Juhi Garg: Co-founder, ED Times

Juhi Garg | Co-founder | ED Times[media publication, Paid media, content marketing, generalist, blogger, womenentrepreneurs, womenentrepreneur2020]
Juhi Garg | Co-founder | ED Times
  1. What is your philosophy of efficient leadership in a corporate setting?

Leaders who make others win, who bring out the best in their team, who can develop a team and take them upwards, who can understand their shortcomings and work with them to help them deliver despite their weaknesses, are true leaders. Acquiring excellent human resources and then performing well is something that anybody can do, but a true leader is one who even if given a mediocre pool of resources, can bring exceptional results for the organisation as well as for them.

2. Given the chance, how would you redefine woman entrepreneurship?

I would urge women entrepreneurs to look beyond the cluttered markets of fashion, beauty and food, and use their outstanding skills to solve some real problems in India. I would also love to see economic success of women founded startups, big enough to compete with anyone in their industry.

3. Tell us about your blog and its motive.

Ranked as one of the #Top10 Youth Blogs worldwide* (for the second year in a row), awarded the BEST BLOG at India Digital Summit Awards 2019 by IAMAI and Times Now, ED is a generalist youth media publication with a team of bloggers trying to do smart stories with wit & wisdom. It’s where Indian Millennials comment on news and stories around them, an opinions place by and for really young people. We believe in creating responsible content and attempt at changing reading habits of young India.

  1. What are your organization’s vision and core values?

We believe in creating responsible content and attempt at changing reading habits of young India. Paid media, sensational press, frivolous content, non-change driven stories are flooding the internet, which satiates the need for entertainment but does not add value to the intellect.

Most of the content that is available today is extreme, be it sensational/click baity or viral or biased or too technical and serious. This presses the need for SMART & ENGAGING content for the youth, which would help them form informed opinions on things that matters. And this is again critical as the youth is more connected today than ever in issues that matter to them as well to the community at large.

ED attempts to serve this need of intelligent content coupled with the millennial approach. We strongly believe that if serious issues are presented in a witty format, then millennials can be made to change their content consumption habits to something mindful, thus making the society an informed one, beating the popular herd mentality and dangers of half knowledge and fake news.

ED’s team of bloggers are from the exact age group as the target audience and share similar needs, aspirations, likes, and dislikes as their readers. They are probably ideally placed to understand the generation of millennials and how best to cater them.

  1. What would you choose between following your passion and being practical? Why?

I would like to strike a balance between the two. Passion without practicality is a little too adventurous for me, an unsure path. And only being practical will lead to a very quick burn out. It’s not always very easy to find the perfect mix of the two, but if your passion can be made practical, I feel you already have a winner there.

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