Dr. Hasini Yadav: Director and CEO, New MumzHub and Mathrusakhi Foundation

Dr. Hasini Yadav[New MumzHub and Mathrusakhi Foundation, Healthcare services, Awareness for Mothers, Women entrepreneurs, womenentrepreneur2020]
Dr. Hasini Yadav
  1. What is your philosophy of efficient leadership in a corporate setting?

Being a leader means being able to influence and aspire others, to make the best of them. an efficient leader leads others by example when one has a vision and stays committed to his/ her goals. To be an effective leader, one need to consistently lead based on their values, the organization’s values and what is in the best interests of your employees, customers, and community. I believe creating a solid personal leadership philosophy will allow you to do all of that and do it well.

2. Given the chance, how would you redefine woman entrepreneurship?

Women entrepreneurs are fast becoming a force to reckon with in the business world and are not only involved in business for survival but to satisfy their inner urge of creativity and to prove their capabilities. Some defining characteristics i believe that are unique and make them stand out as women are being ambitious, confidant, open and willing to learn. Women are cost conscious, balance home and work, resourceful and effectual and these are reflected in their success stories too.

3. What are the services/solutions/products that your company provides?

We conduct Workshops, Sessions, Consultations, Assessments Events & Coffee/ Support Groups for the same to Educate, Encourage and Create Awareness for Mothers.

Some of Our Unique workshops also include:

◆360°Women ◆Parenting Quarter’s ◆Decoding Happiness
Our program includes:

  • Mother and Baby sessions
  • Mumz Workshop.
  • Mumz time with Preteen daughter
  • MumzHub Coffee groups–Support groups for Mothers.
  • MumzHub MultiSpecialty Consultancy-With 10+Consultants for every issue of Mother & Child.
  1. What are your organization’s vision and core values?

MumzHub was started with an intention to guide new mothers and allay their fears and expanded to facilitate every issue related to a motherhood including Self-care, Healthcare, Emotional care and overall Well-being of a Mother. This being a very sensitive and unexplored field where mothers didn’t know whom to approach and where to get advice motivated us to enter this enchanted territory and be that helping hand needed for mothers to introspect and provide confidentiality at the same time.

5. What would you choose between following your passion and being practical? Why?

While I believe having a passion is what keeps one going, at the same time I do not encourage following a passion blindly. One has to balance Passion with being practical. To be a successful entrepreneur, do not forget the basics, compare your passion with the market needs – then balance these two with your strengths. Empower yourselves with necessary skills to strengthen your passion to match up the market needs. And most importantly keep doing the process persistently

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