Ginee Wadhawan: Founder, Daughters are Blessings Foundation & Happy events

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Ginee Wadhawan
  1. What is your philosophy of efficient leadership in a corporate setting?

We believe to have set of beliefs and principles. An understanding of your values, priorities, approach to decision making, and what you expect from yourself and others. Your core values as a company are what set you apart.

These core values become the business philosophy that your team experiences. When you integrate your values into the business philosophy, your values become part of the company culture. A company that has a positive culture, tends to be more efficient and productive. I further feel an efficient leadership also revolves round having good leadership qualities like, Ability to Influence Others, Transparency to an Extent, Encourage Risk-Taking and Innovation Integrity

2. Given the chance, how would you redefine woman entrepreneurship?

We solely believe a women has a power to move mountains, at work woman entrepreneurship is all about equality. When a woman moves, the nation moves ahead. When women entrepreneurs have the support and opportunities to thrive, the future is transformed. Businesses flourish. Communities prosper. Economies grow. Attitudes shift.

There is now what we call a ‘quantum leap’ in women’s economic empowerment, and women’s entrepreneurship is a vital part of that change. It is an effective way for women to enjoy decent work. As 2018 has been tagged the year of the woman we take a closer look at the challenges faced by women. Lot of movements also had taken place one of them was “MeToo” women continue to make notable advances in business and the entrepreneurial terrain

3. What are the services/solutions/products that your company provides?

Daughters are Blessings Foundation works towards save the girl child. Our social media page has 5.5 lakh people globally who help and motivate each other at all times. So we try to make them self independent in every possible way. Ensuring that they have equal participation in decision making, whether it’s in the family or at the community level. Providing economic independence to women.
Bridging the gap between the rural and urban world has always on our priority list

  1. Draw people to common work
    2. Give hope for a better future
    3. Inspire community members to realize their dreams through positive, effective action
    4. Every girl child should know it’s worth because she is a blessings to the world.4. What are your organization’s vision and core values?

Giving us leads to meet people in outskirts. Help us know their needs and what resources they need so we can join hands with people who are interested and work towards it. Contribute their part in whichever way to promote girl child, educate them, empower them, manage their basic needs towards it. We want to help in the development of young personalities. Young children are faced with such adversities now. We want to help children find the right direction and pursue life in positive ways. We help, women micro-entrepreneurs involved in small-scale informal work who may
be vulnerable to poverty or exploitation. Also, young women and adolescent girls who are aspiring entrepreneurs or need increased economic opportunities.

5. What would you choose between following your passion and being practical? Why?

Our mantra – Do more what makes you happy everything else follows. The idea of having a passion for something is empowering. When you follow your passion in life, you’re happier overall. You’re more sated with yourself and the decisions that you make, and not weighed down by the common stressors that come along with not doing what you love. Overall, you feel more uplifted and have a far greater piece of mind. there were so many reasons to want to follow your passion in life.

— Life is too short
— It gives you a sense of purpose
— You’ll be happier
— It won’t feel like work to you
— Your dreams will manifest into reality
— You naturally become more persistent
— It will help to build character
— You will realize that the timing was never perfect in the past

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