Devyani Neral: A Powerful Motivational Speaker

Motivational speaker
Devyani Neral, Writer and Motivational speaker

Words are perhaps the most powerful tools that mankind has. And as it is with tools, one can either use it or abuse it.

Many a war has been started and averted due to the power of words. However, many have found peace and motivation in words as well.

Devyani Neral, Writer and Motivational speaker, has a gift of words that she utilizes to bring positivity around her.

Here’s how.

Take our reader through your professional journey?

I am a writer and a motivational speaker. I am currently working on my first book which will be of the self-help genre. Motivation is my cup of tea and I personally believe that we are here to write our own story and make our own path.

What were the roadblocks or challenges you faced throughout your career? And how did you overcome them?

Passion is something which hides behind the profession. But still, I think that passion can be converted to a profession as long as you believe in yourself. An obstacle may come and go but hoping is something which will always let you glow.

What is your philosophy of efficient leadership?

Leadership is something which doesn’t need to be imposed or followed by others it needs to seamlessly accepted by the people.

Do you think organizations must have a balanced gender ratio in leadership positions? Why?

The answer is a BIG NO.

This era is not to fight for your reservations and equality. It is more of showing your talent, giving your best shot and grabbing that position. That is what the real leader is.

What is your company/profession all about?

This is basically an idea which wants people to nurture their dreams and work for it. We will be motivating them through our plans, concept and will always adhere to them for gaining what they aim.

What is your vision for your company/yourself and your core values (for the company)?

To reach to people, to make them believe their dreams, to make them realise that you are the best person to achieve your dreams. The core values are stick to your affirmation and lead life.

What are your future endeavors/objectives and where do you see yourself in the near future?

I want to be a Best Selling Author. & Best Motivational Speaker and that I could achieve by reaching out to people and surrounding myself with amazing talents which are around.

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