Rosmerta Technologies: Expanding GPS Efficacy via e-Governance of Tracking

Rosmerta Technologies
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The technological advancements in communication technologies have given great leverage by helping industries with discreet tracking solutions. The GPS (Global Positioning System) facility enables electronic devices to emit a radio frequency that can be easily tracked by satellites, which convey the exact position of the person or the object. The GPS tracking system has made phenomenal advancements in its forms and nature.

Businesses implement Transportation Management Systems (TMS) to organize the transportation assets and valuables they monitor. These GPS-enabled solutions can track fleets, manage air, sea, and rail shipping, supervise carrier relationships, and observe shipping status. Moreover, they offer more overall visibility into the shipping and procurement process. The GPS tracking service helps ensure safety and security by keeping a stern eye on all vehicular movements through the GPS-enabled number systems.

In empowering business organizations with advanced GPS tracking technologies, Rosmerta Technologies Ltd has emerged as a dynamic solutions provider in the Indian industrial horizon. Located in Gurgaon, Haryana, Rosmerta is championed by its visionary Executive Director, Sandeep Malik, boosting the technical team towards creative, innovative solutions with his charismatic leadership.

The Saga of Innovative Applications

Rosmerta Technologies is a young, zestful and vibrant company representing the modern-age companies in India. The company believes in innovation, agility, new opportunities and outstanding execution skills. Rosmerta has only one focus area- to add Shareholder Value through superior Return on Capital, accompanied by free cash generation.

Engaged in the business of applying smart card-based technology to various paper-based applications that affect the common person in his daily life, Rosmerta enforces tested technologies to uncover new and innovative fields of application that simplify the lives of people across the nation.

With a widespread presence, Rosmerta is India’s largest player in e-governance and transport solutions.

Rosmerta has been able to win prestigious projects for issuing Hybrid Optical Strip Smart Card Technology-based Vehicle Registration Certificates (“VRCs”) and Driving Licences (“DLs”) to different states of India. Successful implementation of these projects with near-flawless execution –almost 35 million VRCs/DLs issued/supplied– bears testimony to Rosmerta’s outstanding multi-mode capabilities, ranging from winning business to successfully executing, all within reasonable cost and time. Rosmerta operates from 300 nationwide locations, giving it a national footprint that further enhances its appeal to its customers.

The Inside View

At Rosmerta, the team has developed expertise and experience in handling large geographically spread projects and are well conversant with e-governance service delivery mechanism. Sandeep shares that they actively support and practice the Build-on-operate/transfer (BOO/T) business models, which suit the needs of the government sector with zero investment from their side.

Their solutions are designed based on the client’s functional needs and technology integration to achieve the desired goals. He adds, “We offer enterprise-level solutions for Smart cards, Biometric, RFID (Radio frequency identification) and imaging domains.”

These relents are integrated into solutions to add value to the final product delivered to the client. The solutions are designed to be modular, scalable, versatile, robust and secure. Today our solutions portfolio includes ID and access control, Driving license, Vehicle registration certificate, Smart campus cards, Health Care, Land & Property Registration, Loyalty Programs, Transit and fare/Toll collection, and many others. Rosmerta has the largest share of SCOSTA (Smart card opening system for Transport application) compliant smart cards for DL & VRC projects in India.

Rosmerta’s superior technical capability, coupled with a highly skilled workforce spread across India, makes it a strong contender for large-scale projects in the blue-chip corporate and Government sectors. Continuously striving for excellence through research and development, the firm provides solutions and products that are innovative, secure, robust, cost-effective and meaningful to the user. Rosmerta has a wide market presence with its reach overseas as well.

Sandeep states, “We have set ourselves a clear and definite mission to become the industry’s leading solution provider and system integrator using Smart cards, Biometrics, RFID and Imaging technology.”

The Inspiring Leadership

Sandeep, the Executive Director, has his bachelor’s degree in commerce from Garhwal University and has more than 11 years of experience in the Marketing field. He has guided the teams in thinking differently to create innovative solutions.

By implementing a client-centric approach, Sandeep offered them the right direction to amalgamate the client’s needs with modern technologies. He proposed strategic collaborations that increased the scope and improved organisational control.

Advancing with Technologies

According to Sandeep, today is a world of high competition, where customer satisfaction has become prime importance. While offering high quality and service standards, the applications of technologies have expedited progress greatly. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) system is a very smart and fast process that completes several tasks with higher accuracy, speed and reliability. Sandeep says, “We believe that technologies like Cloud have integrated the business systems making the operations faster and easier.”

Growing from Challenges

He reflects that challenges have been through various levels. The technical aspects had errors on inaccurate location information, lag in getting the details and even the inability to track the vehicle in faster movements. Adeptly guided by Sandeep, the Rosmerta team countered the challenges with improvisation in the technologies and rebuilding the network by collaborating with other tracking technologies that complement the current systems.

Golden Words

With a broader perspective, Sandeep offers his advice to young professionals. ‘Always be ready to learn and develop yourselves. Understand the client’s business and their requirements. Offer the solutions that best suit their business and enhance their potential in building control, get real-time updates and plan their process accordingly. Remember that your solutions are important from the perspective of security and progress of the clients.’

Envisaging a Dynamic Future

According to Sandeep, Rosemerta Autotech is poised to expand steadily into newer geographies through its innovative solutions in e-governance and transport solutions. These solutions are customized according to the client’s functional needs and seamless technology integration that achieves the desired goals. Sandeep expressed his ambition of taking the company to a global level by offering high-quality strategic solutions.

Stating Rosmerta’s vision, Sandeep says, “It is ‘To become a successful technology driven company by simplifying lives of millions.”

He concludes, “We are driven by our mission, ‘To become a leader in customer-centric projects with a focus on building trust by our unmatched standards,’ that imbibe the values of a customer-centric approach and takes the quality standards to higher levels.”

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