SQuare Consulting: Where Problems Meet Solutions

The emergence of India as a Global Superpower and the increasing demand for greater value, urge for path breaking solutions for conceptualizing, establishing and running businesses towards success. SQuare Consulting is always a phone call away for the best solutions for any businesses!
Committed to the philosophy of empowering and enabling its clientele, SQuare Consulting is doing things differently. Recently, Mazzo Global Café, a project of the company, has been awarded the prestigious Times Food Award for the Best European Casual Dining Restaurant in Ahmedabad by the Times Food and Nightlife Awards in Association with Dineout.
SQuare, doing things differently
There is no fun in doing things the same old way! The real fun lies in doing the same old thing differently. Taking this philosophy as their core, SQuare is facing the day to day challenges pose before them. SQuare believes in the power of questioning and understanding things. Though SQuare is not the first hospitality and franchise consulting company, but they aspire to be the most different by handling things no one else thinks about or wants to.
With this unique set of mind, SQuare is developing its brand consulting division where it helps brands choose the right strategies for putting out their products or services in front of the target customers. This fearless attitude of SQuare enables it to do things in a unique way.
Twosome behind SQuare
The story started unfolding itself when, two brothers experienced the monotonous nature of their high paying corporate jobs, and decided to explore different opportunities and horizons. It was then that SQuare came into existence.
It was Rohan Bhatt, Founder and CEO of the company who conceptualized to start his own venture, SQuare Consulting with a focus on achieving excellence. He got a perfect partner to add on some fresh ideas, his brother and Co-founder, Yash Bhatt. SQuare is the perfect fusion of the experience of Rohan, and young and dynamic ideas of Yash.
A Franchise and Hospitality professional with over a decade of hands on approach in the Core Restaurant Consulting and Expansion Consulting, Rohan has spearheaded the conceptualization, setup and expansion for various brands like Mazzo Global Cafe, La Marque World Dining, Singh Saaab Di Rasoi, Unique Brew Café, Moodies Restro Café, Tasty Khaman, Mexican Rodeo & many more.
It is Rohan’s acute sense of retailing, hospitality, innovative restaurant support and development systems which make him an integral part of SQuare showing the company’s commitment to not just large numbers but systematic development and support for the stores planned in the network. Rohan has provided end to end solutions for various brands on a strategic level which gives the businesses a correct direction for organic and sustainable growth.
While on the other hand, Yash is the Young and Dynamic face of SQuare Consulting. He takes care of the Client Relations and Recruitments at SQuare Consulting and makes sure that the businesses that associate with SQuare have their work done with the right impact and attitude. His steadfast approach to building skills of the team employed by SQuare Consulting makes him a great trainer.
Satisfying the esteemed clientele with end to end solutions
SQuare provides end to end solutions for the esteemed clientele. It starts right from the analysis and understanding of the needs of the clients, their ideas and vision for their business and creating a guided step by step path for them which can be used as a ladder to elevate to the next level. SQuare focuses on developing distinct, sustainable and financially feasible business models that give the advantage to the clients as well as to the end customers.
SQuare helps the client’s in such a way that they take the ideas and vision of the clients and help them to convert it into a living and breathing business model that can achieve their vision without losing the financial and economic aspect of the same. The idea here is to analyze all the aspects in advance and their need based evaluation that ensures practicality to the business. As SQuare Consulting is always the external consultant in a project, there is no scope for getting attached to any aspect of the project and maintaining the diligence and pragmatism to all the various facets of running the business.
SQuare, waiting for new and exciting things
SQuare is really excited  to see the emergence of the middle class entrepreneurs, who have been either working or freshers and are willing to come up with new and different ideas and businesses. This new set of prospective clients doesn’t have traditional mindset or ideologies that they want to impose on the market or their businesses. When it comes to consulting, SQuare wants to guide these kind of businesses and take them towards excellence.
SQuare has rolled up its sleeve and is ready to fight alongside them in order to succeed and grow to magnanimous levels. “The economy is under a partial metamorphosis post the demonetization and economic reforms and we are pretty optimistic that these changes will have a lasting and positive impact on the overall ecosystem of businesses in India and Asia”, asserts Rohan.

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