TECHVED Consulting: The UX Powerhouse that Delivers Global UX/UI Solutions

To be competent in the market, a company needs to be ahead with the world class User Experience (UX) design. It is the UX, which decides the success or the failure of a company. So, companies nowadays, try to learn the practices of a good UX, at the same time how to incorporate it, and with the help of these practices they are trying to get benefited. When it comes to adopting UX design to enhance your digital presence, TECHVED Consulting India Pvt. Ltd., is the most helpful one.
Since UX is an iterative process and takes a lot of brainstorming sessions to achieve a solution, TECHVED conducts brainstorming workshops for their clients to co-create a solution which is beneficial for business and consumers. A true believer of collaborative and participatory approach with the clients, TECHVED is creating exemplary Experience Design for the digital medium.
TECHVED involve its clients from the inception stage of brainstorming until the final stage of execution. Additionally, to have a more collaborative model and faster execution of the project, the company also sent their teams to work at the clients’ office. TECHVED always encourages its clients to involve people from different teams; sales, marketing, product management, technology teams to gather everyone’s feedback when they are creating a product or a concept.
It is all about ‘strategy’
The amazing experience the clients are getting from TECHVED is just because of the best out of the box strategy the company is applying to satisfy them. TECHVED believes thatdesign is the voice of the consumer’, this is the reason, the company works bridging the gap between the stakeholder requirement and a consumer’s requirement. The scientific User Centered Design approach of the company helps clients achieve great results. To prove that they are the best,  TECHVED continuously test and validate its concepts with the consumers at different stages of the project. Additionally, the company has flexible working models with the clients where they work on onsite engagements, long term engagements, retainership, provide continuous workshop and training for their internal teams,  etc.
Need any UX/UI Solutions consult TECHVED!
TECHVED is a UX powerhouse delivering Global UX/UI Solutions to Fortune 50 companies for all their digital needs. Its flagship services include Digital Strategy, Digital Product Innovation, UX/UI Design and Usability Research Evaluation and Testing, along with other exceptional services like UX Workshops.
TECHVED has catered to clients’ from various domains like BFSI, FMCG, Telecom, eCommerce, eLearning for helping them achieve their business goals. UX is an integral part of a product and not just an Add-on as it used to be in the past. TECHVED believes that a superior Customer Experience can lead to making or breaking your product.
TECHVED’s cutting edge experience helps clients get better conversion and better loyalty of users and better NPS scores. Its clients get the best in class global services, a way to evangelize their digital product and stay ahead of time.
A powerhouse of knowledge, who runs the powerhouse of UX
TECHVED was founded a decade ago by Neha Modgil, Founder and Chief UX Strategist of TECHVED,  a powerhouse of knowledge, who runs the powerhouse of UX. It is just because of the hardship of Neha that today TECHVED has evolved into a UX Design powerhouse with strength of more than 100 people and alliances across South East Asia.
With a whooping experience of 15+ years in User Experience Design, Neha has worked with Fortune 100 companies. This has led her towards inventing new and powerful ways to make consumer’s digital experiences better. Her approach is often targeted to transform user and business needs into viable, usable and adorable product and interface solutions.
A thought leader with a fertile mind, Neha thrives to enlarge the design domain and spread the word on UX in India. Understanding the diverse Indian Culture and accepting the challenges that come along with creating stunning, usable digital products for the masses has always taken a top shelf among her other forte.
Key Values that help in the elevation
It is the key values of TECHVED which helped the company to elevate towards success. High Quality, Ownership, On Time, and Think Beyond- are the values that form the crux of their guiding principle. To deliver high quality and always sticking to their commitment has helped them get and maintain client’s trust on their service. “It is these key values”, says Neha, “which helped us in a client-friendly approach which has led to 80% of our clients being a repeat customer.”
‘A future that is brighter than the bright’
The future is bright and penetration of UX is only going to increase in times to come. The ever changing technology dynamics and the technology world with Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning and IoT are changing the way humans use products. Proliferation of such exciting technologies will show how human emotions would get transitioned and that is the most exciting thing about the future. “It is important to say that UX is here to stay. It will continue to stay, although the medium would change. There would always be designers designing the interface between the product and the humans. That’s really the future!”, asserts Neha.

Source :- The 30 Most Valuable Consulting Companies

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