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Tigersheet is an innovative SaaS platform on which you can quickly and easily create any business application without the need of a programmer or IT specialist.
Tigersheet gives you the simplicity and flexibility of spreadsheets with the power and advanced feature set of complex applications (such as access control, notifications and alerts, report generation) in a user friendly platform that you can use, to create any custom business application.
This can save you lacs of rupees in developing custom applications and having an in-house IT team, for a simple and low monthly user license fee. They also offer a business consulting service through which they understand your business processes and customize Tigersheet for you.
The Story Behind Tigersheet’s Inception
Having worked in one of India’s largest software houses, Siddharam Shingshetty, Founder and Director at Tigersheet, realized that most applications that businesses need are built of 4 basic blocks – 1) the ability to add new, edit and create records, 2) create workflows and notifications, 3) manage who can see, edit and update which data and 4) the reports.
He understood that every business application, be it CRM, order tracking, billing and invoice, leave and attendance management or any other, is comprised of these very basic blocks. He also realized that most small businesses start out running these processes on simple spreadsheets, and once they grow big, they either struggle to do the same or need to invest heavily in custom software for each business process.
This realization led him to incept Tigersheet, a platform that combines the simplicity and flexibility of spreadsheets with the power and advanced feature set of complex applications (such as access control, notifications and alerts, report generation) in a user friendly platform that any business can customize for their own requirement.
A Leader with Vast Experience in his Bag
Siddharam Shingshetty has a background of a practicing software engineer. He brings to Tigersheet his experience of MBA,  his experience in one of India’s largest software houses, as well as 10 years of experience of operating a highly successful software services business. Siddharam conceived Tigersheet as a solution that would answer the requirements of many of his clients and indeed his own business, where all applications have been replaced with Tigersheet.
The Initial Struggle that Paved Way
As every startup goes through initial roadblocks, Tigersheets went through a few as well. As a platform that can be applied in many businesses and across a wide range of applications, Tigersheet struggled to communicate its benefits to customers who might have been looking for a solution to a specific need.
Another struggle in the initial days was that customers were used to sophisticated applications and until Tigersheet achieved a critical mass of features, it was difficult to get customers to try it out. A very large investment has gone into making Tigersheet the advanced and highly usable platform, it is now, but through a lot of struggle in the early years, they managed to emerge as a winner.
Offering Unique Advantages over Custom Built Applications and Spreadsheets
Tigersheet offers unique advantages over spreadsheets, individual business applications and custom development options to a range of business applications that includes over 35 small and large businesses in India and the world that makes it uniquely placed to transform the way businesses create and use software. The company comes with a host of features that you would normally find in a large enterprise grade or custom made business software, yet is as simple to set up as a spreadsheet, and is incredible value for money. Their top features are as follows–
100% Customisable: Do your customers have only one address, or typically have multiple addresses. Do you track your orders in 3 stages or 5 stages? Tigersheet lets you customize every aspect of your application without any limitations.
Role based Access Control: The company gives you fine-grained control over who can view what data in your system. You control this at record levels as well as at data item level.
Get Notified: Want the supervisor to know if an order is not shipped in 24 hours? Want to be informed if an invoice is marked overdue? Want reminders for follow-ups with prospects? Every thing is done with the help of Tigersheet. With Tigersheet, you can set notifications based on any triggers, so that you can focus on the right things.
Powerful Reports: Tigersheet has powerful report generation capabilities, including grouping items, generating pivot tables and charts. All your reports can be saved and shared with other users, alongwith drill-down filter capability.
A Simple and Elegant Approach
Built on a simple and elegant approach while creating a software, Tigersheet makes it accessible to a lot more businesses, which in turn benefit from greater visibility and process excellence without having to invest in capital and people in non-core functions like IT.
The firm continues to add customers at a high rate as the product is now mature and able to satisfy the requirements of a large range of businesses. They continue to add to their feature set to make the application more powerful and user-friendly so the customers continue to get more and more bang for the buck for their investment.

Source :- The 30 Best Startup Companies

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