Divya Doraiswamy: Founder, Gurukulam

Divya Doraiswamy[Online School, Online Shloka School, woman entrepreneurship, womenentrepreneur2020, kids training]
Divya Doraiswamy

One of the primary requisites to being a good leader is the ability to teach well because at some strange in life I was in the lowest rung of the corporate world and made my way up only by learning from mistakes. The task of owning up to our mistakes and the willingness to learn – Learning is a Life long process and I learn something new every single day from my kids at GURUKULAM.

Also its important to practice what you preach as I firmly believe that leading by example is the best way to lead. Open Communication is very important because that’s the only way by which a message can be conveyed to the team and it empowers every single team member to be at their best.

My philosophy in short would be: A very clear mission, a vision and an atmosphere and culture conducive to success. Efficient leadership is all about helping people grow along with you. Its more about team work

2. Given the chance, how would you redefine woman entrepreneurship?

An extremely confident, creative and capable young woman with exceptional communication skills capable of achieving financial independence individually, aiming at keeping our traditional roots in place and keeping our kids abreast of cultural knowledge thereby tapping an area left untapped – Shloka Education and also staying in pace with her personal, family and social life.

Simply – “Transform your passion into your profession”

That’s true Woman Entrepreneurship to me.

  1. What is Gurukulam all about?

GURUKULAM is the first of its kind Online Shloka School that aims at keeping traditional roots in place and caters to kids across the globe.. In 2014 I started off with 6 kids and today teach about 50 kids across India, USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and GERMANY. WE are an ONLINE SCHOOL only. We provide Online Shloka Education to kids across the world. We follow a uniform Curriculum for kids across the world.

  1. What are your organization’s vision and core values?


I started GURUKULAM on 20th Oct 2014. I started with 6 kids and today teach 50 kids across the world. The main aim of the school is to keep traditional roots in place and keep our kids abreast of cultural knowledge thereby tapping an area left untapped -SHLOKA EDUCATION. I plan to take GURUKULAM as a Franchisee model in years to come and have also written to the PM’s office seeking intervention so that we can take SHLOKA EDUCATION to kids at the Grass root level -Govt Schools, Blind Schools and Kids with special needs.


Pursuing excellence: be it in Training and Curriculum formation.

Growth through learning: Along with my kids at GURUKULAM, I aim to learn every single day, because learning is a lifelong process

Trust: I work to prove that my actions are guided by the best interests of those I serve my children and parents

Ethics: At GURUKULAM there is no compromise when it comes to ethical standards.

Embrace and Drive change and deliver the best service.

  1. What would you choose between following your passion and being practical? Why?

I’ve transformed my passion into profession because thats where my heart lies.

Being with children, working with children has changed my life for the better. I am a better individual, a happy individual, a content individual and I am so happy that GURUKULAM – through Shloka Education has impacted so many young minds and continues to do the same today and every single day. Kids have the power to create magic and they are our future and we need to nurture them for a brighter and more powerful nation.

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