Devika Ghogare: Founder, Cookie Bites by Durva Gruha Udyog

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Devika Ghogare
  1. What is your philosophy of Efficient Leadership in a corporate setting?

I believe in Open thought process and respect opinions of my team or employees. My thoughts are always on focusing the possible resolutions in tough situations. Being an efficient leader one needs to know the strength and weaknesses of the organization, may it be regarding the employees, roles and responsibilities of every employee, their corporate responsibilities towards the organization, trustworthiness, transparency and many more.

One should also know the market structure and scenarios and act upon to meet the needs of every customer out there. Efficient Leadership plays a vital role in growth and progress of the organization and also of the people associated with the organization.

  1. Given the chance, how would you redefine woman entrepreneurship?

Woman entrepreneurship is buzzing in India with startups springing up. Be an Inspiration to all those woman who you know. Create employment opportunities for women and also start skill improvement courses at no additional charges. Keep the focus on working together and built a great team. Someone great said that this is a process from ‘me to we’. Woman Entrepreneurship is a process of facing challenges, gathering resources, undertaking risks, employing others and managing business independently. Woman Entrepreneurship has a principal of “For woman by woman”

  1. Tell us about Cookie Bites by Druva Gruh Udyog.

We are into production of confectionery items. Initially started up with pure ghee cookies which includes Nankatayi, Nachni cookies, Coconut cookies, chocolate cookies, Oats cookies.

Later we started with cakes, cupcakes, muffins and customised occasional cakes. Gradually we also started with breads, puff, pattice, cream rolls, toasts, etc.

Additionally started with chocolates with various varieties like wasted almond chocolates, peanut chocolates, paan flavours, pineapple chocolates, Gulkand chocolates, coffee flavour, strawberry chocolate, etc. Today we are into protein powder cookies and Energy Bar for Health Freaks

Also into healthy cookies and chocolates made in Jaggery.

  1. What are your organisation’s vision and core values?

Our mission is to serve the best and promised products come may what. Unlike Disney we work to make people happy and healthy. Passion to serve the quality is a target and to keep the quality up to the mark as promised is always a challenge. We work with vigilance in regards to quality as we do not compromise on the quality.

Our vision is to introduce new product, new invention in health sector as and when.

And core values for our organization is “Give Best to Gain Best” and focus on responding to challenges rather than reacting.

  1. What would you choose between following your passion and being practical? Why?

A famous idiom says “How do I follow my dreams and still pay my bills?” Thus need to be practical as that is the path to pursue your passion. In today’s era no passion/education is pursed for free. Thus can not follow passion without being practical. Being practical helps to simplify the complicated things. A great soul taught me live life as practical example to others.

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