Dzign Thoughts: Designing Novel Spaces

Sagar Shah | Satyaprakash Sharma | Co-founders | Dzign Thoughts
Sagar Shah | Satyaprakash Sharma | Co-founders | Dzign Thoughts

“There is no better designer than nature”, said the celebrated designer Lee Alexander McQueen. Nature as a designer has been an inspiration to everyone creative and even not so creative. The hues, the patterns, the symmetry that one sees in nature is unmatched. Inspired by nature’s shape and form and the possibilities of design Dzign Thoughts is an organization that aspires to embrace the magic of creation. Since 2005, it has relentlessly committed to converting dreams into reality by designing spaces that are a dream in itself and spaces that inspire ideas. Its expertise is a spectrum of spaces, from homes, offices, hotels to retail establishment. It is into the business of making every space that involves human dwelling into havens and abodes that perpetuate human life and aspirations.
When Friends come Together – Ideas Fly
Dzign Thoughts is a joint venture by Sagar Shah and Satyaprakash Sharma. who saw their elders working as reputed turnkey contractors. Being brought up in that environment levitated their young minds towards the Industry and Designing
Sagar, a Diploma holder in Interior Designing, possesses a sharp acumen for flawless execution. An expert in managing sites and all the action that transpires there, his uncompromising nature and innate need for absolute perfection ensures successful projects in optimal time and resources.
Satyaprakash is one of the bespoke interior designers of the country who started his journey as a professional, right after college. His younger self would often sketch furniture for his father who was an accomplished furniture designer. This sowed the seeds of entrepreneurship in him. A design thinker and an ideas man, he incubated the organization with his partner and the duo ever since have been on an invincible, enriching journey of designing dream spaces
Bespoke Services
Dzign Thoughts’ services include Interior, Architecture Designing and Conceptualization of the Clients Space. Its expertise includes Material Procurement as an ode to the client’s elite taste and passion for design. It provides an exclusive procurement service that hunts bespoke interior embellishments and accessories. All the designs and concepts that its offers are bespoke and as per the client’s requirements and tastes.
With a vision to Design the Best Lifestyle Residences and Best Commercial Projects Globally, the company has created its identity on its core values of Collaboration, Flexibility, Originality, and Customization. Discipline and sheer hard work took the company to new places and helped it explore new avenues. Divulging more about the core values, the company says:
Collaboration – We are open to new ideas, new relations, and new avenues. We believe collaboration leads to discoveries and innovations.
Flexibility – We are flexible to work with service providers suggested by clients or with any new service provider who comes with a promise of quality and timeliness.
Originality – We don’t believe in standardizing dreams. For us, each corner is a unique space awaiting its original design.
Customization – We only create designs that are bespoke and tailor-made as per the client’s need and choice. We believe in absolute uniqueness.
Interior Designing – Opportunities for All
The founders believe that there is a great development in the Lifestyle Residence Space and many projects of big scale are coming up all over the country. Also, opportunities now are evolving greatly in the startup space and small-sized establishments as they are growing fast. The ready-made Furniture Industry is picking up steam and many outlets are coming up which offer end-to-end solutions. There is also a huge demand for high-end furniture which can be customized.
As the opportunities are growing so are the startups. To the young blood, the duo says, “Our advice would be to keep learning and be ready for Changes And Keep it Real.”
More to Come
Dzign Thoughts is leaving no stone upturned to reach its mission of providing its Expertise to HNI’s, Commercial Spaces and Hospitality and Retail Spaces with the Latest Technology, Design Trends and Delivering on Promises. Going forward too, it will continue to serve Clients with even Better Design Experience and Aesthetic Superiority and enriching customer experience. The duo says, “Designing and Execution of an Interior Space is a Journey and Poetry in Motion and when space is finally done it becomes a reflection of the customer’s aspirations.”

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