NEW KITLI CHAHA: Serving Piping Hot Tea to all Punekars

Vishal Bibhishan Kshirsagar | Founder | Kitli Chai
Vishal Bibhishan Kshirsagar | Founder | Kitli Chai

What is the first thought comes in your mind when you think of the word “Chai”? Hot cutting chai or fancy tea latte?  Today tea has become an integral part of the Indian Culture. In the nation, Tea is much more than a drink to begin a day with. It has become synonymous with every Indian. According to independent reports, Indians consumes about 837000 tonnes of tea every year, making it the country’s most popular and beloved beverage.
Happiness on a winter morning or evening is having a cup of Chai. Just like every Indian, Punekars too have a love affair with tea. In Pune, around any local road, one can easily find chaiwallahs( tea seller)  who are serving piping hot Masala Chai for its customers. NEW KITLI CHAHA is one such tea maker which is offering exceptional tea for Punekars.
About the man who holds a New Kitli
Vishal Bibhishan Kshirsagar is the Founder of Kitli Chai.  He has always been passionate about the hotel business. Vishal always wanted to start something on his own which can satisfy his financial needs. Dipti Kshirsagar, a wife of Vishal, encouraged him to start the same. “The journey of Kitli Chai started with a zeal to be my boss”,Says Vishal. Today the Kitli Chai is successfully serving tea in pimple soudager-Pune
Currently, he is preparing for MPSC exams as his long term goal is to become PSI in the Maharashtra government. “My long term goal is to be PSI and serve the needs of society. I always wanted to fight against corruption and helping poor to become self-confident”

Vishal Kshirsagar | Dipti Kshirsagar

Overcoming Hurdles
In establishing any enterprise challenges can be many, but true business person overcomes these challenges with proficiency.“Initially I had faced challenges in terms of manpower. My father and I used to work for 14 hours a day, from 4 am to 11 pm.  But today we have an ample number of people in kitli chaha who are working dedicatedly for us”, Says Vishal. Initially, finance was also a big challenge for Vishal. But he had enough savings to start his own business.
Some Valuable Insights
Vishal’s father inspired him in many ways. His father is a retired police officer and he is following his path of serving society. His wife Dipti encourages him in every life challenges. She is a renowned Marathi actress in the TV industry.  Apart from his father, books have helped him to learn a lot over the years. Books of Vishwas Nagare Patil helped him to become a  better leader.
A Thoughtful Persona
Among all the people who are living in this world are too busy to notice that they’re mooching on the limited resources of the environment. Vishal is one of the personas in Pune who is contributing  in protecting the environment.  He understands the fact that one has to give the environment back, and should understand the importance of a clean environment.
He also a firm believer in humanity. While talking about his values that he follows he says, “Human is the only religion I believe. We should treat equally and have to believe in the positive side of the people”. While advising budding entrepreneurs Vishal Says, “There is no substitution for determination and hard work in the business. If you truly want to achieve something just work hard for it, you will achieve success in life”.

A Road Ahead
Progressing forward positive approach, Vishal endorsing franchises of Kitli Chai in just six lakh for the people who are interesting in becoming an entrepreneur. Soon, Vishal will be opening his second branch of kitli Chai in the Tapkir Chowk of Pune.

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