Cyclo Investments: Taking Client Satisfaction to a New Level

Cyclo Investments is an Independent Asset Company, dedicated to aspire, and they aspire to evolve. Being a leading financial services provider, their sole aim is to deliver right assistance for the right investment process. They also strive to focus on advocating a structured approach rather than making ad-hoc investments. Cyclo Investment’s services are extended to High Networth Individuals (HNIs), Non-resident Indians (NRIs) and also Corporates.
Rendering Unique Consultant Services and Products
At Cyclo Investments, they are devoted in designing a comprehensive portfolio by providing all their products under one roof. They deal in all kinds of asset class through mutual fund, and also have portfolio management services in equity, private equity, real estate and offshore investments. With a client centric approach they are determined to optimize return on invested portfolio and also provide services and strategies, which are rendered to clients on the basis of continuous market updates, informed government policies, reforms and up-dated details about the new products.
The Brain of the Company         
Salil Kothari, the Founder and CEO of Cyclo Investments is an MBA graduate from Mumbai University. He attained his CFPCM(Certified Financial Planner) and became the youngest CFP for that year. Mr. Kothari has always believed in gaining continuous knowledge and with his own entrepreneurial practice and dedication, he accomplished the degree of CWMTM (Chartered Wealth Manager). He has featured on numerous reputed magazines and business news channel. .
Creating a Concrete Clientele Base
At Cyclo Investments, understanding the client’s unique requirements and fulfilling it through higher risk adjusted return on investments is their prima facie motive. Serving their clients with full commitment, they strive to create a well-balanced portfolio, which is designed depending upon the need for asset allocation, diversification, risk exposure, tax efficiency and liquidity.
For instance, a client who depends predominantly on fixed deposits, their primary concern would be capital safety. So, the Cyclo Investments team has come up with an innovative idea of moving their client’s investments in debt funds, so, the interest component is automatically shifted to equity, and this is how they ensure that, the capital is secured, tax efficiency is procured and higher returns are also generated through equity. With an aim to provide 100 percent client satisfaction, they not only consider the growth of money, but also preservation of capital keeping in mind client’s long term goals. They are also keenly focused on creating customised structuring and periodic rebalancing, taking into consideration the requisite requirements for executing successful transactions.
Converting Challenges into Opportunities
The only challenge, that Salil Kothari faced during the establishment of Cyclo Investments was, everyone thought that he was very young to hold such important responsibilities. People were doubtful whether this young boy with his start-up would be able to direct them well. But the  turning point came, when the clients started getting more worth for their values, both in terms of monetary as well as after sales service.
Mr. Kothari believes that there is always an honest and ethical way to make money, this unique quality, has always driven him to work with dedication and integrity. At the beginning there were many opportunities where he could have sold an alternative product to the clients to his advantage, but he never opted the easy way out. This restored the faith among clients and helped him build long term relationships. Salil’s mantra is to run his business based on transparency and complete fairness. He considers that a business can grow only when you share knowledge and educate your clients, and when you add value to the client, they will surely make better investors.
Staying ahead of the Competition
Cyclo Investments stands tall on the foundation of trust, industry knowledge and technology support. Being genuinely independent is the Independent Financial Advisor’s (IFA) biggest competitive advantage, which means the advisor has no baggage to push a product or meet the targets of the product provider. Cyclo Investments deals in all investment products under one umbrella and have scaled as a master of commerce. They have learnt the art of foreseeing the evolving market by seizing the opportunities that help to profitably grow the client’s portfolio. Therefore, they have also been successful in evaluating the client’s portfolio, depending on the distinctive needs, investment goals, risk appetite and concerns, later  these avenues for investment are recommended by providing guidance basing on different asset classes.
Future Prospects
Salil Kothari emphasises on looking forward at the immense prospect of India, in financial sector, with the growing acceptability of investments in different asset classes. There is also a huge shift from savings in real assets such as gold and real estate to savings in financial assets which can mount up the industry size, therefore, at Cyclo Investments, the team hopes to see exciting growth in the future for the financial industry in India.

Source :- The 30 Most Valuable Consulting Companies

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