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In today’s business markets, digital technology is evolving at an exponential rate. This uptick in the change of speed has hastened a paradigm shift where companies now have to keep up with technological evolutions in order to survive in a fiercely competitive marketplace. In fact, Gartner, the world’s leading IT research and advisory company, predicts that at least 75% of all businesses will either be a digital business by 2020, or preparing to become one.
In this period of change at the speed of business, the marketplace is no longer about big fish eating small fish, it’s about fast fish eating slow fish. It’s about remaining agile and active in the current up-tempo world of digital transformation. Fortunately, with the advancement of available technologies, businesses can now harness that power and become more productive organizations with the right guidance and expertise.
“What makes today’s modern, digital transformation different is that it’s almost all-pervasive…. It’s not transforming one part of the business. It’s transforming the structure and the strategy of the entire business.” says Eric Clemons, a Wharton professor of operations, information and decisions.
When businesses need to develop advanced and holistic digital strategies, the best approach is to turn the traditional strategy development process on its head. Rather than analyzing your organization’s current capabilities and then plotting next steps forward, the deeper and longer term solution is to begin to work backwards with a clear vision of your desired direction and destination. Begin with the end in mind!
Digital transformation isn’t only about technology; it’s about bringing together the power of technology with a culture that embraces the change so that it can help the organization achieve its goal. The strength of digital technologies — social, mobile, analytics and cloud lies in how organizations integrate them to transform their businesses. There are companies like Mobile Programming LLC, who excel in this endeavor and help businesses globally in digital transformation.
They have a proven track record of excellence in igniting and safeguarding digital transformations in global businesses. They build, design, innovate and scale the connected world through tech tools like Big Data, Predictive Analytics and the Internet of Things and implements innovative solutions for Fortune 500 companies such as SAP, Pepsi, Deloitte, Samsung, HBO, Phillips, MTV, Walt Disney and Novartis.
Their Marketing and Strategy Team believes that Big Data drives businesses and unlocks opportunity by showing how customers think, how they shop, what they are passionate about, and how the marketplace views brands. Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how daily life operates by creating more efficient and leaner enterprises.
With an estimated 50 billion IoT Sensors by 2020 and more than 200 billion “Things” on the Internet by 2030, there is no question that IoT will not only transform and disrupt current business models but also demand that businesses adapt themselves to the ever evolving digital marketplace. The trends in smart machines and artificial intelligence (AI), AR & VR platforms that are booming in the marketplace.
An Accomplished Business Leader with a Proven Track Record
What separates true leaders in digital transformation is the ability to create and communicate a clear strategy that includes developing a culture and a leadership model that is poised to drive that transformation. Craig Ford, the Managing Director at Mobile programming, has the exact skill set and a proven track record in building successful client partnerships that result in revenue and profit growth. He is also adept at managing complex projects with Fortune 500 clientele.
Having successfully delivered 1600+ Enterprise, Mobile and Web app products in iOS, Android, HTML5, Dot Net/SQL, Phone Gap, Windows Mobile platforms; with a team of 600+ engineers, Craig holds over 20 years of experience as a digital transformation expert. He has also participated in two-billion-dollar healthcare software integration projects.
In addition to his breakthrough technology exposure, Craig continues his active roles in various non-profits, advisory boards and tech councils.
A note about Mobile Programming, LLC
With presence in over ten places across the United States and five development centers across India, Mobile programming, LLC, offers distinguished digital solutions to an esteemed clientele across all major national and international business sectors.
Every project undertaken by Mobile programming is personally managed and handled with transparent and thorough documentation while delivering client-specific features, maintaining confidentiality, and providing ownership and licenses to all their clients.
Their state of the art development facilities and world class premises offer the best-of-breed monitoring tools and agile methodologies. The teams are always in action round the clock!
The 24X7 proactive customer support features the latest communication systems that keep them connected to the clients at any given point in time for swift and facile execution of all projects.
Key Values that help Overcome Roadblocks at Mobile programming
End-to-End – From idea to design to completion, their workflow carries the clients from implementation through testing and deployment, to maintenance and support in order to optimize performance and efficiency.
Drive & Embrace Change – With their evolving and comprehensive technology portfolio, the Mobile programming team is actively engaged in forecasting and evading potential roadblocks.
Leadership – At Mobile programming, the workforce is led by an experienced management team that upholds the highest of ethical standards. They are obsessed with achieving the client’s goals!

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