Homeart Concept Awarded as The Most Admirable Interior Company in Pune

Preriit Goyal | CEO & Partner | Homeart Concepts
Preriit Goyal | CEO & Partner | Homeart Concepts

“Home ownership is the cornerstone of a strong community” – Rick Renzi.
The above quote summarizes a feeling that almost every individual holds in his heart. Home is a place where a family laughs, plays and stays together. It is a place which will always be surrounded by those who love you. A place you can always come back to, a site where you will belong, always! So, the desire for a home to be designed according to their needs and vision is everyone’s dream. A place of comfort where one can relax and forget all the worldly troubles is all one aspires. Ideal home decor has the power to turn bare walls into art galleries, barren rooms into cherished places and cold floors into warmth hearts.
A house is a series of spaces linked together. Each and every room of the house deserves to be decorated as per the individual or family’s aesthetics and functionality. To enhance the feeling of home ownership, home decor has evolved through various parallels in the interior designing sector. One company delivering the latest and the most cost-effective interior designing solutions is Homeart Concepts. Headquartered in Pune, the company uses its unique Core 3D technology to assist its clientele in customizing and visualizing their home interiors. The firm has a team of experts right from designer, décor experts, skilled craftsmen and artisans to contractors working cohesively, offering the best experience to its clients. Our wide range of interior designs and décor products gives our customers the choice to experiment with various styles, patterns, colours, textures and themes,” tells the Homeart team.
Preriit Goyal & Apoorva Goyal are the directors of the company while Preriit Goyal has been spearheading the companies operation. He has completed Masters in Business Management from Global School of Management, Mumbai. Preriit has comprehensive experience in the sales and marketing department of a construction company. While working there, he was not satisfied with their process. “I felt that the entire process of handing over the keys of a completed flat to the client was an incomplete process,” says Preriit. He wanted something more for his customers in-order to help them convert their flats into functional homes and that was the reason, Homeart Concepts was born.
Versatility with Innovation 
Homeart Concepts is an interior designing company providing affordable and innovative turn-key interior solutions. Homeart Concepts provides good quality and sturdy furniture along with other services like electrical, plumbing, flooring, civil work, false ceiling, painting, decor elements, furniture, kitchen, soft furnishings, etc. Homeart provides both carpentry and modular furniture solutions that are according to the clients’ requirements. “We have set quality benchmarks for all our products and services,” says Preriit. At Homeart, there is a 45 days handover policy across all the projects. The company also ensures that it accommodates all the needs of the clientele in their budget and provide them with unlimited design options, created as per their choices. “We customize and personalize all products and services in our basket,” adds Preriit.
Contributions, Attributions and Advancements
Homeart Concepts has revolutionized the face of the interior design industry- starting from customer approach, providing after sales service and more. “We look at the interior designing industry as a service industry and not as a product industry,” claims the Homeart team. At Homeart, customer service triumphs everything. The company believes that beautiful interiors instill positive energy in the house, adding value to the life of the clients. Homeart focuses on the personas of the people living in the house while creating interiors ensuring the designs reflect the nature of the clients.
According to Homeart’s team, with massive tech-enabled advancements, there have been more opportunities than challenges in the industry. With Homeart, customers can get their entire interiors completed while being at one place and also be able to receive weekly updates on the work progress. This includes real time pictures of the site. The company uses a unique Core 3D technology to help the clients visualize their home interiors. “At Homeart, we believe that there is no growth without challenges and hence we welcome challenges with open arms,” proclaims Preriit.
The two foremost attributes that helped Homeart Concepts to get to where it is today are Flexibility and Agility. The constant feedback and appreciation from the customers helped mold the company’s systems and processes quickly and efficiently. “Our loyal customers are our biggest strength,” admits Preriit. Quick decision making and risk-taking appetite also was a crucial factor in overcoming all the obstacles in Homeart’s way.
It’s a scientific fact that happy employees put in more work per hour resulting in overall company growth. At Homeart, one can experience a friendly environment filled with laughter and respect. Homeart believes that the company should grow and prosper along with all its participants. “We encourage our employees to go outside their comfort zone and to explore things they have never done before resulting in their personal growth,” tells Preriit. He personally shares all his findings and insights with the entire team and vice versa. So, a beneficial relationship is developed in the organization with each other’s experiences and knowledge.

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