Milind Pai Architects: Creating Inspiring Spaces

Milind Pai | Founder | Milind Pai | Architects & Interior Designers
Milind Pai | Founder | Milind Pai | Architects & Interior Designers

Since its establishment in 1987, Milind Pai Architects & Interior Designers (MPA) have been creating unique and distinctive designs for each architectural project. Being a multi-speciality firm it has done projects in various verticals of design, from Architecture to Interiors in Hospitality, Corporate Offices, Retail, Residential, Institutional, and Health. The company is committed to feeding its growing appetite for design and has enjoyed working on projects in various cities pan India. It tries to bring into the industry the latest in trends and technology in each segment to give it the edge over competitors. The services provided are mainly Design Consultancy and Project Management.
Meet the Inspiring Innovator
The company was established by Architect Milind Pai with a core purpose to ‘Inspire creativity’. Since then, under his tutelage, the company has evolved into a dedicated team of professionals committed to designing excellence and offering comprehensive services in the field of Architecture, Interior Designing, and Project Consultation. Milind shares, “We match up to the Best in Indian and International firms. Nature at its indigenously Unique Creativity is what inspires me the most. In nature, we see a flawless balance of design, ecosystem and the aesthetical beauty, in its purest form.”
Milind feels that in this constantly changing world, the criteria of Inspiration keeps evolving. Technology and Social Media have been generating so many inspirations every day that the fundamentals of having a few fixated inspirations are also changing. Personas like Zaha Hadid and Hafeez Contractor have defied the time tested prevalent styles and dared to carve out new paths in the design world on their merit to create a mass impact on the architecture scenario.
Making a Mark
Since inception, MPA has worked with various people and industries and added value to client spaces not only in terms of efficient planning and design but also elevating their lifestyle and enhanced their business growth with its comprehensive solutions. It has a loyal client base who vouch by the values that MPA brings into the association and its contribution to their business growth as a dynamic design partner in all their ventures.
MPA’s extreme zest to analyse the clients’ needs and develop the designs totally from their perspective, is the philosophy it has adhered to right from its initial struggling days. As a regular design process, the firm deeply studies the various aspects of the client, like their family, profession, physical and emotional needs, temperament, budgets, aesthetical expectations, design style and exposure, their peers and competitors and even their energy levels and work-life discipline, and the most important, their day-to-day routine. It avoids getting fervently attached to a singular style of design hence not losing its creativity so that it can keep exploring new-fangled, better and bolder ideas.
Milind says, “We want to be evoked for our contribution to the development of this Interior-Architecture field, that span the various size of projects, located in various geographical locations and catering to the physic of wide strata of clientele. Also in making a valuable contribution to the sustainability in this Field and encouraging research and sharing new visions with the society at large.”
An Industry that is Buzzing with Opportunities
Architects have traditionally worked on designing, planning and overseeing the construction activity of a range of building projects. But many more options are evolving in the current scenario like managing other professionals in the same or allied field or fields of sustainability, naval architect, and more. Some new avenues are also opening in the technology environment like developing architecture software, apps and even products where the basic qualifications of an architect can be of immense importance to developing further skills. Even in the media and communication fields, people with professionals background are required to work on professional news, magazines, etc.
This key development opens up new opportunities for the young architects turned entrepreneurs. According to Milind, “Being an architect is like being a high profile salesman who sells ‘Dreams to Clients’! In our industry, a typical work routine is not normal, since for our kind of work requires our presence and personal involvement. One needs to be on the toes, attending to issues as and when they occur without unnecessary delays. Leaving your clients, contractors & vendors with goodwill is extremely essential for greater opportunities in the future. This may require years of research, planning and experience in a focussed direction. Continuously picking up soft skills is the need of the hour and will give you an edge over the competition.”
Aiming for a Bigger Role
The industry is booming with new technological advances that make the ecosystem more functional and user-friendly. However, sometimes the aesthetics and sustainability is underestimated in the process. With growing industry and new minds infused in this field, these attributes will be soon taken care of. In this transitional phase, MPA will be leading in the forefront and wants to be an essential part of this industry to contribute its bit in making the environments a better place. It looks forward to enjoying working in different parameters and to develop its language of design. Milind adds, “In our quest for excellence, we have been recognized and awarded in the Industry by various discerner like Society Interiors, IFJ, etc. We intend to move forward on this journey with a more innovative approach and constant evolution to stay at the forefront of the design world.”

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