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Securing your Intellectual Property (IP) is one of the most important tasks for any individual or business. A patent turns your ideas into “property” from which revenue can be generated. Most of the patent holders actually license the rights to their invention to a third party in exchange for a royalty fee or sell their patent for a lump sum fee.
Many inventors or startup companies are looking to secure investment or government grants to assist with commercialization of an invention. However, if they don’t own their IP, they might not be able to offer any security to their potential investors which may become difficult for them to secure investment.
So, obtaining and protecting intellectual property rights is becoming a strategic necessity for businesses. One such eminent advisor for all the intellectual property rights issues is Brainiac IP Solutions. Brainiac helps domestic and multi-national companies in validating, protecting and enforcing IPR (patent/ trademarks/designs/copyright) rights globally for increasing revenues.
Brilliance behind Brainiac
Mr. Suneet Sabale, Founder and CEO, is a registered Indian Patent Practitioner, Mechanical Engineer, working in Patent Industry for more than 12 years. Suneet had received a “Global Achievers Award” in the year 2016 and “Young Entrepreneurs” award for his excellence in Patent field. He started his career in patents by working with one of the oldest patent law firm in the region back in 2005. Thereafter, he has worked with US Law firm, Patent Analytical Company which serves European Clients.
With great zeal and diligence, Suneet started Brainiac IP Solutions in the year 2010 to safeguard the invention of the companies and assist them in making more profits by saving turnaround time on R&D and by protecting the invention with maximum coverage, thereby preventing others from getting away with minor modifications.
He is assisting multinational companies, SMEs, Individual entrepreneurs, University and Colleges from different technology domain for their R&D activity and therefore protecting their inventions in India and aboard.
An Array of Optimal Services
Brainiac IP Solutions offers end to end solutions in the field of Patents and Trademark. Brainiac assists their clients in understanding white space, competitive research areas and insight into new potential areas and competitor’s activity through a patent landscape. They carry out surveillance of the competitors for fetching in detailed insights of the patent activity. Further, each invention is validated by conducting patentability searches.
Brainiac provides wide range of services through their well-designed suites including Analytics, Protection, Risk Analysis, Commercialization and Enforcement. Patent Services include Patent Counseling, Patent Strategy Development, Patent Drafting& Filing in India, PCT National Phase Filing, Conventional Filing, Assistance in Filing out of India, Patent Illustration, Litigation and Litigation Support, Patent Assignment and Licensing.
Patent Analytics include Assessment (Prior Art Search), Validation/Invalidation, Infringement Search, Freedom-To-Operate (FTO) Search, Patent Landscape and Competitors Update. Other noticeable services are Design Registration, Trademark Services and Copyright.
Thorough Understanding of Jurisprudence
Protection is granted to the patent document and not to the invention. Brainiac ensures that the patent drafts are created in such a way that, it will not only protect the client’s invention but will also give a wider scope for keeping competitors away.
Whether the client has a patent or not, there is always a risk of infringing another live patent. Therefore, Brainiac helps client in identifying possible risks, which may help them in making better decision. A proper understanding of the inventions and the requirement of the client is crucial. Further, the team at Brainiac with their technical and legal expertise helps them in executing the project effectively, hence protecting clients interest.
They also help with the commercialization of patents by assisting the client in identifying potential buyer or licensee for their products. They help in litigations related to patents and trademark as well.
Strategic and Determined Efforts to Deal with Challenges and Competitors
Brainiac works hard to protect their client’s interests, so that their risk is reduced and protection is improved. This helps the client in reducing expenditure on any possible litigation and improves the earnings with wider protection. If the client is happy, the Brainiac business escalates with repetitive orders. They do not sell out their services to the clients. Instead, they try to empower the client by their services. Transparency in finances and procedures, quick response to the queries of the client and their subject matter expertise, are the attributes that help Brainiac in guiding their client better.
Future Holds Escalation in the Industry
Intellectual property rights protection and enforce is a necessary attribute contributing to nation’s economy. The current scenario points out US, China and Japan to be major contributors to the world economy. Japan use to lead in the total number of patent filings. Recently, maximum patents were filed by the US and now China had taken over the top position in filing the maximum number of patents in a year. Brainiac is always excited because they play a role of a major catalyst in the development of the economy of the nation. The company envisions India to be amongst these top competitors with its numerous great inventions filed as an IP.

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