to exceed expectations by tremendous hard work and constantly encouraging their staff to be more ambitious.
Connvero Consulting Services offers a wide range of services like that of B2B portal, generating leads, Export Documentation, Export planning, full Service Export Management, Business Development Plan, Trade Show, Digital marketing, Brand Management, Advertisement Posting Services and many more. Building on these bespoken services, they also provide a personal, relationship-driven service to their clients. Furthermore, during the entire execution of the process, they ensure client needs are fulfilled. Their strength and success comes from listening to their clients, understanding their needs and challenges, aligning search specialists by industry functional area, and building upon clients’ unique vision. This signifies Connvero’s commitment to the success of its clients.
An Acclaimed Leader
Arun Kumar, CEO at Connvero Consulting Services, is an enthusiastic and relentless professional having an experience of more than 9 years in the Industry. Arun holds a Master’s Degree in Business Law and PGDM in International Business along with being a CA (PE-2) holder. In the beginning of his career, involved the perfect combination of marketing and a startup which turned out to be influential in his overall growth and soon he became an integral part of the Management of that company. Later on, to pursue his next goal, Arun moved to KPMG in 2011 to be a part of their Risk Management practice in Gurgaon. Today, Arun is considered as an acclaimed leader, proudly heading the operations of Connvero Consulting Services and also responsible for the development of strategies and driving the revenue for the organization.
With vast knowledge base and dazzling attitude, combined with incalculable talent-set, Arun holds strong command of all areas of business management and development. With substantial experience in delivering sales and marketing across multiple industries and sectors, allows him to exceed the targeted objectives with ease.
Extensive Services for Ample Growth of Clients
Connvero Consulting Services has shown an exponential growth pattern by helping in every way possible for the leading global companies by addressing their key enterprise challenges, including business transformation, cash flow management and many more. They have developed a deep, practical implementation experience with cost reduction initiatives in many environments, also they are very well-rehearsed in providing advice and solutions, grounded in empirical data and proven practices to deliver measurable, meaningful results.
Their Financial Consulting Services include Structured Finance, Capital Budgeting, Debt and Equity Funding, Financial Book Keeping, IFRS Services and Investment Analysis. Along with this, they have mastered in providing Tax Consulting Services, Certification Services, Operations and Process Improvements, Marketing Services, and Mergers and Acquisitions.
A Race with Time
It is ‘writing on the wall’ that every success story is always filled with the hurdles and hitches. So the story of Connvero involves three major obstacles to the implementation, from the time of establishment till today, which are following,

  • Managing intellectual property issues and other legal risks.
  • Processing ideas quickly, efficiently.
  • Establishing an efficient internal structure.

Connvero Consulting Services, uniqueness is deeply rooted in associating with their clients in a highly proactive manner to provide creative solutions to human capital management and sourcing. They are excellent advisers for their client base to hire and retain right talent. CIG group is leading future management consultancy which is a part of Connvero.
Awaiting of the Glorious Future
Their core purpose, along with their values, supports their ambitious long term vision as an organization – to be not only the India’s but also global client-focused consultancy by 2020. They claim that they don’t want to be biggest but they do want to be the best. They have also been working on a similar program with a completely digitalized methodology to promote businesses in International Markets and with the launch of program World Export Zone by which they hope to enhance the presence in 6 countries by the end of 2017.

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